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  • Kelly says:

    Attention all Colorado mmj patients! A new group buying service just started in Denver called Medicinal Deals and it’s sole purpose is to save you money.
    Simply go to and check out the ‘Medicinal Deals’ tab. The last deal had an eighth of top-shelf Maui (usually $50) on sale for $20! That’s a 60% savings. All you need to do is purchase the voucher online and bring it in to the participating dispensary to obtain the medicine.
    Medicinal Deals is eager to start an active and caring community of mmj patients and it is set up with the sole purpose of saving patients money! It’s truly an offer too good to pass up. New deals will be constantly appearing so make sure that you keep checking!

  • If your interested in locating Marijuana Dispensaries in Colorado then please feel free to visit our Marijuana locator,

  • TW says:

    There is a new Dispensary in Fort Collins that is doing this business right. “This Dispensary is set up far beyond and better than any othner in town”.- City of Fort Collins Police Dept. This is a direct quote from the local Police on doing inspections. This Dispensary is going to be around for a long time! Check it out. 232 E Vine Dr, Ft Collins, Co 80524. 970-482-5994

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