You will find the newly opened iGrow weed house situated right next door to the airport in Oakland, California.  What is truly amazing is that this 15,000 square feet dedicated to the cultivation of marijuana has won the blessings of the Oakland City fathers.

Okay, so only dispensaries can sell weed seedlings but this Walmart of Weed, which opened its doors on 28th January, provides everything else you need for hydroponic cultivation: pumps, nutrients, fans, lights, tubing – there’s even an onsite doctor to write your prescription for you.

It’s not cheap to set up your own cultivation system.  One of iGrow’s ‘technicians’ estimates an initial outlay of $1,000 for an eight-plant system.  She goes on to say that when you compare this to the $120 average weekly spend at the dispensary, things don’t look so bad:

“in the course of a year, they might only use half of their harvest and be able to sell the remaining 3 pounds for $12,000 to a dispensary.”

Hmm, definitely some food for thought there…



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