Do you think it there should be more medical marijuana clinics across the world?

Or would this unnecessarily promote smoking marijuana to everyone?

We especially would like to hear from medical marijuana patients, who have been given permission to buy medical marijuana from legal marijuana clinics.


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  • James Peterson says:

    Hi’ I live in Washington state and have been a long time sufferer of OCD , I have found that when I use marijuana my symptoms are greatly reduced and I am able to focus on the task at hand without being easily distracted. My question is where can I find a doctor in Washington who is sympathetic to my situation?

    Sincerely James. P.

    • Marnie says:

      Hi James,

      If you are close to the Seattle area, you could try Dr. William Wahl’s clinic. The clinic is formerly known as Hemp University and they recently changed their name to Choice Wellness Center. Their #206-682-3015.

      Good Luck!

  • Everyday normal guy says:

    Maijuana is the best alternate for pain. because when u take pills you get addicted or when u drink the pain may be gone but ur liver is gettin fucked by it and 85 k a yr die from alchol…
    maijuana on the other hand has zero deaths and is non adictive.

    Relieves my pain and my stress makes me relax instead of tense up and think about the painful past that people call Depression. Maijuana is the best pain reliever that is non adictive with zero fatalitys.

  • Erik thomas says:

    I drove semi trucks for 28yrs I have two herniated disc in my back so I no longer drive trucks. I can now smoke pot becouse I dont drive anymore. Can you please tell me where the nearest dispensery is.

  • Doc Knowledge says:

    We started the first online Medical Marijuana clinic in CA. is the answer for those who find it hard to travel, too far to drive or are concerned about sometimes sketchy neighborhoods where dispensaries may be located. Older folks also find the security a little daunting. We deliver free throughout the state and are truly non-profit. We offer compassionate discounts to AIDS, HIV, CHEMO patients and over 65 who are needy. Visit for more detail.
    Doc Knowledge

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a medical mj patient in michigan for severe pain due to 4 car accidents in as many years. I like a lot of other people believe alcohol, pills (i was addicted to and went to rehab for)and other narcotics are way worse then mj. If i go without mj i have no side effects other drugs you have to go to rehab. There is no place to buy mj in michigan other than the streets to which in 6 months i have had my card i have been robbed two ways by getting it on the streets by steeling my money and giving me crappy weed. If the gov. had stores we could probably get out of national debt in 5 years. I hope someday it will be legal to buy sell and anywhere just as alcohol is.
    If anyone out in this big wide world knows where to buy in mich please write to

  • Anonymous says:

    its always a great reminder that our gov’t doesnt give a fuck about our health and only care about there cash flow. marijuana is a way out of the recession. imagine going to the local grocery store and buying an eighth of some blueberry kush for cheap. thats the way it should be. instead Dr’s send u home with oxycontin (synthetic heroin) instead of a natural resource. my uncle died of colon cancer 2 years ago and for the last month he was alive they doped him up with morphine and oxycontin and all that did was make his last days on earth a slow blur. instead he should have got prescribed some canabis and atleast he would have been able to eat and interact with his family. im so tired of the FDA ruining our lives with all this opiote shit that is making people lose too much weight and then becoming dependant on them. fuck the FDA there corrupt and dont look out for there country. i wonder how many endorsments oxycontin gives the FDA. corporal fat cats trying to make even more money then they already have. it makes me sick to think about how many people die each year from overdose of a product that america says is ok to take. definently not a safe alternative for pain. marijuana is gods gift to us. u r taking the devils drug if u take pills. whens the last time u heard someone needing pills to get over withdrawls from weed, or someone overdosing on weed (literally impossible). in order to overdose on weed u have to smoke ur body weight and if u can get that much ur a champ and if u can smoke that much UR DEFINENTLY A CHAMP. but that could never happen. i couldnt even smoke a pound to myself, try smoking 223 pounds then u deserve to die. dont be stupid all u old people reading this. weed over opiots anyday. and only drink on special occasions.

  • Anonymous says:

    To anyone not living california who needs their medication but cannot get it legally(because of the rediculous laws against marijuana use), email

  • Anonymous says:

    When i was sisteen in the early sisties my then 65 year old mother gave my first roach clip. I was dumb-founded. She went on to tell me her reasons.
    “I know there are alot of drugs out there and i would be afool to think that you aren’t concidering trying them if you haven’t already, so this where I stand. merijuan will not hurt you and it is not addictive, should have been legalized years ago. Doctors and Phammacutical companies are the worst drug dealers in the world. So young lady go have your fun dance to the music laugh and be safe.”
    needless to say mom was a very wise and well educated woman.

    We are asick society we believe if a doc fills your bag with all the little pills and we get hooked it’s okay until he says no more and you find yourself now completely dependant on the uncaring AMA.

    i am a health professional and I despise most of the doctors I deal and for good reasons.

  • Barbara, Marin County says:

    As a person with anxiety, medical marijuana helps me to relax, focus, and enjoy life. In my opinion, the only detrimental effect it may have is breathing tar into the lungs. I am now learning to use a vaporizer and it seems like a great solution to the tar problem. I have no idea why they make such a big deal over it. Liquor seems like much more of a “drug” than marijuana. It should just be legal, period.

  • Mary Sanders says:

    I already did. I said I need an R.X for marijuana. I have migraine headaches, Arithritis that requires pain pills that make me sick. I have gloccoma. the eyedrops are beta blockers not heart safe marysanders1928 I don’t know what HTML means Mary Sanders

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t want testimonials, I wat to know how to ebtain a R.X for Marijuana. I have painful arithrtis and gloccoma. I don’t kmow what HMTL tags are? Mary Sanders

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello all,
    I am a 23 year old student and i am located in ohio. I am amazed how medical mj has taken off in CA, and am a supporter of it in Oh. I have had serious injuries that have left me with chronic pain on a daily basis. Growning up i have been an avid mj smoker and truly believe in its medicinal effects. It helped me get through all my obsticales with pain,along with managing my anxiety. Because of my condition and my job i was forced into seeking pain order to function and not fail drug tests at work, or get anotoher possession charge. Now i am prescribed 3 of the most powerfull painkillers, to be taken on a daily basis which adds up to 19 painkillers a day. (A combination of all 3). Not to mention a pill for anxiety. I truly believe in the medicinal effects of mj because i made it through life so effectivly while using to medicate. I find myself now slow, sluggish not to mention on the verge of dependency to these pain meds. The effects it has had on me has been tremendous. If i could get prescribed to medicate i think that it would restore myself tremendously.I have never seen such an epidemic of young people, of that i have seen of addiction to painkillers. It completly takes over peoples lives and out east i have seen it ruin some of the most vivrant young people you could imagine. It seems like youth has been taken over by opiate dependency and by allowing medical mj i think it will eliminate some of these problems. Thanks for your time.


  • Anonymous says:

    I’m not one of those hippie types who worship everything “POT” but i do want to say i smoke it to help me sleep and kill my pain. If anybody knows how i can get some good medical marijuana sent to me in Idaho i would be greatly appreciate it… Thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    those who made comments about relatives that were a “delight” when they were NOT smoking have relatives who are addicts and would be addicted to any substance they got their hands on. There is a big difference in someone using marihuana for medicinal purposes and an addict abusing a substance. Those individuals will abuse any substance and yes, their behavior does change considerably. So you are missing the point about the use of marihuana for a medical condition and the abuse of a drug because of a medical condition called addiction. See if you can persuade these individuals to seek help for their addiction and recognize it for what it is.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am not a smoker but was married to one and I have a daughter that also smokes. Neither smoke for medical reasons. When they do not smoke they are such a delight to be around, but when they are high they have such arrogant attitudes. They are defensive about everything. I think marijiuana should be used for medical purposes in a control environment because it is for sure out of control. There are hundreds of forged prescriptions in circulation and getting worse. Cannabis clubs are being robbed and putting people in danger. Remember mj is not a cure it just alters the mind and body. Mushrooms are also a plant but some kills. What about the smoke itself and second hand smoke is the same as cigarette smoke

  • Anonymous says:

    pls can anybody help me where to get medical marijuana for parkinson patient? its my uncle
    non of his pils are working
    best would be pils from

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    I believe there should be a cannabis store in every town with more than 50,000 people. Some people don’t like the side effects of prescriptions but there are no downsides of cannabis except cottonmouth(thats what my aunt calls it). My aunt has arthritis and lives in NY, cannabis changed her life and helped everyday things without any struggle. W/O cannabis she is stiff and her elbows and joints area all in pain. Please help everybody with problems that cannabis can help with. It is an herb not a drug. Hopefully if they legalize medical cannabis in MA my mom(57 years old) won’t need to take 5 pills a day for her hypertension. You don’t know what kind of chemicals they put in these pill prescriptions. Hope everyone will agree and understand what im trying to say. God bless to all

  • Anonymous says:

    i am not a medical marijuana user i just use it cause i have shit i need to deal with and when i do i feel good and i can concentrate in class. i don’t smoke a lot the most is 4 maybe 5 joints a week.

    most people don’t know that cigarettes and alcohol kill more people every day than every illegal drug does in a year.

  • Anonymous says:

    I play in a Reggae band. One weekend my entire band had caught a very nasty flu bug, and it had us all barely able to get out of bed. On Sunday we had a show and we decided to try and play it; we needed the money. I smoked marijuana as usual right before playing, and I was absolutely astounded by the way it made all my body and head aches simply vanish. I was in good spirits the whole night and played a great show. Ever since then I’ve been a firm believer in medical marijuana, especially as a pain reliever. I also find that marijuana is an excellent sleep aid, and an effective tonic for overall vitality.

  • Anonymous says:

    If we had more clubs then maybe the price might go down a little.
    as it is now I can not afford to go to any clubs i know of because at over $375.00 for 1 ounce I would have to save up for months and an ounce is about 2 maybe 3 applications for me. I use it topically for nuropathy in my legs and feet. It takes 1 ounce to make about 3 applications and thats only 3 days of relief! How can anyone say the word compassion and charge 375 dollars for that little bit of plant material that may have cost 10 dollars to grow?
    I am disturbed by the greed and though I am for legalization and for the prop215 to be enforced but that would mean the greed has to stop and people need to realize there are a lot of us in need that can not touch it because it is more exspensive than gold!
    I would be happy for some leaf while the rich get the buds!
    Tim Shamblin

  • Timmothy Shamblin says:

    Hello my name is Timmothy Shamblin resident of Sacramento, Ca.
    I use medical marijuana when it is available to me but that is rare because i am on SSI and only get less than 800 dollars a month and that pays my rent and a couple bills. If it were done in compassion then the clubs would help people like myself that can not afford to pay 15 to 25 dollars a gram or close to 400 for an ounce. I would settle for some shake!
    I use it for nuropathy in my legs and feet also for nausea and to stimulate appetite. It also works better than any stool softner or laxitive. If i am constpated, and i am daily, when I have a bowl to smoke i have no problem with going poop, it works so good that i recomend it to everyone.I cant grow because i live in an apartment next to a school and my grandson lives with me. How am I supposed to get this most excellant medicine when it is only available to the rich? I have posted ads for to document my every day use of how it works for differnt ailments but noone will send me the stuff to use.If I had an abundance i would help those who can not afford it and would open a special club for the poor and infamous and let the rich and famous pay the 375 for an ounce because they must be able to afford it!
    Compassion clubs dont exist as far as i know. This is why the clubs get shut down because of their overwhelming greed!
    Come on if we want this to be legalized for everyone to use if they choose then the greed will have to be eliminated and real compassion clubs need to be established. I have the experiance growing outdoors but no place to do it? What can i do???
    Discouraged and frustrated,
    Timmothy Shamblin

  • Anonymous from Romania :) says:

    hey man ! I need marijuana, I have osteogenesis imperfecta…but in Romania it’s not legal…I want to buy some fron the internet and to receive it in to the mail…can somebody help me ?! my email is

  • Erin says:

    When I had cancer, smoking marijuana was the only thing that helped me through it. I was pumped full of things that didn’t help pain or nausea.Plus the pills that they gave me for free because I couldn’t afford them(they were 150$ a pill and my insurance wouldn’t cover it of course) didn’t help. I was 19 at the time and 2 years later Ive turned friends on to using it to help them through cancer and help anxiety.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think America has put a stigma on marijuana. We all have come to believe it is not appropriate because we have been taught by society it is negative. How much better can you get then natural. By governmental control on purity, marijuana can be extremely beneficial. Additionally, many people do not consider alternative ways of smoking. If we were to educate ourselves on smoking alternatives we can use the benefits of THC by smoking through a vaporizer, for example go to This vaporizer is medical grade and is a much healthier way of smoking.

  • Anonymous says:

    Whether Marijuana is legal / more available or not – it is here as well as the want / need. With the amount of real problems in the world, it seems to be overly stupid to fight something eventual and less “evil” than said problems. The simple fact is to keep Marijuana illegal is more expensive to a society than what we practice. Countless people in jail for stupid Marijuana charges sucking up taxes, and even more wasted hours of law officials chasing stoners instead of arresting crack heads. It is all to obvious that cocaine is a more dangerous drug than Marijuana, so in turn, It should be all to obvious to pick our battles and deal with what is really is hurting society. Let us drop this pointless fight against all “Drugs”, and give Cocaine and Heroin the attention they need.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have MS & because of this I suffer from going blind and wearing a diaper, not to mention the constant pain I have. “No medical bennifits” Who is lying to who? Re-schedule cannabis

    It is the most Effective form of medicine for me!

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a person for med. mj but unhappily not in a state that allows this but with our jails over crowded state! They still feel that gov has to jail someone for taking med.I have been self med for chonic back pain my doctor gives me vic. but would rather give mj but.Its not leagal yet,instead gov are releaseing pitafiles-DANGEROUS criminals out!Keeping harmless pot heads in whats wrong with this world?

  • matthew.ruff says:

    As a Long Beach CA Drug Possession Defense Attorney I understand the importance of medical marijuana for those who are ill. Some day all states will recognize the importance including the federal government.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks to Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine, a former LAPD Cop, for pushing to permit Medical Marijuana use in Los Angeles. Zine is on target when he says the DEA has better things to do than raid Medical Marijuana clinics.

    Jake in Malibu

  • susan b says:

    Medical marijuana does not always have to be smoked. It can be made into tea. It should be legal-How many families have been torn apart cause of drunken father uncle or brother raping daughter niece or sister! you never hear that about someone on maijuana. Alcohol kills more then anything! Marijuana happy, hungry, sleepy terrible side effects makes you think

  • Kelley says:

    I am not a pot smoker. My 40 year old husband was for 25 years though. He quit smoking around a year and a half ago for fear of random drug screens @ work. Allow me to be unpopular when i say that he is a much nicer person now. He recognizes now that although he was mellow and relaxed when stoned he was moody and angry when he was not. he hated to go to family functions because he couldn’t smoke before. Until he quit we never realized how much it has affected our family for so many years. Medicinal MJ is different. When my husband is dying I will drive him to the head shop myself.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think more states should follow CA’s lead. They were the first state to approve Medical Marijuana (Prop 215) and are the self-appointed Kings with now over 500,000 medical marijuana patients. It will take time.

    CT governor (M. Jodi Rell) just recently vetoed a bill that would have allowed CT residents to smoke MJ for medical reasons. Not the right decision in my opinion.

    I use it for Anorexia, Anxiety, and Insomnia . Pills made me sick to my stomach. Glad there are DR’s that understand about the healing herb.

    Don’t abuse and be smart. Stay off the Hard Drugs! NOT GOOD and you don’t need them.


  • Stacey in Ca. says:

    I fall into the category of many as a chronic pain patient. I’ve got permanent nerve damage and am 100% disabled.For the past 9 1/2 years now, I’ve been dependant on massive amounts of class II narcotics needed for my pain. My Dr. and I have discussed using marijuanna, and he is fully behind me using it if it helps. I’ve tried the pill form, but it leaves me with the feeling of taking an over the counter cold medicine. I’m a responsible, professional, adult mother of a teenager, and the only reason that I’ve not used marijuanna is the fear of being arrested and chancing losing my son over it. It’s a shame that a medication that can help so many people who need help, and has also been proven to be non addictive unlike the opiates used in pain management, has so many consequenses attatched to it. I live in a state where it is legal to use if prescribed, but yet is still illegal Federally. This has got to change.

  • Anonymous says:

    A friend of mine uses only as a sleep aid when she cannot sleep. I found that it is very effective for stress headaches. Another friend has a very bad back and uses marijuana for his back pain.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am 51 years old and a mother of 2 grown children. I have been in constant chronic pain since 1986. I have been on every pain medication there is. Nothing works to ease the pain. Except marijuana. We cannot get it legally in this state in smoking form only in pill form. If you can find a doctor to prescribe it. All I want is some pain relief and if growing my own is a bad thing, then all liquor stores should be closed down. If more people smoked pot, this world would be a nicer more mellow place to live.

  • Anonymous says:

    How does one ‘abuse’ a plant? By denial of access to it? By restricting its use?
    Any alcoholic binge drinker can belly up to the liquor store and buy a hundred gallons of scotch.
    Yet, a person with disease cannot benefit from its healing power without risking arrest and trial?
    My lawyer smokes dope. My vet smokes dope. My doctor would prescribe pot if the gov’t allowed it.
    Do i want my kids to smoke dope? As long as they are not worthless drunks aiming dangerous vehicles from behind beer glasses, its cool with me. Boozers are losers.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ok Iam an 18 year old highschool student in livermore, CA and i cannot wrap my mind around why everyone makes such a big deal about it i have never seen anyone suffer from the using marijuana andi personally use it to calm my mind and help me focuse on whatever i might be working on at the time i am a complete supporter of the legalization of marijuana.

  • 420 Guy says:

    I am not a medicinal marijuana user, but I support the continued research into the benefits and the increased lightening on the marijuana laws. I think that more medicinal marijuana clinics would continue to promote marijuana as a viable medicine. While it might encourage some to bend the rules in order to obtain ganga, the good outweighs the bad, but I am biased since I support legalization of marijuana entirely.

    420 Guy

  • Anonymous says:

    An advocacy group in Oakland, California is suing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and hopes to force the FDA to stop disseminating negative information on marijuana’s ability to treat various illnesses.
    You may find this story of interest.

  • Jt Hollister says:

    Marijuana is an amazing pain killer, among many, many other uses. It works twenty times better than any drug on the free market. It should not be so protected. Marijuana should be available over-the-counter. I have yet to be convinced there is one single harmful effect produced directly by smoking marijuana.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am a California patient. A professional, with a good job, mother of 2 teens, who finds canibas incredibly helpful medically and emotionally. I like the new system we have for aiding people who need/want to smoke. But, it is very hard to buy as I live in a mountain town, and my nearest collective was 1+ hour drive. But now they shut that one down, so I have to drive 2+ hours. Herb is a plant, man. Some people have abused it and given it a bad name in the public eye. If I take chemical based prescription drugs, I am socially accepted. If I chose a natural, herbal remedy, I can be put in jail.
    How many arrests are made everyday for drinking and offences commited while drunk?
    How many arrests were made today because a patient was high? The effect of good marijuana is generally a calming, mellowing, happy effect. I drive slow and am in a much better mood when I smoke.

    I completely support medical marijuana as set up now – IF BABYLON would just leave us alone and go on to their real job – public safety – which is not at all in jeopardy from medical marijuana.

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