Making Marijuana Butter

As the active ingredients in marijuana are both oil and alcohol soluble, the best way to use it as a cooking ingredient is to mix it into one of these substances first. The most common method of doing this is to make a substance know variously as cannabutter, green butter, weed butter, or budder. There are probably many other names too! Cannabis butter is very easy to make as shown in this video:


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  • Jennifer Wetzel says:

    I had a few buds of a decent strain, ground them up and melted them in 1 stick of butter, added 2lbs of chocolate, some fruit and nuts and melted that for 20 min or so. chilled until hard. Tried eating it. Nothing took effect.

    melted 2 more buds in another 1/2 stick of butter. Added 1/2 of the already made chocolate mix. chilled for a few hours and then tried this batch.

    I can taste the cannabis, but still no effect (1.5 hrs. later) Can I save the remaining chocolate and try a few more buds folded into the melting chocolate? I’m a dime in and have very little left to work with.

  • Legal Weed says:

    What a great idea! Butter is so versatle too, you can make your weed cakes from scrath with extra butter!

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