4 Reasons to Use CBD Edibles

By July 22, 2020Articles, CBD

CBD Edibles

Have you tried CBD gummies before? The edible market is rich with options and interesting products. These offer more than just novelty — there are genuine benefits to choosing edibles over other methods of taking CBD. Let’s cover some of them, so you’ll know what you’re getting when you buy CBD gummies, chocolate, or beer.

1 – Discretion

One of the main benefits of edibles is discretion. Sometimes you just want to keep your health habits for yourself. When you are at work or spending time with your wife’s parents, you might not want to answer questions about what you’re vaping or placing under your tongue.

Edibles are discreet, and their variety offers many ways to hide them from people around you. Don’t want to carry around gummies? Buy CBD soft gels, and carry them in vitamin bottles. No one will know.

2 – Flavor

Full-spectrum CBD products are the healthiest type. These contain CBD alongside other hemp byproducts, and may even contain some hemp biomass. As a result, they offer a lot more health benefits than CBD isolates. However, one of the downsides of going full-spectrum is the taste.

Hemp has a strong earthy taste that not everybody loves. But a good CBD edible can mask that flavor, or build on top of it, creating a unique taste that is easier to enjoy.

If you really love the flavor of hemp, you can try making your own edibles using decarboxylated hemp. That will let you get the favor and benefit from the CBD contained within.

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3 – Duration

One of the biggest downsides of edibles is how long they take to kick in. Once ingested, CBD needs to be processed by the liver before it becomes active, and that process can take as long as an hour. However, once it does become active, it stays that way for a long time.

The effects of edibles last longer than that of any other CBD consumption method. An edible can stay active for six hours or more, depending on a variety of factors. If you deal with chronic stress or chronic pain, edibles are a convenient way to make sure there’s always CBD in your body, without the need to redose quite so often.

4 – Dosing

Getting your CBD dosage right is important. CBD does have potential side effects, after all, and using too much may leave you feeling drowsy. However, if you are about to panic before a big interview, a large dose might be exactly what you need.

Vaping makes it hard to control how much CBD you are getting into your system. And while CBD oil is usually delivered using droppers, those aren’t always easy to use or carry around. Edibles, however, are incredibly easy to dose on the fly. Don’t want the full dose of a gummy bear? Just eat half of it.

Some edibles are easier to take in parts than others, of course. You can’t bite half a CBD lollipop. But it’s very easy to control the dosage when eating CBD chocolate, where the concentration of each piece of chocolate will likely be specified in the label.

It’s important to point out that you don’t need to choose one method over the others. As Cibdol pointed out, it’s ok to mix different CBD products into your daily routine.


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