3 Skin Conditions CBD can help you with

By March 18, 2019CBD

Skin Conditions CBD

With the recent legal changes in the United States, many companies have begun using cannabidiol to treat a wide range of health conditions. Skincare is not the exception, with CBD being effective in reducing the severity of acne, wrinkles and eczema.

But not all hemp tinctures are the same. Many companies have taken advantage of the CBD boom and begun producing cannabidiol extracts of dubious quality. On the other hand, the best firms in the market use only carefully selected organic hemp which is then extracted using clean methods such as CO2 and cold-pressing.

Quickly growing and renowned for its high-quality products, Nova Blis is one of the most promising providers of premium CBD products in the US. Instead of having a wide range of different tinctures and extracts, this company focuses on providing the best quality at affordable prices. Their “No Limits Rescue Drops” are effective in relieving pain, inflammation as well as a number of skin conditions.

1)    Acne

In an effort to create an effective solution for acne, CBD companies have formulated tinctures which target the production of sebum while moisturizing and avoiding dryness. Unlike traditional pharmaceutical remedies, cannabidiol does not cause any secondary effects and can be used without fear of developing any dependence or addiction.

The way through which CBD is able to reduce the severity of acne is by balancing the endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol has natural anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the redness and sensitivity of pimples and the face skin. Furthermore, full-spectrum CBD products contain natural antibacterials which prevent the development of acne and target their root causes.

As the trend in the United States moves towards natural products and away from chemicals and pharmaceuticals, cannabidiol is becoming part of the lifestyle of thousands of millennials across the country. Not only are CBD extracts effective in dealing with the dermatological symptoms of acne, but they can also target its root causes including anxiety, stress and other neurological disorders.

Skin Conditions CBD

2)    Eczema

Also known as “dermatitis”, eczema is one of the most common dermatological conditions in the United States. This disease is caused by a damage of the epidermal barriers which protect the skin from cracks and keep it free of bacteria and infections.

While there are pharmaceutical products that can treat the symptoms of eczema, the scientific community has been unable to come up with a solution for its root causes. Without any definitive solution for this disorder, cannabidiol can be useful in relieving pain and reducing the inflammation caused by it.

The cannabinoids present in natural hemp extracts play a crucial role in lipid synthesis, encouraging the regeneration of the skin and helping it recover its natural thickness and health. CBD skin products in the US come in many forms, and while ointments are effective for localized symptoms, sublingual tinctures are the best to target the root causes of eczema.

3)    Wrinkles

While wrinkles are part of the natural aging processes of the skin, they are also one of the most common cases seen by dermatologists from all around the world. Pharmaceutical remedies are available, but if you are looking for natural alternatives, CBD is the best choice.

Full spectrum hemp tinctures contain cannabidiol and a wide range of terpenes which act as natural antioxidants. These substances prevent the formation of the free radicals associated with the appearance of wrinkles in the skin.

Before choosing any CBD product to treat your skin condition or reduce the visibility of wrinkles, it is crucial to take a good look at the company’s reputation and the reviews of previous customers. Organic hemp and clean extraction methods should always be preferred.


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