Top Five Reasons To Get a Medical Marijuana Card

medical marijuana cardA marijuana doctor in your state will be able to help you to get a medical marijuana card which allows you to purchase medical marijuana. You can find a medical marijuana doctor using our directory.

1) Legal Protection – If you’re already using cannabis without a medical marijuana card, you are breaking both state and federal law and as such are subject to the ridiculously harsh penalties many states impose on marijuana users. Even if you’re using cannabis as a legitimate treatment of disease, you are still breaking state law if you don’t have a medical marijuana prescription from a licensed doctor.

One of the best parts about being a card-carrying MMJ patient is that you are afforded full legal protection under the states medical marijuana laws. This means when you get pulled over for a routine speeding ticket and the cops ask you to search your car, you can allow them to search with no fear of being taken to jail or having your valuable medicine being confiscated. The law is on your side now, but only if you have a medical marijuana card!

We even have a state-by-state listing of how to get your medical marijuana card!

Medical Marijuana Card

2) Marijuana is an extremely effective medicine – At this point, its hard to dispute the medicinal value of cannabis. It seems to be the only substance on Earth that can cure the painful nausea caused by chemotherapy, greatly retard the onset of blindness from glaucoma and relieve depression without destroying your bodies chemical balance – all with zero negative long-term side effects. Marijuana is a wonder drug that’s been used as an effective medicine dating back at least 6,000 years.

3) The golden ticket into medical marijuana dispensaries – Another incredibly cool thing about having your medical marijuana card is that it allows you access into medical marijuana dispensaries (aka cannabis clubs). In California alone, there are over five hundred medical marijuana dispensaries eager to serve the needs of its patients.

Going into a medical marijuana dispensary in California is almost like going to a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Many retailers have dozens of cannabis strains to choose from, ranging from high end buds like White Widow, AK-47 and Northern Lights to mid-range chronic, all the way down to $35 for an eighth ounce schwag. Some even offer rooms with Volcano vaporizers in them, so you can safely medicate with fellow patients.

4) You can grow you’re own – With your medical marijuana card, not only can you legally buy medical cannabis, concentrates like bubble hash and hash oil, delicious edibles, tinctures and crazy tainted sodas but you can also legally grow your own pot!

The State of California allows any valid medical marijuana patient to have up to six mature plants growing at one time. This amount is fairly generous, considering that up to 4 lbs of dried flower can be harvested from a single 6′ outdoor cannabis indica plant.

Growing your own medical cannabis is not only fun, but also a good way to save money on medicine in this current economic recession.

5) It’s good enough for Johnny Drama, so isn’t it good enough for you?

How to get a medical marijuana card in California?

The best way to obtain a medical marijuana card is to through the Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center (MMEC) in Southern California. With six+ location in So Cal, they are, by far and wide, the largest and most reputable provider of medical cannabis ID cards in California. Unlike some other shady places, all their doctors are pre-screened and hold valid permits to practice medicine in the state of California. In addition, MMEC offers the highest quality medical patient ID cards, so you don’t have to carry around your prescription on a lamented piece of paper like most other doctors give out.

Where to find medical marijuana in California?

The best place to find cannabis clubs and medical marijuana dispensaries is via the non-commercial Web site, features Google Map integration (for driving directions) with reviews and a social networking community of over two thousand medical marijuana patients.


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  • Hi,

    It really amazed me the advantages of having this medicinal marijuana card. At first, i just only imagined that you can buy medicinal marijuana by having it.

    Having medicinal marijuana card is really a big help especially for the ill who really required it the most. Thanks for the details, now many can have it handily.


    • adam williams says:

      Hi’ MY NAME is adam and i have had 17 surgories on my left eye alone when the weather changes i have pain for hours an would like to apply for a medical marijuna card.My discomfort is server pain and tearing somtimes i will smoke a peice of amarijuna joint to stop the pain it works and i fall asleep. thank you for listening

  • Valerie says:

    its crazy to me how easy it is for someone to get a card.

    In my city you pay $35 and they sign their name. SO many people have a medi card that really don’t need one in the first place. I’ve had mine for a while and so many people close to me don’t even know.

    Then you have the people who flash it around like a kid with a lifetime pass to Disneyland. Wonder why its so taboo or hush hush. Stupid people have turned it into a joke and its really not.

  • Brandon says:

    I live in a state where marijuana is still illegal. How could I go about getting a card?

    Could I go to CA and get one but then I’d have to go to Cali for green. And what are the requirements for a card? I have high stress levels and depression. And marijuana helps so much.

    The kid who needs green

  • Nishan Goorigian says:

    yea sounds nice but thats not how it works in my town.

    In Reedley Ca. the p.d. will take any and all weed. the cops found a can of butain in my apt and a also found a 3g of hash oil which they are charging me with manufacturing a controlled substance. they also found 2 clones budding and 2 bags with obviously 2 diff types of weed in them so they are also charging me with poss. for sales, cultivation, poss. controlled sub.(hash oil) and they are charging myself and my brother with all this b.s. When our room mate is a legit current card holder how is that?

  • says:

    Great post, people need this. If any of you are from Michigan, come visit our community.

    Michigan Medical Marijuana Forums

  • Wow, I had no idea you were actually allowed to grow your own with the card? I’m surprised at the amount you are allowed to grow too! That seems like much more than one person should be using. Seems like they would be afraid you’d be selling it illegally.

    • Medical Marijuana Advocate says:

      Well, you have to consider the many vairables with that amount.

      Personally, I can use 1 ounce of outstanding bud in 3 weeks. Well, outdoors, it takes 5 months to grow it if you want big plants like the one mentioned above. So, you can do the math, that’s approximately 17.33 ounces per year. Or just over 1 pound.

      Your gonna have seasons when your crops will suffer, and yeild considerable less. You just are not allowed to sell it. There are no laws about sharing some with a friend who is a card holder. Most importantly, if your gonna make cannabutter, or hash/hash oil, it takes a lot of good buds to make a little hash and hash oil. I believe that will be the way most people will use it in the years to come, eliminating any damage to your lungs. Hope you understand better why you consider that amount generous.

      Regards, Long Time Medical Marijuana Activist

      • Alex 23 says:

        Yes I agree with Medical Marijuana Advocate.

        It may seem like a large amount…but for a daily marijuana smoker to smoke only one pound in a year is very easy. He also has a good point with baking weed. because when you do so it wastes a lot more weed to make the butter…. Another good alternative for your lungs is a vaporizer.

        It heats up the weed instead of burning it which is way healthier for your lungs. You also do not have to use as much weed to get high using a vape, so it saves copious amounts of weed.

  • BC says:

    It’s incredibly important to obtain your medical although it is still not total protection as already stated. On numerous occasions during bogus searches during traffic stops it has saved my tail from getting a record.

    But not only is the doctors recommendation important but it’s even more important to keep your card current. Without a UP TO DATE prescription your just like anyone else and in California hopefully you won’t be carrying anymore then an ounce. My brother was caught with a qp and his card expired and was charged with intent to sale and had to jump through hoops to get out of trouble.

  • At CannaCare we are dedicated to providing you with excellent service. We offer Verification Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our physicians are compassionate and knowledgeable, and are experts in the field of medical marijuana. Also, we provide an Attorney Protection Program to help you if you should ever need it. From beginning to end, your experience will be simple and stress-free! Our physicians and staff are here to help you. Setting up an appointment is easy! Call us at 800.268.4420

    CannaCare Facebook Fanpage

  • chris says:

    i saw Dr. Lambert and she had no care for my needs just wanted her $250.

  • Nora says:

    Actually, number 1 on your list is untrue in Washington State. There is no protection against arrest in WA State. There is what is called ‘an affirmative defense’ for medical cannabis patients in WA State. In fact, you can get arrested, prosecuted, and in some cases you might still be found guilty if your medical cannabis authorization is found to be faulty, illegitimate, or fallible by the judge (judge’s call, I’m afraid). Unfortunately, there is no free pass and this is why you must be careful of who authorizes you and how you act post-authorization.

  • Ergonomic Chair says:

    For sure, some people would raise an eyebrow regarding issues about medical marijuana. However, if it can be as effective as an ergonomic chair, then I don’t see any reason why it should not be given a try.

  • JC says:

    Hey guys 🙂 important question….!? Do I NEED to have paperwork from a doctor? Can’t I just go there and get a medical marijuana card…? Because it’s so much hassle for me to get all that stuff together…
    Does anybody have an answer for me…? Thank y’all so much! 😉

    • Nora says:

      Our health care center and others like us can request your records for you for free. However, even if you decide to do it yourself, just think that if you do get qualified, AT THE VERY LEAST, you only have to do it once a year. (That is easier than any regular doctor’s appointment.) Not much of a hassle for the results that you receive.

      Best of luck to you.


  • james says:

    this is a very important article I’m glad it was written. Anyone that smokes marijuana and qualifies for a medical card should get one to avoid legal problems. please also consider healthier ways of smoking by reading some vaporizer reviews.

  • jan c says:

    Tranquil Health Center
    86 w. university Drive Suite 3

    Dr. Linda Lambert NMD

    I just got my medical marijuana card very easy if you have your paperwork in order.You need paperwork from other Doctors explaining your ailment.or you could get a physical and be diagnosed with an existing ailment , from Dr. Lambert. she is open til 6pm and open on Saturdays also.150.00 to her then 75.00 to AZDHS

  • Dave says:

    I have been working with dispensaries for a couple of years nows and I’m absolutely amazed at the difference medical marijuana has in some people’s lives. There are terminal patients that I’ve met that have said that medical marijuana was the difference between dying in pain and alone or having a chance to manage their pain and get some much needed contact with concerned individuals.

    There are so many great dispensaries in Denver that are helping people profoundly through difficult times in their lives. I recommend to anyone to check out some dispensary websites and see what they’re about. The great thing is that these places are heavily invested in keeping medical marijuana legal, which helps everyone.

    Here is one of the dispensaries that I’ve visited, .. they can help people get their license too. Definitely check um out.

  • Mike says:

    Great article about medical marijuana cards … have been looking for a place to get mine, and I was wondering if anyone had seen this site at .. they say you can get prequalified online and then see a doctor to get yours. I really would like to get mine in AZ … has anyone heard about this service or similar services. Really should something cool about that in the article. Great article tho!

  • mikeez2011 says:

    I am fanatical about meds and side effects.I do my best to take care of my health.

    I have MS 4 5 yers chronic pain and fatigue, and depression all caused from years of working hard, and a auto accident many ADHD problems a significant amount of stress and anxiety degenerating discs in both my neck and back.

    Medical Marijuana: The benifits are amazing! The ease of pain, and relaxed mood is unspeakable. SC suck I go on !!

  • Lucy says:

    There is no hope for people in MD we must remain squeaky clean and remain taking all the psych/pain meds that toxify our livers and for our extreme anxiety attacks more pills. Thank God for xanex.

    I don’t think that med mary jane could fix my panic. However I do believe that for my chronic pain way less pills by day a few puffs of mary jane and at night mj would work 100%. The problem with fibromyalgia is that we don’t get rem sleep. That means we never really get deep rest. People need REAL REM SLEEP that’s why we need sleeping pills, muscle relaxers for our severe muscle spasms the list goes on and on and on.

    Why should only a few states have tranquility and the rest suffer in agony. Why should our doctors be afraid to prescribe this to their suffering patients? Why should I be so nervous to write how I feel? I am so happy for those who have true relief.

    I do offer some good advice for you so it can continue so it can reach us who are very sick and dream of the day that we too can enjoy the deep sleep you do, the pain free life you do, the appetite you do. Enjoy sensibly. Take the bus. Don’t give the politicians a reason to take away the privilege. Get a bus route going from “cafe’s” if it’s become “legal” let them let you off a block from your house. RIGHT ON!!!!!!

  • aaron says:

    Getting card in california is quite easy. Other states have made it much more difficult to do so.

    Some, only approve a very small percentage of patients. California has 80% of the cardholders in the USA.

  • WADE says:

    I’ll be moving to the Oakland area soon and would like to obtain some medical marijuana as soon as I can. I have checked several sites and am a bit confused about the process. Do I need to go to a doctor before I get a card, or do I need to get a card before I go to a doctor?

    I have medical records from my current doctor confirming my cervical pain and spasms, which is what I want to treat with the medical marijuana.

  • Al Lehal Highs says:

    It sounds very civilised out there – out here in Australia they have started doing drug testing on miners and construction workers by the COMPANIES not by police – but at least our laws aren’t as full on as yours. Can anyone get a medical marijuana card? If they try.

  • Is it really true that you don’t have to carry the mj prescription that doctor gave the patient? But I think that its a good idea to bring it with them just in case the individual is questioned by the law enforcement.

  • cYaSk8 says:

    so you don’t have to carry around your prescription on a “laminated” piece of paper like most other doctors give out.

    I would not go to any evaluation center that “laminated” my card.

    Bob Blake, 30 years ER performs EXPERT evaluations. Speaking of reputable, he’s the BEST hands down!

  • Ryan says:

    I’m from NJ, and im taking a road trip with my boys to Cali. Just wondering which would be the easiest way to get a card over there.

    • Meli says:

      If you are going to San Diego, pick up a copy of a free weekly publication called The Reader. You will find tons of ads for places to get the card. All you need is an ID, the $ for the fees (usually $50), and show up!

  • Obtaining a Medical Marijuana card is one of the best things you can do. By taking advantage of this, you will be able to provide yourself with one of the most healthy universal medicines, for a low cost. Those are 5 GREAT reasons…

  • Debi says:

    I was diagonsed almost 3 yrs ago with fibromyalia, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis. Will it help? Are there any other ways I can get it into my system without smoking?

    I currently am taking a lot of perscription drugs to try to control the pain…..from vicodin, norco, lyrica, flexiril, neurotin, xanax, ambien cr, and cymbalta. I had been on lyrica 600mg, neurontin 1800mg, cymbalta 90mg, all at once putting on over 40lbs which I am having a hard time getting off.

    Will the medical marijuana help?

    • mark murray says:

      debi, I have extreme chronic pain and other complications (too many too mention) from 20yr,s of brain tumors.

      I would have perished a long time ago wo/med marijuana. I take many of the same drugs you do, but half the dosages and half the side effects , the mm stretches the other drugs effectiveness. Lyrica/Lamictal is my godsend, enabling me to discontinue that terrible amitryptoline.

      MM also helps with associated depression a lot! Try it for a short period to decide for yourself. good luck, mgm

    • Chris says:

      You should always ask your doctor but if you wanted to see if it worked for you there are ways to cook your cannabis so that you don’t have to smoke it.

      In my opinion pills are never good and can always lead to further addiction. If you are truly interested in another medicine that may be able to help you than surely give marijuana a go at least once and see if it works for you.

    • Andy says:

      I have neuropathy pain. There is no doubt that Marijuana helps me with muscle spasms and nerve pain but it has side effects. Forgetfulness, dry mouth, eye and lung irritation to name a few.

  • Jesse says:

    I got my card at Alternative Health Solutions in Modesto and I grow my own now. I have a severe illness and qualified for an exemption to the limit which the doctor approved me for.

  • Kelly says:

    Reason number 6? Medicinal Deals from Cure Colorado! Check out and view the new group buying service for patients within the state of Colorado. Medicinal Deals offers top quality medicine at huge savings — 50% to 60%. That means eighths for $20, grams for $8 and quarters for $43. And the quality is amazing!
    Go to and see for yourself.

  • Jimmy says:

    Why in the H would someone let the Fuzz search your car voluntarily anyway?

    Also in Ca its a $100 fine, like a traffic ticket, no court. Furthermore, all you need is a letter of recommendation from a doctor, just keep it with you in case you get asked by the man! Cards are a voluntary program, wanna give up some of your privacy?

    Get a card!

  • There is a GREAT story on why you should smoke medical marijuana here! Titled “Marijuana is my God” lol….

  • is a free community where medical marijuana patients find dispensaries in their geographic location and connect with other patients. is a free online tool used to discuss and review local cannabis co-operatives, dispensaries, medical doctors and delivery services!

  • Ken says:

    I live in California I was wondering if you have a medical card can you be charged with possession when in a National forest?

  • hyperhidrosis says:

    Most states that have passed laws legalizing marijuana for medical use have some type of registration program and require patients and caregivers to obtain a medical marijuana card.

  • Kevin says:

    If you are trying to get a medical marijuana card, you should check out .

    It’s an awesome community that shows people step by step how to get medical marijuana

  • Alison says:

    Even without a card there are service that offer mail order and are so discreet with small amounts it might as well be legal like in Canada, give a try you will be impressed.

  • Rhett says:

    If you have your card grow your own its cheaper and tastes better after all your hard work.

  • Rhett says:

    Grow your own all the way. You can tailor your product to what you enjoy!

  • I heard about Marijuana medical card. Marijuana is an extremely effective medicine. There are a few services out there that are affordable and do not require a card.

  • joe says:

    Todd, you’re an ass.

    Besides, many thousands of people drive after smoking pot all the time and are no danger to you or anyone else.

    What is it that you guys think happens when someone smokes pot?

    Do you think that it’s like being drunk??

    Because it’s not like that.

    I function normally and can do any task. I just might enjoy my day more than you.

  • fred says:

    Dear todd and anybody else with this idea “duh”!

    I think thats the problem, people think marijuana is bad unless its sugar coated with the word medical. Sure it can sooth really bad ailments and this is great and i am very glad that it’s legal, at least for that, but it is not a cure it can only make you feel better.

    So now it’s prescribed as a medicine and sold like alcohol. Nowhere can you buy any prescribed medicine that offers free samples for first time buyers, the more you buy the less it cost.

    This is the emperor wore no clothes at its utmost. The only reason it is sold like this is because some fat cats are making money on something thats still illegal by the feds.

    So when you buy into this crap instead of legalizing it for terminally ill patients, and responsible adults this is what you sow, and responsible means not driving under any type of drug prescribed ,illegal, over the counter, oh yeah and the worst over the counter drug there is alcohol.

  • Todd says:

    Whereas I believe marijuana is effective as medicine and should be legalized for that purpose, it will be the most widely abused medicine there is.

    Admit it: most of you only want to smoke to get high & feel good, not as a cure for some ailment. And that is exactly why so many oppose it.

    As for any idiot who gets behind the wheel of a car when you’re high, shame one you. You muddy the issue of medical marijuana with your acts of stupidity.

  • short shrift says: is a SCAM!

    Do NOT fall for this — they will RIP YOU OFF. You will NEVER get anything from them, and the “real people” on this and other boards telling you about their great product are not real people at all — they are, trying to PHISH for SUCKERS. Don’t be a sucker like I was.

    STAY AWAY from!

  • short shrift says: is a SCAM! Do NOT send them your money — they will STEAL it!!!

    “mos definite” is obviously the same scam artist looking to rip people off by phishing on these boards.

    STAY AWAY from!!!

  • Short Shrift says:

    I also tried (stupidly) — this is a SCAM. Do NOT send money to this BOGUS person. They will STEAL your money!!!

  • London Town says:

    I used and never got the buds…and as soon as i out my payment through he stopped emailing – bud courier is a scam artist

  • mos definite says:

    There are a few services out there that are affordable and dont require a card. Budbaron is one and also I have used and endorse I believe they ship to anybody with an address.

  • eric says:

    i dont know why they include prices trying to entice the people looking at this site. $35 for an eigth of shwag is one of the worst deals ive ever heard. i usually pay $30 and eigth for dank white widow and purple kush. if youre trying to advocate getting a card dont advertise how over-priced clubs are.

  • 3.14R@ says:

    I can concur and empathize with all who have been deprived of relief.

    I too have been putting up with Rx narcotics that totally screwed my body and brain for 2 plus decades.
    I’ve got a card in the works but still have to deal in dark allies to get my meds at great cost to me, because they pay for the poisons invented in some pharmaceutical lab but not by mother nature.

    God forbid we should return to natural herbs, all those greed driven investors in pharma might not make that extra cash on our pain and misery.

    I’m all for nature, not only is it less traumatic to my system but the actual effects are system wide beneficial.

    From one who is as broken up as bad as Evil Kneival

  • Sunny Doe says:

    I just got my club card!!! Awesome stuff guys. I think this is perfectly good for someone that is over 21 because I think it gives you a sense of maturity when it comes to owning one of these cards. I definetly got one after reading some of the posts on this website. I even bought a few shirts. Check out for some great medical shirts, they also have tons of shirts of different clinics in the area.

  • Judy says:

    My daughter has CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome). It is very misunderstood disease that has been compared to a “migraine of the stomach.”

    Although I am a substance abuse counselor, I see no reason why marijuana is not legal for medical conditions such as hers. Instead, she takes Dilaudid, Trazadone, Klonopin, and other anti-depressants to deal with her symptoms. Some doctors who are unfamiliar with the disease think she is just looking for drugs when she goes to the emergency room screaming in pain and throwing her guts up! But then other doctors think it is OK to get her on all those powerful medications. What kind of system is this, anyway?

  • Patrick Harris says:

    I think that most people who are against marijuana for medicinal purposes or otherwise are basing their judgment on the “illegal” status of marijuana as a whole. This logic is very flawed. While marijuana may be deemed illegal I would argue that alcohol and tobacco are far far more dangerous to society in terms of health risks,reckless behavior,not to mention the countless people who are killed daily by drunk drivers. These are empirical facts,indisputable.

    Those that think otherwise are looking at this issue through a very narrow lens. While some people do get cards who probably don’t need them at least that is one less person to be incarcerated and one less(non-violent)criminal our tax paying dollars will have to support. In the end “we the people” need to use some critical thinking in order to properly understand the benefits from not only decriminalization but also the proven medicinal benefits. This is not to mention the millions and millions of dollars in tax revenue this will create for states.

    I urge anyone who is against med grass or marijuana as a whole to take a honest unbiased approach to researching the facts. Hopefully this will change your perspective, because in the end “we the people” must become proactive with this issue and others(solar)if we are going to turn the corner in this country and start creating a new economy for this country…

  • paul Scheineman says:

    hhhmmm,Well,my thoughts on this are confusing.

    If I lived in California it would be okay. I’ve watched the channels, saw mendicino. I’m in Texas. I’m an ex vet. I have been diagnosed with severe depression, hep c, panic attacks, ptsd, carpel tunnel, lower back problems, copd, emphysema, I have a syst in my right kidney, Melinoma, My feet are bad, my eyes are bad and I can’t be in the sun because of the meds, and I had a heat stroke, everything changed.

    And to top it off, I’ve had Tourette syndrome since birth and add. The business of our Health systems versus solving the problem, instead of treating the symptoms seems to be about money. So 3 times I’ve been busted. Do I fit the requirements for a medical marijuana card, because I’d rather toke than take all the drugs the veterans admin are trying to kill me with?

  • threadkilla says:

    “Our government needs to get a better grip on what they are actually doing to our society”

    So true, the laws that restrict marijuana use are FAR FAR more harmful to society than the actual pot.

    Jailing people for consensual crimes that harm no one but the user should be labeled cruel and unusual punishment.

    AND ask any teenage and you’ll get the same reply, getting pot (cause it’s illegal) is far easier for them than getting alcohol or cigarettes.

  • Jason F. says:

    I just got my card after signing up for this site that helps people get their medical marijuana cards. It’s Their newsletter is pretty cool too if you smoke medical marijuana.

  • Heather says:

    I think the concept behind medical marijuana is such a crock.

    At least here in my state, it is a way of legalizing it without actually legalizing it. It seems that everyone who lives in a state that has the ability to get a medical marijuana card is getting one. Claiming a variety of ailments from severe pain to muscle spasms.

    Granted there is part of our population that needs it to function and I am all for it, but what it comes down to is that each person who is claiming “severe-pain” when in fact they are suffering from minor headaches or body aches are breaking the law. Our government needs to get a better grip on what they are actually doing to our society.

    Also, once you sign up for a medical marijuana card, your name is on the government’s list forever! There is no turning back. Employers can fire you for testing positive, even if you do possess this magical card.

    Dispensaries are making a ton of money by selling pot to people who do not need it. If you want marijuana and you are not truly a candidate for a “card” go and support the little person! I am all for smoking, but not when you are frauding the government! Makes me so angry!!

  • Sara says:

    Freaking Texas! I suffer everyday with headaches, depression and fibromyalgia only to be treated like a felon to get relief.

    I do not get to smoke often because I do not like dealing with the unsavory characters who sell the herb. (much less the cost!)

    COME ON TEXAS!!! Quit breeding the selfish, money grubbing losers we put into the White House and OPEN YOUR EYES to helping out those who are suffering!! I AM NOT A CRIMINAL!!!!!

  • James says:

    I went to and had no problem with getting my card. I had an exam and when i took the letter to the clubs I easily got my card!

  • Kevin Fox says:

    There is an awesome new site that is taking people by the hand and helping them get medical marijuana in whatever state they live in(the 14 states that are legal of course). It’s . Check it out if you still need to get your card!

  • Daniel says:

    I strongly suggest that marijuana should be legalized in every state and the government would be damn rich if they open their eyes and that would create more jobs for farmers and factories of making clothes and many things can be made from marijuana.

    Sheesh, government it is more safer than smoking a damn cigarette or chew tobacco and even booze, lot more safer, there has to be some ways to really wake them up and legal and they will have all kinds of funds to support everything once the marijuana is lagal. Thanks and we need to get all the people to propse or write and sign all the people we can and send it to D.C. Thanks and lets support the marijuana and it is grown on God’s land for a reason and booze and cigarette was not natural , look at the natural stuff than the stupid stuff Peace everyone let hear u all hollering for the legalization!!!

  • Jada says:

    I wish it were legal in Texas! I suffer from severe migraines and nothing else seems to have any effect. I don’t get it. I work my butt off 6 days a week, pay my taxes, and stay out of trouble, but if the local police caught me with a joint in my car, I’d find myself in jail along side rapists and burglars.

  • cecilia says:

    yea yea! i got my card yesterday! now them cops cant give me a hard time!

  • mike says:

    Marijuana needs to be legalized in north carolina man all us youth get hasseled by the pigs man even if it is a small amount of pot it is messed up. Pot is what im doing a paper on and i have yet to find a bad thing about it the only reason people think it is bad is because they haven’t tried it. it is just an herb!!!!!!!

  • Randy says:

    Hell ya all positive things happpening in us man it is time for them to take the smoke cloak off of the us and turn i know itll sound crazy but follow the amsterdam footsteeps and i dont mean that in a bad way just look at there crime rate since everythings legal because they feel a big releif plus i bet they aint strugglen over money.

  • JamesB says:

    Come on out to California! I am born and raised San Diego and it is ridiculous at how many clubs that are dying for you to join. Grow your own and take it to the club and they will compensate you for the cost to grow and its a very generous compensation. Basically my job is to grow and share with many co-op’s ( I get compensated for my costs…and then some.)

    I lived in Wildwood for about 6 months and well.. here I am. =)Take care my “Shore Bro’s”

  • James says:

    Why is it so hard to get an mm card in NJ?

  • Jeremy says:

    It’s not that easy to get a medical marijuana card in New Jersey. That’s why so many of us choose to get it illegally.

  • trisha growden says:

    How do I find a Doctor in the area where I live? Winlock Wash. It is between Longview and Centralia.

  • Medical marijuana is legal in 14 states now.

  • Lisa says:

    Can you get marijuana or an MM card legally from a state where its legal if you live in a state where it’s not legalized?


  • vittorio sattui says:

    I’m looking for any information about growing your own marijuana in California and then selling it to the medical marijuana dispensaries.

  • liquidragon says:

    Does anyone know the time allawded for when it becomes a nation wide offer. I suffer from depression and its the only thing that has helped me through. Unfortunatly it is illegal in the state of illinois. When your dependent on it to just get through mentally and spiritually it becomes a damper on your day. Its like not even living reality when i dont have it. I have been clean for quiet sometime now, years even. Trying the man made medication hasnt helped at all. I just dont understand that something that has been used for so long for the same reasons had to be taken away.

  • Oldhippy says:

    I am certain that the medical marijuana card is the way to go until there is a complete reversal, if you can, one should always comply with local laws.
    Have a Laugh on me visit to see a humorous medical marijuana music video

  • Mernahuana says:

    excellent information! i support all the reasons to get a med pot card. don’t delay get one today! M

  • John says:

    Welcome To brought to you by Medical MarijuanaDelivery Co OP
    A not-for-profit association of qualified patients and caregivers who have come together with the purpose of legally providing safeaccess to medical Cannabis in California. Medical Marijuana Delivery Service operates in compliance with H&S Code 11362.5 & Senate Bill 420.
    “” – ALL Southern & Nouthern California Deliveries (323)-515-5568 Open daily.
    CALL 323-515-5568

  • SunflowerPipes says:

    The fact that many millions of Americans have used pot has not translated into real political pressure on the people who can change the laws. One of the problems inhibiting legalization is that people who smoke a glass pipe are not considered serious or mature.

    It is this stigma that scares many pot users to hide that they utilize the drug. It is up to us to be public about our choices and to make sure our voices are heard by the ones that ultimately decide what the rules are. Send an email, send a letter make a phone call, every hand written Letter that makes it to a representative is considered to be the voice of thousands of people who did not take the time to write.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am thinking about getting my card, does anyone know if there are any drawbacks to having the card? Would this information hinder me from getting a job in the future?

  • budtradermike says:

    Having a medical marijuana card is the way to go. It will open new doors to getting your medicine. You can walk into a store get your medicine without the hassle of worrying about getting arrested.

  • Anonymous says:

    Apologies is this is posted in the improper place – no offense or intent. . . .

    I am looking for a location (online) that debates/discusses using LED growlights versus HID (HP) lights. As lighting is one of the four ‘successful’ cornerstones, I am looking for firsthand advice.

    I was looking at three (3) 600w HP lamps for a room ~10×15 – there will be some non-lighted areas. When I saved up all of my rupees to go online, I found LEDs all over the place claiming better success. As they work well in other applications, would they work for growing?

    two links below – again sorry if the wrong spot, but I find more debates/teachings on other aspects and the cost difference for a HID versus an LED is tremendous. They claim less heat, less power which is great, but equal or better growing?

    Thank you. please point me to the proper blog if this would not meet the standard.

  • Anonymous says:

    most people aren’t aware of this, but if you need medical marijuana and cannot obtain it legally, you can have it discreetly shipped to your door. Email if you are interested.

  • oprinatiberiu says:

    Cannabis has been used for about 4,000 years for medical purposes. In Taiwan about 10,000 years ago the people of that country used marijuana for fiber. It’s important to mention that it’s not the social threat authorities believe it to be. On . you can find out more about the wide range of medical applications of pot in treating diseases such as convulsions, asthma, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, schizophrenia.

  • oprinatiberiu says:

    There are many pros and cons to the use of medical marijuana. One of the positive uses of pot is in medical purposes. Marijuana may help people who have serious medical ailments with pain management. An example is the presence of marijuana clubs that cater to patients using medical marijuana for treatment. For more on this topic visit . Most importantly pot is known to help reduce cell growth in cancer patients.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cannabis has been used for about 4,000 years for medical purposes. In Taiwan about 10,000 years ago the people of that country used marijuana for fiber. It’s important to mention that it’s not the social threat authorities believe it to be. On . you can find out more about the wide range of medical applications of pot in treating diseases such as convulsions, asthma, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, schizophrenia.

  • Admin Medical Marijuana Society says:

    Nice blog…working on a new project here that you can see at the premise to see Medical Marijuana legalized. On the front page you will see all the states listed on the right side…New York is an active link, but not much there since I just started it.

    Look around and let me know if you would have any interested in being a state blogger.

  • Anonymous says:

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  • Anonymous says:

    live in oregon and trying to find classes/medicine for my condition but cant find any??? where to go and where to look

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