Registration of both patient and caregiver required for medical marijuana use; here is what you need to do:

  1. Download and complete the Medical Marijuana Packet then send it, together with the following items, to the address below
  2. $25.00 for first applications or $20.00 for timely renewals
  3. A copy of your Alaska State Driver’s License or Identification Card.
  4. A copy of your caregivers’ Alaska State Driver’s License or Identification Card.
  5. A signed statement from your physician as follows:

i.        Stating that the physician personally examined the patient and that the examination took place in the context of a bona-fide physician-patient relationship and setting out the date the examination occurred;

ii.        Stating that the patient has been diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition;

iii.        Stating that the physician has considered other approved medications and treatments that might provide relief, that are reasonably available to the patient, and that can be tolerated by the patient, and that the physician has concluded that the patient might benefit from the medical use of marijuana.

6.    If the patient is a minor, an original (not photocopied) statement from the minor’s parent or legal guardian that gives consent.

7.    Application, documents and fee should be sent to:

Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics Marijuana Registry
P.O. Box 110699
AK 99811-0699

Important Note

In order to obtain a card as a caregiver, you must be at least 21 years old, not currently on parole or probation, and never have been convicted of a felony offense under AS 11.71 or AS 11.73. If your application is denied, you will not be allowed to resubmit it for six months.

How to get a Medical Marijuana Card in all Legal States


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  • skruffles says:

    Hey every body i am recently a new medical user here in the great state of alaska. i actually got my card refered to me by a doctor in valdez alaska. but there are many out there. If you live here in the state of alaska i would like to invite you to reply to this if you would like to help and join me in the fight to make dispensaries legal in the state of alaska and up the possession limits for medical users.
    being in a somewhat remote location there are a lot of reasons it may not be reasonable to grow and possess only one ounce at a time such as major power outtages for you indoor growers and extremely cold winters that do not allow you outdoor growers to grow and possess enough to make it through the winter therefore requiring most growers to break the law to medicate when there really not doing anything wrong. anyways i could go on for hours about this but if you see this reply and we’ll get started on the legislature that Alaska needs to make this work. thanks for reading and hope to hear from you in the future

    • Cord says:

      How did you get a doctor to approve it and are there doctors in anchorage who will

      • Akmama says:

        Have you any luck in finding a doctor?? I have severe migraines and have tried almost everything….so far I have found only one solution that I can use and still be part of functioning world.

        So if you or anyone has any leads to doctors in anchorage or valley please send it my way

        Thank you!!!

    • doreen taggs-galuska says:

      i live in soldotna ak. i have cronic pain, been to classes, ect. because i don’t lie to my dr. she has made me axemp for pot for urine tests. but won’t sign the form. my spine soaked in staph infection after a life saving surgery. i don’t drive, but take cabs when needed. do you know of any dr. in this area? thank you so much, doreen

    • buds says:

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  • Anthony says:

    My reasons do not sound as serious as yours. I have insomnia, ADD, PTSD, and an absorbtion problem.

    I cant take regular meds because of my absorbtion problem and even though ive been told by others to just up the dosage, i feel like even if my body isnt absorbing the meds properly it can still do damage (as ive been told by my doctor.)

    I am absolutely positive that marijuanna would help with my ADD and insomnia from an experience in which i got a “contact high” Now, i do not use marijuanna because of the laws, but if i were to obtain a medicinal card i would use it for my medical problems only.

    • warne young says:

      Hi ; I just suggest you get yourself some seeds from british colombia sent to you ,you can lookj up the name of seed banks ,and grow it yourself and dont tell any body you do so.

      The alaska laws make you break them because if you are only aloud in you possession 1oz.of dried marijuana at a time then they are not considering the fact that when you harvest you will have more than one ounce then. So you are breaking there law right then ! That is stupid bullshit .What,is the law going to store it for you ? I dont get it ? No one can grow plants that continue to bud and live long enough to give you an once every time you need one.

      Seems they are setting every one up for breaking there law and not giving people the right to grow there on, or purchase it in any sane reasonable manor !@! Or they just have not realized that there on laws do not enable a person to grow plants but at the same time not posess the product !! Absolutly ludicrous!! Fuk’em ! Do it any way ,if they are so lame if they want to enforse a law at least they can get there head out of there asses and get some people in California to help them write up[ some reasonable laws for possetion!! In the mean time people are suffering at there lack of understanding ! Or are they doing this so they can prosecute people at there disgreation ? What ever, it is wrong !!! I would bring this point up strongly!!!

  • Our documentary about outdoor marijuana growers give people “the real deal.” We have been documenting the most important of American political/medical topics since 2005. Patients who need medical marijuana to function in this society and overcome their debilitating pain, also need to know how to grow so they don’t have to waste their hard-earned money and go on some county risk which will effect their insurance.

    See a year in the life of several different patient growers and spread the word about Legalization.


    Casey Casseday
    Producer, The Green Rush

  • Joel says:

    I have crohn’s disease. I live in Pennsylvania is there any way that I can convince the senators of PA to get it medically legalized?

    Could you guys contact the President and his people and send them the information that you guys have on the illnesses that it helps. It could make a huge Impact on what you guys are trying to do. Plus tell them about how much money it could make in taxes for the government.

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