If you live in Los Angeles and are looking to obtain a medical marijuana card, you are in luck. There are many establishments you can go to that will give you one of these, and chances are there is one in your area. Ever since the state of California legalized medical marijuana, more and more people are creating clinics.

In order to get a medical marijuana recommendation, you have to know the process. As the law stands now, this medicine is only prescribed to patients who have particular illnesses that a state has decided can be helped by marijuana. This drug is still illegal by Federal law, no matter what.

Luckily, the California laws have directly specified particular illnesses one can get a card for, and they have also left it open to any other chronic or persistent medical symptom that limits a persons life activities or can cause serious harm to a persons physical or mental health (as stated in California SB 420).

Some of the serious medical conditions you can get a marijuana recommendation for are: AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, anorexia, cachexia, seizures, persistent muscle spasms, migraines, glaucoma, arthritis and severe nausea. This medicine has also been shown to help anxiety and several other mood disorders.

Once you haveone research and know that the ailment you have has proven to be helped by medical marijuana, you are ready to go to the doctor. You can either ask your primary care physician to recommend medical marijuana to you, or you can go to a medical marijuana doctor who specializes in recommending this particular drug.

To find a clinic where you can get a medical marijuana card in Los Angeles, it is best to search the internet. Websites like NORML have lists of medical marijuana friendly doctors, and you can also search for a holistic medicine or alternative medicine clinic near you. Call them and ask if they have a doctor who specializes in medical marijuana. Because Los Angeles has a big market for this medicine, it should be easy to find a clinic in your area.

If you do not go to your normal doctor, bring your medical history with you when you see the doctor at the clinic. Tell the doctor what ailment you have and ask if he thinks medical marijuana would help you. If the doctor does, he will write you a marijuana recommendation.

This is basically a piece of paper that says you’re a medical marijuana patient and you’re allowed to enter dispensaries and obtain the medicine or grow your own.

How you decide to get your marijuana is up to you. Lots of people like going to dispensaries because it saves you the trouble of growing the plants yourself, and usually dispensaries have a great variety of strands to choose from. A lot of these places also have edible goodies you can buy too, if you prefer to ingest the medicine instead of smoke it. There are lots of options at dispensaries, and there are lots of dispensaries to choose from in Los Angeles especially.

If you decide to grow your own plants, you will need to know how many plants your specific county allows you to have legally. In California, this is not specified by the state law. You can find this out online or you can ask someone from your county office when you go get your medical marijuana card. There are lots of good articles online about how to grow marijuana plants, what type of lights to use and how to take care of them.

A marijuana recommendation is all you need to be able to have medical marijuana legally, but California has taken it one step further and made cards as well. They’re statewide and provide an extra layer of protection from cops. These can be obtained through your county and are good for one year, just like your recommendation. You pay a fee and fill out an application to get a card.

This medicine has helped many people with serious ailments in California, and it can help you too. If you start the process now, you’ll be on your way to getting a medical marijuana card and be able to reap the benefits of this drug.

Find out how to get a medical marijuana card in California.

You can find a medical marijuana doctor in Los Angeles by visiting our forum.


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  • Joseph Ramirez says:

    Do these evaluations have military/veterans disconts?

  • cannamedSB says:


    Medical Marijuana Doctor Recommendations Available in Thousand Oaks & Santa Barbara.

    Apply today and receive your prop 215 medical marijuana photo id card the same day if approved.

    Medical Marijuana consultations are $99.00 with coupon from http://www.cannamed.com Renewals from another M.D. are $79.00.

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    Louis J. Rosner MD President of CannaMed, author of the best seller Multiple sclerosis : new hope and practical advice for people with MS and their families / Louis J. Rosner. Dr. Rosner is a former professor of clinical neurology at UCLA. He was also formerly head of the UCLA’s Multiple Sclerosis Clinic.

    Dr. Rosner is now writing medical marijuana recommendation for the seriously ill at CannaMed.

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    • Andrew says:

      If I have an out of state I.D its from (Michigan). But I moved out here to california and I being three bills of minne saying that i do live in california.

  • Thanks the post was really useful.

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  • MediCann says:

    Hello Friends,

    We at MediCann are learning how to better serve our patients. With 190,000+ medical cannabis patients since 2004, MediCann is striving to do what it takes to keep you all happy. We provide 24-7 Verification online or by phone and affordable pricing for all our patients. We also provide an ID Card which is recognized throughout the state. Contact us today to learn about discounts, including military, veteran and Medi-Cal discounts. With 20 clinics and counting, there is no reason you should wait to become a legal medical cannabis patient in California. For more information, visit our website. Also, visit our blog to learn more about up-to-date news, research and information regarding medical cannabis at http://medicann.wordpress.com/

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  • Mike says:

    It’s pretty easy figure out how to get a medical marijuana card in california. I got mine after checking out http://www.medicalmarijuanalifestyle.com. Just getting your card will save you a ton of money buying shitty weed from dealers and get you to buying the best weed in the world!

  • KJ says:

    It will be more prevalent here in Hawaii soon so please come visit us. Also, lobbying our state in any positive way that you can for recognition of other state’s cards would be beneficial for all!

  • josh horn says:

    im a long time smoker that has a problem sleeping. I live in oklahoma i want to get it leagle here how or what do i do to get it started here.

  • TF says:

    I own a home in California and one is Washington state as well. Thus, I travel between my two homes. I maintain my WA state drivers license for business purposes. Thus, I cannot get a CA drivers license at this time.

    A couple weeks ago, I got my letter approving me for medical marijuana. However, no dispensary would provide me marijuana without a CA drivers license. This was not explained to me up front. I’m going to try to get a CA ID card and hope that will allow me to keep my WA license. It all gets very complicated as the doctor and the dispensaries are two entirely different entities with different rules.

  • MediCann says:

    Hello friends,

    We at MediCann are learning how to better serve our patients. With 180,000+ medical marijuana patients, MediCann is striving to do what it takes to keep them all happy. Please, visit our blog and take our surveys at http://medicann.wordpress.com/

    Thank you.

    Yours in health,
    Legitimate Medical Marijuana Evaluations by Licensed Physicians

  • Hi just a quick note that you can now apply online for a medical marijuana card in michigan at


    Thank you.

  • Ed Rosenthal says:

    Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) is truly a forward looking company.

    Looking back, it began in 2003 as Berkshire Collection, Inc. (BKCL) of Ontario, Canada. According to a complaint filed 12 Jun 09 by the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) against Blackout Media (BKMP) and its principal Sandy Winick of Toronto, Berkshire Collection was one of 59 subsidiaries spun off from Blackout Media Corporation, formerly known as First Canadian American Holding Corporation, (FCDH).

    The SEC complaint alleges these 59 subsidiaries had no legitimate business purpose and were just “public company shells”, and that Winick profited at least $3.2 million from selling shares in these “shells” from 2004 through 2007.

    On 23 May 05 Berkshire Collection changed its jurisdiction to Oregon, at the same time issuing a 1 for 1,000 reverse split.

    I have never before in my life seen a 1 for 1,000 reverse split. A reverse split is typically a last ditch effort to prevent a company from being delisted on an exchange. According to MSN Money, “reverse splits are like a message from management that the underlying business trends are so rotten, they won’t be enough to get the stock price up to snuff.” Small shareholders, those holding less than 1 share after the reverse split, are cashed out. They’re lucky if they get a penny on the dollar.

    On 31 Jan 2007 Berkshire Collection changed its name to My Newpedia Corp (MYNW). This incarnation lasted until June of 2008 when it issued 211,926,840 shares of common stock, realizing $100,000. Then My Newpedia changed it’s name to Club Vivanet, exchanging 12 shares of MYNW for 1 share of CVIV. Then the merged entities, now named Club Vivanet (CVIV), “took back” 210,117,998 shares in a 1 for 20 reverse split and posted a stunning net profit of $26,040 for 2008.

    The Statement of Operations found on page 16 of the Annual Report for Club Vivanet for 31 Dec 08 states that it spent $751,359 on sales and marketing in order to post a profit of $26,040 on revenue of $818,992. While this was more than double the net profit of $12,624 for the previous year, it doesn’t seem particularly forthcoming to term the growth “meteoric” as Perlowin does repeatedly.

    In April of 2009 Club Vivanet (CVIV) became Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA):

    We thought at first we’d call our corporation Marijuana Inc. But when you say to someone … you’re in the Marijuana Business, you do get that weird, kinda strange look. But when you say ‘We’re in the Medical Marijuana Business’ …I don’t care where I am, everyone’s interested. Not only are they interested, sometimes they’re passionately interested because they’ve heard the stories and they think people should have the freedom to choose the medicine that really does help them.

    On 25 Mar 09, the day the name change was filed, the stock was worth 4 cents. The name change and 10 for 1 forward split occurred on 28 Apr 09. The day before the split and name change CVIV closed at 22 cents. The day after, MJNA closed at 62 cents. It has trended downward since.

    Perlowin explains it like this, pointing out he got out of prison 19 years ago:

    I was the largest marijuana smuggler in West Coast history. The media dubbed me the King of Pot. As the newspapers said, I had a fleet of boats larger than most country’s navies, and that was probably true. Made $100 million bucks by the time I was thirty. And then I went to jail for nine years and got out and made some huge businesses in the phone card and international telecom business. We’ve always had meteorically growing businesses after I got out of prison. Well, before I got out of prison too…

    Just look at what happened to our stock from day one and you can see we sort of know know what we’re doing in this industry.

    He explains that he is “monetizing” the public’s desire to legalize marijuana and that buying stock in his company is casting a vote for the legalization of marijuana.

    When Obama and the attorney general Holder said that they’d no longer interfere with state laws on marijuana issues, all of a sudden dispensaries and collectives and co-ops started popping up like weeds all over California … and, all of a sudden, legitimate business people started getting involved and wanting to get involved. And then “we” come along…

    This is one of those statements were you don’t really know where to begin.

    What is this “all of a sudden” legitimate business people are getting involved? Is he saying those dispensaries and co-operatives that have been doing it for years and who built the industry he finds so exciting are not “legitimate business people”? What does this say about The Green Cross – in business in San Francisco for five years and featured in June as an example of how medical marijuana had become mainstream? And, by the way, they’ve all been using plastic cards of all kinds for years: debit, credit, stored value, ID, and so forth. A manager of one dispensary told me 5 years ago, “Bank of America loves us.”

    Are we also supposed to believe that the “legitimate business people” who have been waiting for Obama to start the green rush before they got involved will not have the wherewithal to set up a business account with, oh, Bank of America or Wells Fargo, but instead will be “cash based”?

    While Perlowin wasn’t really sure if New Mexico had passed a medical marijuana law or not and was astonished at what he found when he came to California in February and told his doctor he had insomnia so he could get in a dispensary and see what it was like, he assures us he is the one to tell us all how to do it.

    I actually believe New Mexico is one of the places – don’t quote me on that because my big focus is on marijuana, on California – but I think New Mexico is one of the places where it’s legal. You can look at any of the movement websites like NORML or MPP.org – that’s a great one, MPP.org – and they really keep you up-to-date on what’s going on in each state. So I think it is. And in some places you can have co-ops, like in Colorado and California, and some places you’re allowed to grow your own. There’s no standardized laws or rules, which for a public company like us makes it really lucrative, or potentially lucrative. Because we can help come in and standardize the industry and help regulate the industry. Again, from the bottom up. Typically a company like this can move much quicker than the government can.

    It’s all a mish-mash. Every county in California is different from every city. And every state has different rules. And if you standardize it – it will take a few years – but that’s one of the things that we’re here to do, is to help standardize it. And again, starting with the most lucrative of all, the tax remittance.

    And he’s going to begin by re-assembling his old organization, from administering taxes paid by the sick and dying for medicine. When asked if he has any plans to own a dispensary:

    “If Nevada ever legalizes it – it’ll be on the ballot in 2012, November – I would love to have a dispensary inside a casino, growing the marijuana plants…”

    Obviously, Medical Marijuana Inc. CEO and King of Pot Bruce Perlowin didn’t have “medical marijuana” in mind when he said this. When the host points out this has the appearance of exploitation he replies:

    Yeah. So in that case, yeah. In the beginning. no. In the beginning all we want to do is provide all the tools for the dispensaries or the co-ops. In fact, we’re going to be doing seminars on how to open up a dispensary and we want management contracts with the dispensaries, not just for the tax card but for inventory control, for grading and standardizing the marijuana for software, for the doctors to use, and evaluating whether sativa or indica should be used for glaucoma vs. cancer vs. MS vs. headaches…”

    In the meantime, he hopes to buy “homesteads” of 1 to 5 thousand acres all over the country and grow vegetables or something on them until hemp is legalized, and then convert them to hemp farms. All this from administering taxes paid by the sick and dying for medicine.

    It’s an intriguing business model. He states they’ve decided 60% of the profit will go to the company, and 40% to charity.

    My job is to empower people, and specifically (because of another model) empower women. 40% of our profits goes to The Global Family and WE (Women Empowerment) because their job is to make sure this wealth goes all over the world to create a thousand millionaire women, who will create a thousand millionaire women each, and then they take over the world in what’s known as a global coup, but it’s really a coochie coo..

    Again, it’s difficult to figure out where to begin. Seems a bit sexist (not to mention boorish) to me, but what do I know? Besides there are more pressing issues. For instance, just ten minutes previously he stated 40% of “revenues” would be going to the local community: 10% to schools and or the women’s council (because women won’t take bribes and kick-backs, but men will); 10% to another local problem like fire or police (speaking of bribes); 10% to another city in America; and 10% to some international problem.

    Obviously, how much of what goes where isn’t really important. All that’s important is that 40% of the stockholders earnings from administering taxes paid on medicine by the sick and dying will go to some charity somewhere. No doubt medical marijuana patients will get a warm glow knowing their disability stipend is going to increase the supply of female millionaires in third world countries.

    Among a nebulae of disconnects is that it never occurred to Medical Marijuana Inc. that there are medical marijuana patients that can’t afford medicine, that are losing their jobs and their homes, that can’t pay lawyers and court costs. And a lot of them are men.

    Perlowin says he doesn’t smoke marijuana, except rarely.

    My prescription’s for insomnia. And I don’t know if I have insomnia, I’m so excited about what we’re doing I can’t sleep at night so I jump up and email. I go to sleep. I wake up. I email. And so I’m thinking, ‘I really want to go see these dispensaries but you can’t get in without a medical condition and I don’t want to lie about a medical condition. I won’t do that. I’m CEO of a public company, I’ve got to keep everything really straight. So, I’m thinking, ‘wait a minute…’ and if I don’t have my computer I’m sitting there awake all night, just thinking. So that’s clinical insomnia. That’s insomnia. So I got my medical marijuana card for being too excited. But I haven’t used my marijuana medicine yet because if I do I won’t answer my emails all night.

    As for the morality of taxing medicine? As for what happens when The Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act (HR 2835) is passed? As for the fact that you don’t get a “prescription” for medical marijuana, you get a “recommendation”?

    HR 2835 will move marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act’s Schedule I to Schedule II. Among other things this will mean marijuana will meet the legal definition of medicine and that doctors can prescribe it the same as pharmaceuticals. And this means it will not be taxed in states such as California where the people think there’s something sleazy and just plain wrong about taxing medicine.

    Well, maybe by then Perlowin will have his upscale pot emporium in some swanky Las Vegas casino.

    Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-14883-Santa-Cruz-County-Drug-Policy-Examiner~y2009m9d2-Agonizing-over-Medical-Marijuana-Inc

  • deric the angel says:

    If I am not a Californian resident, can I still git a medical card for my back an knee pain. I was in a car accident and nothing works, pills just mess wit my head.
    Please let me know.

  • CANNAMED says:

    you would need to see our doctor first and get approved for a medical marijuana card, then you could go to the health department and apply for the state card.


    Medical Marijuana Doctor Recommendations Available in Van Nuys and Thousand Oaks! Apply today and receive your prop 215 medical marijuana photo id card the same day if approved. Medical Marijuana consultations are $99.00 with coupon from http://www.cannamed.com Renewals from another M.D. are $80.00.

    Don't Qualify, you don't pay!

    If you suffer from Cancer, Chronic Pain, Chron's Disease, Depression, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Glaucoma, HIV, Insomnia, Migraines, MS, Nausea, Seizures, Anorexia, Anxiety, Stress, or any other serious ailments, We can help you!

    Louis J. Rosner MD President of CannaMed Inc. author of the best seller Multiple sclerosis : new hope and practical advice for people with MS and their families / Louis J. Rosner. Dr. Rosner is a former professor of clinical neurology at UCLA. He was also formerly head of the UCLA's Multiple Sclerosis Clinic. Dr. Rosner is now writing medical marijuana recommendation for the seriously ill at CannaMed Inc.

    Cannamed Of Van Nuys
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  • larry says:

    I've been using the website http://www.pumraa.com for following the newly introduced house bill, "Personal Use of Marijuana for Responsible Adults Act" — its really exciting — hopefully new york will be decriminalizing soon once theres a federal standard and we can get people with cards here.

  • cheezestaak2000 says:

    the full delaware senate is preparing to vote to legalize medical marijuans. the bill(sb94) went thru comitee unopposed

  • sherm says:

    I’m looking for information on the subject: “when am I NOT
    protected by a medical marijuana card?” ie. If I’m stopped for a
    traffic violation and I have med. marijuana in the car, or I’m driving
    under the influence. Basically I’m looking for situations where
    I am not protected, and what are the legal ramifications and penalties?


  • Wendy Fry says:

    Hi. I’m a representative for San Diego News Network (http://www.sdnn.com). I thought you and your readers may be interested in this recent article about Medical Marijuana ID cards http://www.sdnn.com/sandiego/2009-06-02/news/politics-city-county-government/medical-marijuana-id-cards-no-longer-a-pipe-dream.
    If you have any questions for SDNN editors, please let me know and I can put you in touch.

  • Herbi says:

    I run a blog called Medical Marijuana Inc. I post the latest news and information about the business side of marijuana. Please click the link to start following:

  • Life's Threads says:

    I’m the webmaster for http://www.dreidelman.org and http://www.medicalmarijuanaoflosangeles.com

    2 great doctors and systems in place.

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