While California has found itself in a mound of debt within the past year, the only logical solution on many peoples’ minds is to increase the taxes on medical marijuana. With the increased debate over this measure occurring over the past few months, last week saw the overwhelming support leading to the approval of the tax increase.

Measure F received nearly 80 percent of the vote, which many consider a significant step in the overall legitimization of the cannabis industry. This tax increases the rate up by 15 percent amidst the ongoing conflict between federal and state authorities.

Proposition 215 passed in 1996, thereby allowing those with prescriptions to purchase medical marijuana for their ailments. However, since federal authorities do not recognize the state law, there have been many clashes between state and federal authorities; the recent remarks from Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., however, have revealed that those abiding by state law will no longer be a target by federal agents.

The many recent announcements within the medical marijuana industry have been a cause for joy for many who use the drug to relieve themselves of pain. California especially has felt the brunt of the economic state of the country, and the passing of this bill as well as the assurance of the Attorney General have helped to relieve the state of some of the debt it is currently in.  Currently, dispensaries pay about $18 million a year in sales tax, with this number to increase 15 percent after Measure F.

The economy has affected many states around the country, with many seeking alternate routes in which to generate income for their state. This new creativity is a must have in California, which is currently in a $26 billion budget crisis.  In Oakland itself, this new measure is expected to increase the taxes on medical marijuana by about $300,000, as the rate is now $18 per $1,000 worth of goods sold.

While many congressional leaders are pushing to present a bill that will legalize personal use of the drug, this has yet to go into effect. While this will force many to pay higher taxes on the drugs, it will overall reduce the amount of debt the state is currently in, which is an option many citizens are now considering in order to curb their ever increasing budget hole.

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  • john says:

    I growers and seller make all the money, Thousands of dollars a lb much. The state needs to tax each scrip $20-25, This 18% per 1000 is crazy. If the state doesn’t take advange of this sisuation they fools and fkin stupid. Grower would be more than happy to make less on each sell,knowing they be in business forever

  • Doc Knowledge says:

    I think CA needs a Medical Marijuana Czar. Standards can be set, wholesale tax stamps can be purchased by growers, MJ can be independently graded by experts and put for auction at state supervised wholesale auction sites. Collectives bid on product, market sets prices and pushes out large scale illegal grows like Mexican mafia. Any comments on that
    Doc Knowledge

  • Steven Grim says:

    i think if the 8th cost you 40.00 then make it 50.00 and the 10.00 goes in to the states account and then what can they say it you think that people wont pay for it or they will just lose there fight with what ever the pain is that they are dealing with then you are wrong they will pay for there meds befor they pay for there house payment or there cable bill so look at and then think about what would bring in more money

  • bcoleman says:

    Thay should legalized marijuana in all states an tax it an bring u.s.a back its our right to smoke good stuff an bail our self

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