Sad Legalization of Medical Marijuana News

Unfortunately the federal government have just  announced that they will continue raids on legal medical marijuana dispensaries in California.

The federal government have gone against Barack Obama’s recommendation not too prosecute users or suppliers of Medical Marijuana in legal Medical Marijuana states.

2 weeks ago Barack Obama recommended that the federal government do not prosecute users or suppliers of Medical Marijuana, in the states where Medical Marijuana is legal. The federal law remained unchanged where they are legally able to prosecute.  Although you would like to think that a recommendation from the president of the United States would be enough for the federal government to change their ways.

This seemed like practical advice as the federal government seemed to have outdated law, where under the current federal law they can prosecute suppliers and users of medical marijuana, in legal medical marijuana states.

Joseph Russoniello, the federal prosecutor of the northern district of California said:

“I think it’s unfortunate that people have for some reason picked up on this as a change in policy, because it’s really not a change at all.”

It is interesting to note that this prosecutor was hired in 2007 by the ex president George W Bush.

Russoniello has made it very clear that the federal government has no plans to stop prosecuting Medical Marijuana dispensaries.

Personally I think Medical Marijuana patients have little to worry about in terms of being prosecuted. Unfortunately I think that the suppliers of medical marijuana have to be very careful about supplying medical marijuana from their dispensaries.

Unfortunately it seems that supplying legal medical marijuana is a myth in the USA. I really hope that patients who are in desperate need of medical marijuana can find friendly, reliable marijuana dealers. Also that any legal medical marijuana dispensaries are able to avoid prosecution.

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Would love to hear from anyone, including the US federal government as to why it is fair to prosecute business people who are trying to help patients?

Why would the federal government go against the presidents recommendation not to prosecute medical marijuana users or suppliers, in legal medical marijuana states?


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  • Pot says:

    Its nice to see so much information on legalization showing up in all forms online. America is closer than ever to seeing the drug war overturned.

  • Simon Harris says:

    Why do you think the Federal government concerned about legal marijuana dispensaries, like the one in this video?

    There approach to the so law seems heavy handed.

  • Valid medicinal value, it’s a victimless crime, the War on Drugs WAY too costly, too many arrests for simple possession, tax it and use the money to pay for health insurance and to reduce the deficit…Need I say more?
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