Dr Tod’s List

Dr Tod - Medical Marijuana Trailblazer?Now here’s an interesting list, which I’ve not come across before: Chronic Conditions Treated with Cannabis Encountered Between 1990-2004

Dr. Tod Mikuriya began to study medical marijuana while he was still in medical school and, ultimately, became head of the NIH (National Institute of Health) non-classified marijuana research program. It was in 1972 that he published Marijuana Medical Papers: 1869-1972. This has been described as a seminal work – admittedly on the Mikuriya website

In 1996, Mikuriya went full time into cannabis medicine; he continued to practice until his death in May 2007, at which time his sister, Beverly A Mikuriya MD took over his practice.



  1. There is an updated list dated 1990-2005. I found it in the book “Marijuana Medical Handbook Practical Guide to the Therapeutic Uses of Marijuana” by Dale Gieringer, PhD Ed Rosenthal & Gregory T Carter MD.

    Cannabis is a healer of so many different types of illness’, diseases, and cancers. This plant is truly a “miracle” plant.

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