Medical Marijuana Growers Giveaway Competition


Win Over $1500 Worth Of Gear In The Big Growers Giveaway Competition has teamed up with some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry to bring you the “Big Growers Giveaway Competition“. To celebrate another year of delivering marijuana growing advice to millions of marijuana growers worldwide, we are giving away over $1500 worth of marijuana seeds, marijuana growing equipment, accessories and merchandise. Enter today for your chance to win big!

About The HTG Big Growers Giveaway Competition

You can enter the competition via the Official Facebook Page

The Competition is Open 7th January 2014 & Closes 2nd February 2014

Competition is open to anyone aged 18 years+ worldwide

There are 21 chances to win different prizes

Winners Announced on 3rd February 2014

Quick & discreet entry process

Terms & Conditions Apply*


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About The HTG Big Growers Giveaway Prizes

Prize #1 – Cash Crop Deluxe Grow Box worth $500 from

The Cash Crop 2.7 6 plant hydroponics grow box is the original discount grow box that is not only easy to use, but also very affordable. This popular indoor gardening system is very popular for good reasons. The price beats anyone out there and we guarantee you’ll be impressed with this high quality grow box. That’s why you get a lifetime warranty with this grow system from Includes carbon filter and lock and key type snap locking doors. Comes with everything you need to grow including nutrients, both spectrums of bulbs (3 each), grow and flower essentials.

>>> Read our review or visit for more info <<<

Prize # 2 – A Da Buddha vaporizer worth $220 thanks to

The Da Buddha vaporizer is brought to the market by Colorado vaporizer wizards, 7th Floor LLC. This is the company that gave us the Silver Surfer and with the Da Buddha they have continued their dedication to high quality materials and superior functionality. The Da Buddha (DBV) is a hands free unit, constructed from heavy gauge aluminium, meaning that while your vaporizer is heating up you can grind up your blend; place them out in a bowl or on the table then use the whip like a vacuum to inhale the required amount up into the whip.

>>> Click here to see their range of Marijuana vaporizers <<<

Prize #3 – A Halo (SGL6) Full Spectrum LED Grow Light worth $192 from

Thanks to we have this hugely popular Halo (SGL6) full spectrum LED grow light to giveaway. Finally you can grow from Seed to Flower with one light – Super Grow LED grow lights are photosynthetically complete and deliver brilliant flowering. Commonly praised by the experienced growers in our forum, this is a great prize to be excited by!

>>> Read our LED grow light community reviews or visit for more information <<<

Prize #4 – 1/8 Gallon of Golden Tree Plant Nutrients worth $40 each from Humboldt’s Secret ( 6 units to be won!)

As gardeners and growers, you deserve to have the most badass plants because you bust your ass for them! The honest truth is that Golden Tree will make your plants look so damn healthy you can’t stop looking at them and you will keep opening the door to the grow room or greenhouse to look at your babies, so often your girlfriend will think you’re crazy. Our growers have been having amazing successes with Golden Tree nutrients, so were overjoyed when they agreed to give us 6 x 1/8 gallon bottles to giveaway.

>>> See grow journals using Golden Tree nutrients or visit the Humboldts Secret website for more information <<<

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Prize #5 – Pack of 10 Northern Lights Feminized Seeds worth $120 from Sensi Seeds

As far back as the Eighties, Northern Lights was setting the standard by which other Indicas are still judged and she remains one of the most trusted names and sought-after varieties in modern cannabis culture. For many years, northern lights dominated the various harvest festivals, winning cup after cup, leading to more than one request that she be retired from competition in order to allow other strains a shot at the title. With this new Northern Lights, the legendary Afghani Indica makes her debut as a feminized strain! With no need identify and eliminate males, it’s never been easier to grow the definitive example of cannabis Indica.

>>> Read more about Northern Lights Feminized Cannabis Seeds from Sensi Seeds <<<

Prize #6 – Growing Elite Marijuana E-Book Bundle worth $57 from ( 5 e-books to be won)

The legendary brand new BUD BIBLE features 748 (yes – you read that correctly) pages of the most up-to-date grow information. You’ll have EVERYTHING you’ll need to know for growing POUNDS of your own top-shelf herb supply. Growing Elite Marijuana is a “stoner-friendly” hands-on walkthrough as well as the ultimate go-to comprehensive reference guide for years to come. Ryan’s highly anticipated, brand new eBook is jam PACKED full of the latest and greatest up-to-date expert growing techniques, secrets, tips, pictures, tricks & other crucial information needed to teach those serious student marijuana growers how to grow pounds of their very own frosty nug harvest. If you want to learn how to grow your own top-caliber potent weed, marijuana growing expert Ryan Riley will clearly show you each and every step of the way.

>>> Get the step-by-step guide to growing Marijuana and grow your own supply <<<

Prize #7 – HPS Grow Lights worth $110+ each from IPower Grow Lights ( 1 x 400 watt & 1 x 600 watt to be won)

Win yourself a 400w HPS Grow Light Set or a 6oow HPS Grow Light Set from Ipower Grow Lights. One of the leading lights in the HPS grow light world, Ipower are well known for their reliability and results. Expect a yield of lush, taller cannabis plants that grow at a faster pace. These hard-working bulbs produce six times the light of a standard incandescent grow light.

>>> See what is included in the 400 watt or 600 watt HPS Grow Light sets <<<

Prize #8 – Fabric Grow Bag Packs from Ruth’s Tree Farm ( 4 prizes to be won )

These Fabric Grow Bags combine the benefits of fabric pots with the affordability of grow bags and you can win yourself a variety of pack sizes!! Sewn from plastic mesh fabric they have holes small enough to keep dirt in, but allows for easy drainage of water, and air circulation. The grow bags offer improved root health eliminating problems of plants becoming root bound and allows for better growth. 4 x prizes from Ruth’s Tree Farm: 1 x 25 pack of 1 gallon fabric pots $27.95, 1 x 25 pack of 2 gallon fabric pots $28.95, 1 x 25 pack of 3 gallon fabric pots $29.95 & 1 x 10 pack of 5 gallon fabric pots $19.95 >>> Visit Ruth’s Tree Farm to check out their wide range of products for growing <<<

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