“These are tough times. Take this weed.” It’s not a joke. The message written on fliers across Seattle is clear. Obviously, someone wants to see people getting high and forgetting about their daily troubles. And that someone goes by the name of the “Weed Fairy”. This magical creature that brought smiles to many faces is by no means a mystery. She is a 23-year old woman, and her name is Yeni Sleidi. She’s originally from California, staying in Seattle for a few weeks. So far, she has given away around 40 little nuggets of pot during the weekend. Are you suspicious? Read on.

Not Her First Time

According to Ms. Sleidi, the Weed Fairy, she has already done it in New York, a few months ago. Because of the positive feedback she received, she decided to keep going. Even though the weed is not yet legal in New York, she was keeping it anonymous back then. Regardless of how people feel about marijuana, the fliers with little weed nuggets are making people laugh. It seems as the Weed Fairy is succeeding in her intentions to keep the spirits high.

People Are Suspicious

“I wouldn’t take anything for free from someone I didn’t know,” said resident Jvon Spann. If Seattle people are suspicious, imagine what went through the minds of people of New York, who know what sorts of freaks and weirdoes dwell in their city. We can’t imagine if there’s a greater dilemma for a pot smoker than to smoke or not the weed s/he has found. The Weed Fairy has made sure she has her online presence covered, in case you wanted to talk to her or praise her “unconventional distribution”. Her platform of choice is Twitter where she goes by @danksyappleweed. Naturally, the hype around her activities is spreading around Twitter like fire.

Why She Decided To Give Away Free Pot

The action took off in Washington, where, Sleidi admits, she was more open about it and wasn’t afraid of getting arrested, since marijuana is now legal in Washington. “I decided to give it out to people during the government shutdown; people’s reaction was instantly positive,” she told local Fox affiliate KCPQ. The only thing that Seattle police is worried about is that people under 21 could get their hands on these free nuggets. Sleidi says she’s careful about it and tries to leave it in areas where the majority is of legal age. Somehow we doubt that is possible. And we hope that soon we’ll see the Chocolate Fairy doing the same thing with – you guessed it, chocolate.


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