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After being a medical marijuana user for a number of years now, I decided I wanted to look into a new method of consuming medical marijuana. I like using a vaporizer as vapor is smooth, however I wanted to see the effect of inhaling through a water bong. Smoking through a glass bong provides a totally different experience as you are inhaling smoke not vapor.

Water Bongs

Sure, smoking a roll-up is nice but I started to loose interest and wondered if there were any alternatives. I then began my search, predominantly online – this is when is stumbled across (the wonder) that are Glass Bongs.

How to use a Glass Bong

I soon learnt exactly how a glass bong functioned and what use I could have for one. A Bong (also known as a water pipe) is a smoking device that, with the aid of water and sometimes ice, cools down the smoke of your chosen herb before inhalation. The water pipe does this by bubbling the smoke through the water. You simply add your herb mix into a small glass bowl that’s situated externally on the bong, this is then connected to a down pipe which supports the bowl and leads down into the bongs water chamber. When the herbs are burnt in the bowl, smoke flows down the pipe and into the water, the smoke then rises up the neck of the bong, all the way to the opening, readily cooled to be inhaled! When I learnt all this, I was amazed that one simple product could do so much.


It wasn’t until I started properly searching and talking to fellow smokers, that I realised just how many different types of bongs for sale there is! Water pipes come in all different shapes and sizes, colours, styles, materials and brands! I then began to wonder how all these different aspects could affect the smoke and ultimately the bong hit. I will gladly share what I’ve learnt, in hope it helps others too!

So how about Plastic Bongs

Plastic bongs are extremely easy to get hold of! They are readily available in shops and online head shops (i.e. HerbTools, just to name one)! Plastic is a fairly cheap material, so the plastic bong can be the perfect product if you’re a beginner, or just don’t want to break the bank. Plastic is easy to be sprayed and so there are many different colours which means there is a huge variety available. It can also be very malleable so there is a huge collection of unusually shaped, unique water pipes on the market. Finally, probably one of the best things about having a plastic bong is that is so easily transportable. Plastic water pipes are light and durable, so not only are they not going to weigh you down, they are unlikely to break easily! Perfect for being passed around social gatherings and parties!


I’ll now fill you in on what I learnt about Glass bongs! As I mentioned earlier, I was intrigued to find out what kind of differences occur when using different types of water pipe! I probably understood this most, when researching Glass Bongs. They are perfect for bringing your smoke down to an amazingly cool temperature. Just the fact that they are glass in material means that the water can stay cooler for long. The cooler the smoke gets the smoother your bong hit will feel! Glass bongs often incorporate a built in percolator! A percolator is an internal device that adds surface area to the inside of the bong, meaning the smoke has more surface area to flow over, it also splits the smoke several, if not hundreds, of times before it leaves the bong. There are many kinds of percolator, each having slightly different affects on the cooling of smoke. Another great thing about them is that they can be plentiful! Some large bongs have numerous percolators stacked up the neck of the bong, giving the smoke even longer to cool right down! I can’t stress enough, the cooler the smoke, the better the bong hit!

To expand on the benefits of glass bongs, they are also extremely attractive and eye catching! Glass is a very intricate material and can be very delicately moulded into some of the most beautiful looking water pipes. There are a variety of hand blown and crafted bongs for sale, which means you can easily get your hands on a totally unique, one-of-a-kind bong, be it for a collection, or your first bong, its bound to stand out. Having a water pipe maybe a worry, as glass can be very breakable, but water pipe manufacturers have thought of everything. A lot of glass bongs come in secure, padded carry cases, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your bong! These types of bags and cases are available to purchase separately too!

All in all there is a huge collection of different bongs available to you. Once I started using a bong, I decided I’d never smoke a roll-up again, with the likes of pre-coolers and percolators to enhance your smoking experience, I don’t know why anyone would go back. The smooth hit you get from a water pipe is magnificent compared to any other smoking method out there!


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