Marijuana can be used for pain relief, to enhance mood and increase appetite. Some of the major facts for using marijuana to treat diseases are as follows:

Medical Marijuana

  • China used marijuana in 1737 for the very first time for the purpose of medicinal treatment.
  • From a research carried out by medical organizations in 2013, it was found that 76% of doctors approve the use medical marijuana.
  • Above 50% of the voters in UK believe that marijuana should be legalized for the medical treatment.
  • Through one of the recent studies it was found that marijuana is an effective atypical anti-psychotic for treating schizophrenia.

Illnesses that are being treated or potentially prevented with medical marijuana:

  • Cancer: Cannabinoids, is one of the active components of marijuana that inhibits tumour growth. Western governments have known this for a long time but still they suppressed the information for the cannabis prohibition as well as the prohibition and profits generated by the drug industry proliferation.
  • Tourette’s syndrome: Tourette’s syndrome is one of a neurological condition that is characterized by some uncontrollable facial grimaces, snorts and shouts, as well as tics and involuntary grunts. A single dose of cannabinol produces significant reduction for the symptoms for several hours as the researches reported.
  • Seizures: Marijuana is one type of muscle relaxant that has “antispasmodic” qualities which has proven to be as an effective treatment for seizures. There are many of the cases reporting that people are suffering from seizures which have only been able to function better with the use of marijuana.
  • Glaucoma: Marijuana has been considered as one of the best treatments for Glaucoma.
  • Migraines: As medicinal marijuana was legalized in California, most of the doctors have been reported that they have treated more than 300,000 cases of migraines which has been a conventional medicine that couldn’t go through marijuana.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: Regardless of what you have heard about marijuana effects on the brain, the Scripps Institute has proved that the THC found in marijuana proactively works to prevent Alzheimer’s  Disease by blocking the deposits in the brain which as a result cause this disease.


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