top cannabis vaporizersTheres probably a vaper or cannabiseur that you’re going to be shopping for this year during the holidays. You may be thinking of a glass accessory like a bong or dab rig. However, they can break really quick and the gift would go down the drain. A vape is the most versatile gift for any cannabis user. You can switch it from herbs to wax. It can still be difficult to find the perfect vaporizer if you have no idea what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to buy a vaporizer for a special occasion, here are the top three marijuana vaporizers that will make the perfect gift.

The DaVinci MiQro

The DaVinci MiQro is essentially a more compact and affordable version of the DaVinci IQ. It is a high-quality portable vaporizer that is perfect for those who enjoy technology as well as vaping. Here is more of what you need to know about this device.

Super Small Size

The DaVinci MiQro is extremely compact, offering a body that is 31 percent smaller predecessor. The dimensions are 0.91” x 1.34” x 3.13”. It’s almost a stretch to say that it is a palm-sized vaporizer due to its extremely tiny body. Overall, this herbal vaporizer is perfect for those who want discreet vape sessions due to the fact that it is so small and that it does not have a body that remotely resembles a typical vaporizer.

Efficient Herbal Chamber

The herbal chamber contained within the DaVinci MiQro is compact as well. It allows you to efficiently vaporize your herbs and reduce the amount of herb that is leftover during your vape session. For those who want to enjoy a little drier herbs than the device initially allows, the capacity of the herbal chamber can also be adjusted. To make your device is extra efficient, it comes with a built-in picking tool that makes sure you get all of your dry herbs during your session.

Quick Heat Up

The DaVinci MiQro has an extremely quick heat up time that is only 40 to 50 second. meaning that you are able to hit your vape quickly without having to wait for an extensive preparation period. In addition to the quick heat up, the MiQro offers a boost mode that allows the user to start sessions quickly without worrying about temperature settings or its smart path technology.

Removable Battery

The DaVinci MiQro comes equipped with an interchangeable and replaceable 18350 batteries. This means that you can take it out and recharge one battery while you use another already charged battery to make sure that your vape sessions do not have to come to an end when your battery dies.


The MiQro comes packed with a variety of awesome features. It has the smart path technology that gives you 20 different temperature settings throughout your session, precision temperature controls, a ceramic vapor path that protects the flavors of your dry herbs. It has a adjustable inner heating chamber, a built-in picking tool that mixes around your herbs while they’re still in the heating chamber, and a special hidden feature that displays positive affirmations on your LED display when you’ve finished using the device.

5 Year Warranty

The DaVinci MiQro comes equipped with a 5-year warranty that covers any defects or issues that happened during the manufacturing process.

Technical Specs.

Dimensions: 0.91” x 1.34” x 3.13”

Weight: 0.22 pounds

Voltage: 110v

Haze Square Pro

The Haze Square Pro handheld vaporizer is truly a unique beast within the vaping space. Rather than just being a dry herb vaporizer that will let the cannabis enthusiast in your life take powerful, intense hits from their herbs, this vaporizer gives them the ability to do so much more. Let’s take a closer look to see what makes this piece of technology so unique.

Quad Chamber

Unlike the other mentions on this list, the Haze Square Pro features a quad chamber that is capable of heating oils, dry herbs, and wax concentrates all within the same device. To make the transition between one substance and the next when you are engaging in a vaping session, all you have to do is rotate the chambers to find the one for your substance and begin vaping!

Temperature Range

The Haze Square Pro comes with adjustable preset temperature ranges that hit temperatures as low as 335ºF or 168ºC to temperatures as high as 480ºF or 249ºC.

Battery Life

The battery life on this device is by no means extensive. Most sources say that it will last for about an hour. However, the charging capabilities more than make up for this slight issue. Rather than taking hours to charge like most other vaporizers, this devices charges in about 30 minutes, making it easy to recharge your device quickly and get back to vaping!

Triple Use

It’s rare to find a device that allows you to smoke more than two different kinds of materials. It’s even more rare to find a device that allows you to do so with ease. The Haze Square Pro Vaporizer gives you the ability to do both. Whether it’s oils, dry herbs, or wax concentrates, you can seamlessly transition between all three sessions during your vaping session! The only issue that may arise from this feature is the energy usage when changing between different substances. Oils will evaporate rather quickly as will dry herbs but wax concentrates may take a little longer to heat up and vape.


This small box comes with a variety of different features including the ability to control your vape from an app on your smartphone, a convection heating system that gives you superior flavor profiles no matter which substance you are using, USB-C charging that allows you to charge your device faster than most devices, and a small LED button that is allowed to change colors.


The Haze Square Pro Vaporizer offers a 10 Year Warranty for any manufacturing defects or issue that come up during usage.

Technical Specs.

Dimensions: 1.75” x 7” x 8.25”

Weight: 1.75 pounds

Voltage: 110v

Boundless CFC 2.0

The Boundless CFC 2.0 vaporizer, the third and final recommendation on our list, is a powerful handheld vaporizer that is great for those who appreciate excellent vape sessions. What it lacks in terms of aesthetic, it well makes up for in its performance. Here is what you can expect to get out of this vape model.

Isolated Air Path

This new and improved version features an isolated air path that ensures clean and powerful hits each time that you take a draw from your device. If you had the previous model, you will notice that the airflow has been enhanced!

Temperature Range

The Boundless CFC 2.0 portable vaporizer offers precision temperature control that is capable of reaching temperatures as low as 140 ºF or 60 ºC to temperatures as high as 446 ºF or 230 ºC.


This vaporizer features an 18650 battery that lasts for approximately 10 to 12 sessions at a medium temperature. The battery life overall is fairly good but the charging of the device can be a little much for users who want to use their vape quite a bit throughout the day. The average charging time for this device is three hours and the device does not offer a removable battery option or pass-through charging.

Water Pipe Adapter

If youre looking for more intense and cooler hits with your dry herb vaporizer, you can use the water pipe adapter to attach the device to a bubbler during your vape session. Unlike many other vaporizers with this attachment, it is said that this attachment is extremely effective and doesn’t get in the way of the bubbler that you will be using.


Along with the features listed above, the Boundless CFC 2.0 features a ceramic herbal chamber that is capable of holding up to half a gram of dry herbs, an LED display that keeps track of the precision temperature settings as well as your current battery levels, an ergonomic grip that helps protect you from the heat within the device, and a body made of medical grade materials to enhance the overall vape experience and protect the device from damage.


This device is the least covered out of all of the options on our list with a two-year warranty. However, this device is well-built and you shouldn’t have too many problems using this dry herb vaporizer.

Technical Specs.

Dimensions: 1.75” x 3.5” x 6.25”

Weight: 0.64 pounds

Voltage: 110v

Finding a vaporizer that will meet the expectations of the vape and cannabis enthusiast in your life can be difficult. With these three recommendations and a better idea of what type of features are included in an excellent herbal vaporizer, however, you will be more prepared to take on the task of finding the right gift that will be useful for your friend, family member, or significant other. The most important thing to remember is to pay attention to what they’re looking to get out of their herbal vaporizer. These suggestions are just some vapes that you can get started with and are by no means the best of the best within the herbal vaporizer product lines.



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