marijuana_sick_001If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Same goes for weed. Sure, there has been a myriad of articles saying how you can’t overdose on weed, or how weed is so safe you could smoke it every day without feeling any long lasting consequences. There are people who stick to this rule like a drunk to a pole. In fact, those who do swear by it are usually teenagers with no quantity limit. Hell, look at Snoop Dogg, he’s been toking for 40 years and he seems perfectly fine, right? Cheech and Chong and Willie Nelson seem to be doing fine as well, regardless of the fact that they’ve probably smoked a ton of weed in between them.

Marijuana & Nausea

All this may be fine and dandy but if you are treating your nausea with marijuana, then you might want to take things slow and in moderation. First of all, we were always amazed on how nausea can be treated with marijuana in the first place since a lot of people can get a bit dizzy after smoking weed, some even experience vomiting and bad digestion. However, there are various strains for various illnesses and treating nausea with weed is not that weird anymore. However, if you are one of those people who smoke copious amounts of marijuana, you might want to consider taking it down a notch. You see, even though you can’t overdose on it, you can suffer from abdominal pain, intense vomiting and…guess what….a need for a really hot shower. It’s not a joke.

Welcome THC

THC can overwhelm the body’s system. As much as it’s welcome to drop by at any time, you have to make sure you invite THC over to your place every once in a while because it can overwhelm your nervous system, especially the part responsible for breathing, digestion and similar functions. Therefore, if your weed intake is over the top, no matter how medicinal it is, you might experience an effect similar to morning sickness stemming from pregnancy. If that happens to you, that’s a clear sign you should take it easy. If you need a reset button when you find yourself in an overdoozy situation, well, that’s what the hot shower is for. It will reset your body so you can get a hold of yourself.

Weed Not To Blame?

However, a representative from NORML claims that the problems are probably stemming from peoples internal system – not from marijuana, which has been used for years by people who have stomach problems. Again, this only happens with people who have been long-term users of marijuana and even they aren’t sure what was the exact reason for their “morning sickness”. The Henry Ford clinic was the first to report the “condition” and poison control officials have received a total of five intervention calls from patients who smoke marijuana. Five calls don’t really constitute a definitive diagnosis. 


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