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Marijuana has been used as a medicine for God knows how long. Long before it was even considered to be legal, marijuana has been applied either in the form of cannabis oil, widely considered to be the best possible aggregate state that promotes the medicinal value of the drug. Today, with more than 20 states legalizing marijuana and 17 decriminalizing it, marijuana has sort of become the go to norm for treatment of serious illnesses. When traditional medicine fails, people usually turn to marijuana. Sometimes that treatment has the desired effects, sometimes it doesn’t – it really depends on how early you have discovered the disease so you could start applying the treatment as soon as possible. However, as much as it is normal for people to consume marijuana, whether for medicinal or recreational use, people still raise eyebrows when they hear toddlers are being treated with it.

Kyla From Summerland

A toddler from Summerland named Kyla suffers from a neuropathic disease, which causes her to have over 100 seizures per day. Sure, they’re not heavy seizures but they do have significant consequences nonetheless. After all the doctors and prescriptions couldn’t help her, her family decided to put this 2-year old on a treatment consisting of cannabis oil and juiced marijuana leaves, since the percentage of CBD in leaves is higher than in the actual bud of the plant. Most family members were against it at first but after hearing about similar cases popping up across the country they figured they have nothing to lose. Even her grandfather who used to be a police officer is now admitting that this treatment actually works and he was the most skeptical of the bunch. In fact, he used to bust people for possession of the very same drug they are now administering to their granddaughter.

Colorado’s Influx of Patients

Colorado stories were most encouraging. They read about kids facing similar problems and their family’s moving to Colorado in order to provide them with the necessary treatment and the right amount of high quality cannabis oil. The thing with cannabis oil is that it could be done cheaply with substances that actually might do you more harm than good, or it could be extracted with perfected medicinal equipment and liquids that bring out the most of cannabis plants. Also, it’s important to note that not all strains cover all illnesses. Usually, strains with higher percentage of CBD’s are best suited for treatment of debilitating conditions.

Since Summerland is located in British Columbia, it’s difficult to obtain cannabis oil, especially of high quality and in the right amount. They need oil that has practically zero THC in it because they don’t want to get Kyla high necessarily. In that case, it would be better if they made cannabis oil out of the THC-less strain engineered by Tikun Olam – the Israel based marijuana research company. However, in the meantime, the family is thinking about moving to Colorado in order to provide Kyla with the necessary treatment. So far, the oil is already helping her by reducing the number of seizures. We’ll keep you posted on Kyla’s progress.


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