marijuana positive imageAbout 75 years ago, the future of marijuana was dubious to say the least. At first it showed great potential but once it was labeled as reefer madness, there was really nowhere to go with it. It just couldn’t be accepted after it was madly demonized on such a massive scale. The hippies sort of pushed it in the right direction by connecting it to love, community and fun.

What we have today is a natural continuation of hippie propaganda. If it weren’t for them, today we just might be getting our hands chopped off if we were caught with weed. Bangkok seems to be very persistent on this matter and that’s not about to change very soon. However, despite the fact that some countries still do terrible things to you if you get caught with marijuana, the young and the restless don’t seem to be taking it that seriously.

Thrill-seekers Prone To Marijuana

In fact, a study was published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence that found young rebels seeking fun are more likely to consume cannabis throughout their adulthood. Basically, if you are a thrill seeker or an adrenaline rusher, the odds are you’d go for cannabis. One of our colleagues is actually one of the most hyperactive people I’ve ever met and without marijuana that guy would put Road Runner to shame. What is really hilarious about this study is the fact that it shows how alcohol and tobacco consumers are more likely to smoke cannabis because of their obvious predisposition to vices. On a side note, religious people are much less inclined to dab in the field of marijuana, which is interesting as hell.

The Support for Medical Marijuana

Sanjay Gupta recently went public and apologized for contributing to the mystification of medical marijuana in the past. He also stated that he now believes marijuana could be just what the world needs and is supporting legalization 100%. As a reaction to that statement, a poll was published online and the results are just in. 92% of Americans seem to approve of medical marijuana. It may seem like an overwhelming piece of information but do bear in mind that the poll was done online. Nevertheless, opposing medical marijuana opinions will soon be hard to find.

Medical Marijuana Moms

We already wrote about Moms from Beverly Hills who seem to be promoting the use of marijuana by organizing little get-togethers where they enjoy marijuana in the privacy of their own homes. A couple of years ago, this sort of promotion would be unfathomable. Today, it has evolved into a trend. Making marijuana popular shouldn’t be perceived as a bad thing but no matter how you classify it, marijuana is still a drug and should be used sparingly. 


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