The term “medical marijuana” caries a lot of weight as it encompasses the whole history of marijuana in two words. Marijuana has always had medicinal properties that are not to be neglected. Millions of testimonials are out there that prove the efficiency of medical marijuana. Even marijuana research is picking up speed. But not every strain is good for every illness and that is something we have to keep in mind. With a myriad of illnesses that can be attacked with medical marijuana, it is vital to establish the right connections between illness and strain; otherwise marijuana is not used in the most optimum way. Not to say that there are 80 chemicals in marijuana that we know almost nothing about.

Physical Effects

Then we have the physical effects of marijuana. Some people like to snowboard high and we don’t blame them but they are also probably mostly using sativas as well. Getting knocked out by an indica while snowboarding is probably not going to end well for most of us. However, with a sativa, things are always light and breeze, which is why sativas are a good daytime smoke. Then there is the indica feel that makes you want to devour everything in site. A couch lock usually follows those munchies and you just blankly stare at the TV, somehow waiting to go to sleep. In the end, it really comes down to a matter of preference. Do you want to laugh or cry or dance or faint, it truly is up to you. Just learn how to pick you strains and remember those main differences we discussed earlier. You don’t want to buy an indica, step into the car and run somebody over because you were stoned out of your mind. At the same time, maybe it is not the best idea to smoke a sativa at a funeral; you’ll be way too giddy. True story.

Last But Not Least

Then there’s the flavor. It is sort of a last but not least type of thing. You probably ran into cheap weed somewhere along this rollercoaster we call life and it smelled like it was bathed in ammonia for months. It smelt like wet hay infused with cow shit. But that’s not all; it used to be full of seeds as well, somehow there are fifty seeds in a single bud that has been probably cross-pollinated to hell and back. But, if you were lucky, you found weed that really smelled good and you could smell some citrus, some chocolate, some grapes and then when you light it up it all turns into a completely new flavor. So, those are the basic lessons here: sativas, indicas, their effects and overall impression.


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