THC_001It’s a good thing that marijuana is back in the news again (like it ever left) but this time in a much more positive light than ever before. A couple of years ago, the only news about marijuana that was served by the media came out of a raid, some kid serving five years for a joint or a police bust gone bad. Either way, it seems that this whole green-rush wave that has been sweeping across the U.S. has actually yielded some really interesting research studies. What’s really weird about it is that the most groundbreaking marijuana research studies don’t actually come from the U.S. but from everywhere but the U.S. Such is the case with Avidekel (the non-THC marijuana strain) or the recent study conducted by the University College London on how CBD can make people stop smoking tobacco. It’s not that the U.S. isn’t making studies. It just seems we are keeping the results for ourselves.

Korea Takes The Lead

In the meantime, another groundbreaking research study is being conducted, only this time at the Catholic University of Korea (?!), College of Medicine. The findings were published in the latest edition of Anticancer Research and it seems that THC is much more than just a promising compound in the treatment of stomach cancer. What the researchers did is inject the cancer cells with THC and observe what happens. They particularly concentrated on cancer cells that were resistant to chemotherapy. The end result was a drastic reduction of life expectancy of those cancer cells. It may sound somewhat ridiculous at first, but the more THC the cells received, the less of a chance they had of survival. So they kept injecting them with THC and the cells eventually died. This is a groundbreaking discovery and further research is inevitable.

The research proves to show that cannabis is nothing without all of its components, yet the beauty of this plant also lies in the fact that you can extract a suitable compound from it (either CBD or THC) and manipulate it to create a desired effect, treat a certain illness, etc. THC, in itself, is the heart of every female cannabis plant out there and it has shown terrific traits when combating cancer, multiple sclerosis and a bunch of other diseases that are destroying lives. There was always hope for patients with terminal illnesses and much of that hope lies in cannabis, something no pharmaceutical company will ever tell you.

Cannabis Is Essential To World Health

We have personally witnessed cases in which cancers backed away when confronted with THC and CBD rich oil. One woman reduced her lung cancer by a third in only a month, using THC oil. Another patient was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and started to consume the oil only 30 days before surgery was to take place. On the operating table, the doctors realized that the cancer has completely subsided and so the ovaries were left intact, she was sewn back up and ready to live a normal life again. The end result of cannabis rich oils is mesmerizing, as thousands of testimonies can confirm. Don’t believe everything you read online but this is first hand info, something we witnessed with our own eyes and something we will never forget.


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