Study Shows That Marijuana Has No Long Term Effects on the Brain


We know what you’re thinking. Oh God, not another study on medical marijuana. And we realize that anything can be proven, one way or another. However, let us remind you that several years ago there was no such thing as medical marijuana research. The only way you could find a study focusing on marijuana was if you researched the hell out of the Internet and various online databases. For that, you practically had to be an expert in reading that damn thing as well. Luckily, today that is no longer the case. Every single day is a new opportunity for some groundbreaking marijuana research study.

One of the most important issues regarding marijuana was the effect that marijuana has on the brain, specifically of young people. The primary concern here is that a young brain is not fully developed when kids start consuming marijuana. Let’s not kid ourselves here. What was the first time you smoked a joint? A lot of kids come in contact with marijuana in as early as elementary school, but most try it in high school. While it may seem harmless, it can damage a kid’s brain if he smokes it all the time, throughout the entire day. There are plenty of testimonials out there on similar cases.

Brain Not Fully Developed

And the theory makes sense, if your brain is not fully developed and yet you keep stoning yourself with weed, then nothing good would probably come out of it. However, this new research study shows that marijuana use does not show any long lasting and damaging effects on the brain. The thing about this study is that it has a relatively small sample but the results are astounding nonetheless. Now, you’re probably wondering how come these results are drastically different from the previous study? Well, it seems that the previous study failed to filter out people who have been abusing alcohol, which has been responsible for brain deterioration in a number of research studies. Literally, not one study has shown that alcohol does not have significant impact in brain deterioration.

Don’t Go Crazy

This doesn’t mean you should all now go stock up on kilos of marijuana and never leave the house. What it does mean is that you can be less worried on damaging your brain. We have personally seen plenty of people who have supposedly gone off the deep end thanks to marijuana. However, it later turned out that they were doing a bunch of other drugs as well. That’s a pretty important piece of information. If you tend to smoke pot but are doing a lot of mdma, cocaine and heroine at the same time, don’t blame marijuana for it, for god’s sake, as if weed didn’t already have a bad reputation. Still, be reasonable, smoke every once in a while because daily smokers usually suffer from attention disorders, short-term memory loss, sometimes even bipolar behavior. Of course, none of these ailments are permanent but they may disrupt the quality of your life.


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