Cannabis oil has become a hot topic over the last couple of years (more than a couple actually). Not many of current pot oil enthusiasts know that it has been around since, well, almost always – as long as cannabis as a plant has existed, someone has been making oil out of it. A vast number of people are blindly jumping into the cannabis oil wagon without ever thinking about possible consequences or responsible use. But that’s what people do, right? However, since we hear so many beneficial points about the use of this miraculous oil, we can’t help but wonder, what about the dangers of making it?

Have you ever tried making cannabis oil?

It’s a dirty process that requires the use of a solvent, which in most cases is butane fuel. The danger of making cannabis oil using this process obviously lies in fact that butane is highly volatile. Sounds like Breaking Bad, right? Inexperienced folks who just don’t care enough or are simply stupid enough not to educate themselves about important things such as knowing your substances often end up blowing their homes up. Residents of Colorado for instance, have witnessed an increase of pot oil production related explosions over the past year. Luckily, no one died, but the fact remains that these events are growing in number.

Why idiots shouldn’t make cannabis oil

As for those folks who want to produce their own oil at home, presumably in the kitchen or living room – they have no understanding whatsoever of the dangers their putting themselves and their family into. Think of poor ventilation, open flames and room full of butane vapors and you got an accident waiting to happen. And when it happens, it casts shadow over the legalization movement. Is it too much to say these people are idiots? How else would you describe someone who involves in such activity without knowing that butane fuel is volatile and flammable?

Affecting the pace of progress

So there you have it. On one side we have folks fighting for legalization of a plant that benefits so many people’s lives, while on other we have individuals who are ignorant enough to involve into a potentially life threatening activity without knowing what they are doing. The consequences for the legalization movement are almost instant – as soon as these accidents happen, prohibitionists who have been waiting for them to happen probably get a boner over it before drafting a PR article that explains why because of the moron who burnt his face off we should never legalize pot.

The point we’re trying to make here has to do with the fact that even though our ears and eyes are full of stories of legalization in its full effect across the States, the fact is that the movement is still young and cases like this only slow it down. And not only that but it also has to do a lot with the fact that we all should take part in this movement if we want it to play out how every cannabis user has dreamed of. So next time you involve in your favorite social activity, remember to educate people and spread the good word about this good plant.


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