Think of it this way – imagine a house, it doesn’t have to be the house of your dreams, just a decent house that you’d be comfortable living in. Now imagine that same house with a wine cellar. Better, right? A house with a wine cellar is worth more that the same one without it. And how about a living room without a liquor cabinet? It certainly looks better with a cabinet full of whiskey and cognac bottles. If not anything, it speaks of the owner’s good (or bad) taste and a party spirit. Now ask yourself – what on Earth is so fundamentally wrong with us that we think is completely fine to celebrate the existence of an intoxicating substance such as alcohol and condemn the existence of a plant (that may or may not have intoxicating effects) such as cannabis?

From the patient’s point of view

Some patients who rely on the healing powers of medical marijuana require a staggering amount of it to treat their conditions. For instance, if they are not smokers and want to consume marijuana in edible form, such as oil, they would need enormous amounts of buds, which, if purchased in a dispensary would be so very expensive. Surely, they can purchase oils in dispensaries as well, right? Well, that is true but not always because some states forbid edibles justifying it with their fear for the children. It’s almost as if the children will lose their minds once they see a marijuana infused brownie or a bottle of oil.

Providing the patients with freedom of medicating in their own homes, however they want to medicate is the only sane option there is. And think of the benefits of knowing what exactly you are consuming because you’ve grown it on your own. We don’t see anyone freaking out because every house, with or without children, has alcohol inside.

From the recreational point of view

Folks who use marijuana for recreational purposes are often faced with the fact that cannabis is expensive when purchased legally, which in many cases pushes them towards the black market. The reason why illegal sales are still apparent under a legal framework is because of high taxation, which increases the price of marijuana for end user. Street prices are still cheaper. Home growing would allow people to have control over their budget and again, they would benefit from the safety of knowing what they’re consuming.

Creativity and freedom are important

There is also this one particular benefit that we find therapeutic. Growing plants at their own (whether it’s cannabis or any other plant) gives individuals a freedom of taking their marijuana related activities into their own hands, from creative freedom of coming up with their own new strains, to freedom of knowing they don’t have to involve in anything illegal. And of course, not many of us will throw themselves into growing cannabis at home, it’s the freedom of knowing that you’re allowed to if that’s what you want or need that matters.


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