Medical Marijuana overcoming chronic use of pharmaceuticals

Medical Marijuana can act as a panacea for many diseases simply because of the fact that it has a number of benefits which people are already reaping. Studies have shown that medical marijuana has come up in leaps and bounds in many diseases especially among elderly patients. With more and more positive results with each passing day, Medical Marijuana is becoming a world leader in Canada and USA in the field of natural drugs. The day is not far when each and every household will have this amazing piece of natural drug up its sleeve for its magical properties.


A force to reckon with

There is a lot of research which is going around on the usage of this wonder drug and it is showing extremely positive results. Especially the elderly patients are benefiting greatly by the usage of this drug; the main reason being that it is free of any kind of side-effects, unlike its pharmaceutical counterparts. The pharmaceutical drugs carry some serious detrimental side-effects; therefore people these days are resorting to this safer approach of curing their ailments. This drug not only achieves pain reduction but also strikes the right kind of balance among physical, emotional and cognitive health.

Paying rich dividends

To substantiate its effectiveness, tests were performed on a group of patients which led to some outstanding results to say the least. Predominantly the tests were performed on patients who all were above 60 years of age. This drug was served to all these patients for over a period of 8 months and all kinds of readings and calculations were recorded. After a year, the results observed were truly outstanding. All the parameters were brought down to the normal level. Soreness, pain in bones, sleep factor and all kinds of pathological disorders got normalized by the usage of this drug for a year. The patients also felt a sharp reduction in the frequency of mood swings.

The pharmaceutical drugs taking a beating

With the advent of Medical Marijuana, the business of the corresponding pharmaceutical drugs is taking a serious beating. Apparently, patients are opting for this wonder drug because of its wide spectrum of benefits. They also saw a sharp reduction in the usage of pain-killers, mood stabilizers, anti – Parkinson medicines, drugs for high blood pressure etc after the usage of this drug. The fact that this drug is free of any kind of side-effects makes it all the more popular and effective among its customers.

The way it is advancing, Medical Marijuana is definitely in and will be ruling the roost for the next 2-3 decades for sure. It is also cost-effective and available very easily in all popular medical pharmacies. It has also been used in treating cancer with amazingly great results. It is known to be very effective in relieving pain, increasing appetite and enticing sleep in insomniacs.


Here’s a detailed analysis of how medical marijuana is proving to be a better alternative to several categories of FDA approved drugs and products.

Anti-anxiety products

It’s pretty disturbing to note how people are increasingly becoming dependent on anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax and Valium, even to cope up with the demands of routine struggle of life. Sadly, these drugs create a lot of side effects, some of them being liver infections, stomach problems, and even suicidal tendencies. Moreover, dizziness and confusion are common results of consumption of these drugs. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, is the perfect anxiety solution, with hardly any of the side effects mentioned above. Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac, Elavil are routinely used names in households these days – all being anti – depressant drugs. Troubles like nausea and sexual dysfunctions are common results of consumption of such drugs. Marijuana’s anti – anxiety actions have been well documented among patients of cancer undergoing chemotherapy.


Body aches and pains are as common as anything these days; and that’s why FDA approved drugs like Oxycontin and Vicodin are selling at unsurpassed pace in the medicine markets. However, these drugs, and the likes of Percodan and Demerol tend to make the patients dependent on them. Marijuana has been proven effective time and again in relieving pain, and has negligibly mild side effects, if any. Moreover, not even a single death has been reported due to consumption of medical marijuana, whereas the drugs mentioned above are held responsible for several deaths every year.


You might not want to treat alcohol as a medicine, and that too without being unreasonable. However, it goes without stressing that alcohol consumption is relied upon by most adults as a refuge from stress. From the average working professional distressed with the long hours to the winter struck human, most people consume alcohol for its sedating effects. However, it’s addictive nature makes it almost impossible for people to forgo their habit of gulping down a glass or two of their favorite drinks every day. Long term health anomalies like irregular blood pressure and liver malfunctioning ensue from this practice. Marijuana, thankfully, is a much safer bet in alleviating stress symptoms. Moreover, it’s not even close in terms of the addictive quotient of alcohol.

Routine use ‘over the counter’ drugs

Although drugs like Aspirin and Tylenol are among the most routinely used ones these days, it hardly undermines the health risks they pose. Over the past few years, there have been several cases of patients developing stomach problems of the likes of ulcers, liver anomalies, and health troubles that have the potential to aggravate to the level of causing death. Aspirin, as per reports, causes more than 13,000 deaths annually, with inadvertent bleeding being detected in most of these extreme cases. Marijuana is far better in relieving aches and pains, for which the above mentioned drugs are taken.

In every way, medical marijuana seems to be winning the debate against addictive pharmaceutical products. Therefore, in a nut-shell, this amazing form of drug has truly redefined the universe of medicines. Go for it.


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  • Diane Landis Gracely says:

    Marijuana is medicine. Better than pharmaceuticals. It’s time to legalize at a Federal level and regulate it like alcohol.

  • kelly duerson says:

    I would absolute let my child have eat the cannabis also doctors are just scared that everyone will use this drug instead of the HARSH chemicals in and then doctors would just about be out if a job cause if the drug that is healing and curing our american people u just don’t want to admit that they must want us to suffer when theu see the outcome and know that it’s working shame on yall for threating to take sometimes child away for hr doing what’s right how dare yall none wants to put there child suffering from chemo when chemo has proven not to cure but kill more

  • Brynedward says:

    As a go through the above blog, i also agree that marijuana is proving to be a better alternative to several categories of FDA approved drugs and products & its helpful for various disease treatment. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!!!

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