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  • smokestiks says:

    Marijuana refers to any number of preparations of the Cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug or for medicinal purposes.

  • Madhi says:

    The use of marijuana medically is the Creator’ gift to mankind for the regeneration of health and it can be grown industrially to regain economic stability and financial freedom.

    However, for seekers of truth and information regarding the virtues of this weed, there is a book online THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES, by Jack Herer and a video entitled RUN FROM THE CURE, the Rick Simpson Story. Perhaps this information will shed some light on why we should use this plant.

    • Alex says:

      My name is Alex. I’m a student at Keiser University in Florida. I have a research paper to do for my English Composition paper and I decided to do it on the benefits of medicinal marijuana. I was hoping that a member of your staff would be able to answer a few questions that I have. It will be 10 questions and I would need the person to be ok with me identifying them by full name in the paper. If that is not an option I understand.

      Is there any chance a person could become addicted to marijuana?

      What are the effects of marijuana on the lungs?

      What are some of the legislative roadblocks used to avoid legalization?

      Is medicinal marijuana that is prescribed ground in the United States?

      What kind of illness would you prescribe marijuana for?

      When do you decide it’s the right time to prescribe marijuana to a patient?

      Is marijuana covered by insurance?

      What steps are taken to ensure a person is not abusing the drug?

      What is the active chemical in marijuana?

      What might convince more doctors to prescribe medicinal marijuana?

      Please feel free to anwer me at

      And I’d also like to get some feedback cause I’m 5 years off, and I just would like to know what difference it’s made if any.

  • ken says:

    I have seizures due to an arachnoid cyst on my brain that has grown my whole life from birth.

    I smoke marijauna to relieve the awful headaches it causes and i havent had a seizure in 2 years. Marijuana has helped me regain my drivers liscense and my life back.

  • Becky in Indiana says:

    I watched my brother suffer with the terrible Aids disease in 1996.

    He was sick to his stomach from all the pills he took. We would smoke a joint, and his stomach would settle down. Fianlly when he went to his doctor and asked if he could smoke it, the doctor said he would prescribe it in pill form, because of his lungs. Believe me, it helped him so much.

    Aids finally did take his life, but that was 14 years ago! Let the people who need it, use it. It will make their life and illness alot less painful. It’s an herb, it grows natural. What do you think the Indians were smoking in their “peace pipes” 100’s of years ago. People need to educate their self and realize that it has medical purpose.

  • Marijuana means a bad thing to me before. I had this impression that if someone uses it, they will slowly lose their minds and will hardly get back to their normal self.

    I was against it actually, but when I heard Marijuana has great benefits to those with illness, it changed my mind. People just have to be disciplined. It should not be overused. Great job on the illustration by the way! The graphics helps us understand more about its benefits.

  • I think everyone takes for granted the versatility of medicinal marijuana. It really does help alleviate symptoms of all types, even slow tumor growth. This post is a great reminder, thanks for the read.

  • This is truly a great read! I will surely share this piece of information to my friends who are also into cannabis growing. Medical marijuana is indeed a great alternative medicine for different illness or diseases that are rampant in our society today. I really never thought that marijuana can be used as a great means to prevent Alzheimer or that it can relieve symptoms of chronic diseases. I think proper dissemination of correct information should be done for others to realize the many benefits of this wonder plant.

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