Medical Marijuana Legalization Establishes Primary Care

Medical Marijuana Legalization Establishes Primary Care

Initial Impressions
As the foremost medical marijuana specialist integrating primary care and medical marijuana therapy, it felt underwhelming seeing primary care requests so outnumbered by Delaware’s medical marijuana consultations. It was not meant to be the start of my departure from traditional medicine.

Now, just over three months in since doors opened October 1st, 2015 in Wilmington, DE, a new realization has taken place. What was assumed to be medical marijuana consultations with primary care doctors of their own, turned out to be a large portion of patients self-treating themselves after traditional medicine and hasty doctors’ visits failed to provide the relief they themselves were able to attain. What credibility can a medical doctor hold when countless of dollars and time and appointments amount to less than a natural herb self-administered and frowned upon by the medical establishment?? No wonder people don’t trust doctors.

Important Insights Realized
Now, I am very delighted to say that my patient pool has become half-filled with primary care patients who medically use marijuana legally in Delaware after a medical marijuana card was issued with my verification of their credentials. These normal individuals (yes, normal. Not to be confused with NORML) would have continued without a family doctor for the rest of their lives probably if it wasn’t for the opportunity I provided them, linking their self-therapy with medical oversight.

I’ve never had such great patient-physician relationships like I do now. Not only do my patients trust me, they are thankful for making them non-criminals, treating their conditions, and becoming their primary doctor, which they have done without due to the illegality of a modern-day miracle drug.

Bottom Line
Thus, people without doctors due to their use of marijuana appear to be a relatively high percentage of the population that can be brought back under the umbrella of primary care using medical marijuana therapy for their illnesses. Ironically, this demographic has strong relationships and trust with their new primary care physician, somewhat unexpected from a group that has previously declined medical care.


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