medical marijauna mental abilityFirst and foremost, we all understand that marijuana is not known for inducing aggressive behavior. Even if it was labeled as a performance enhancing drug, its effects are far from it. You don’t get high to study better (well, there are exceptions to that premise) or drive better. You get high for the purpose of getting stoned, sending your brain into oblivion and back and in general – to have a good time. That would be the behavior of a recreational marijuana user. Medical marijuana users, on the other hand, tend to use marijuana sparingly, with the goal of either alleviating the symptoms of their illness or treating the disease directly.

CBD Fights MS

In light of that specific purpose, more research recently popped out that seems to give medical marijuana quite a boost in terms of its effectiveness. For instance, a research study published in the journal Neurobiology of Disease shows that CBD  is quite efficient in combating Multiple Sclerosis. The good thing about is that it doesn’t provide you with a short-term solution to MS. The results are actually long lasting. What they found was that CBD has massive “anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties” which are key in fighting this disease.

Less Stress

Another study published in Neuropsychopharmacology suggests that weed might be a good ally in stress prevention and stress related disorders. That makes sense to a point. However, there is an increasing number of people who seem to be quite irritated when they try to give up smoking pot. If you’re a daily smoker who wants to quit pot, make sure to have a month of or your coworkers might suffer for it.  Even though, realistically, you should be able to control yourself after two weeks.

Alleviating Schizophrenia Symptoms

We’re always happy to see a study funded by the government. This one shows that marijuana may help you fight schizophrenia. Again, the body’s cannabinoid receptors are responsible for that.  And again, mice were used as research subjects. This time, instead of shocking them to death, they injected them with PCP and then with CBD. PCP induced social withdrawal, a common schizophrenia symptom. Then, CBD was used to diminish that symptom and it did so successfully.

In another schizophrenia related study, the researchers found that heavy cannabis use leads to better emotional memory and improved brain function in patients who suffer from that illness. That is truly fascinating and presents a milestone in fighting this nasty disease.

To be honest, all of the above-mentioned studies are much more than just promising or a step in the right direction. They are leaps in their own areas. The very fact studies are being published on a much more frequent basis makes it all the more exciting.


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