Believe it or not, despite the fact that the green hornet has been with us since Henry Ford, it seemed virtually impossible to find any research regarding the effects and usage of medical marijuana. Well, to be perfectly honest, in terms of recreational activities, its effects were known across the globe, especially amongst the members of the love generation. However, scientific data was badly needed but it was nowhere to be seen.

Gateway Drug

After the hippie’s had their say, marijuana was labeled as a gateway drug. You know, one of those drugs that lead to cocaine or heroin, one of those drugs that inspire “Sports Against Drugs” type of competitions, like running is really going to steer somebody away from drugs, right? Wrong. Studies have shown that running and biking increase your dopamine levels so if you have an addictive personality, chances are – you will probably get hooked to sports as well.

Research Needs Funding

Today, medical marijuana research is not exactly on the verge of explosion but it does seem that a lot of biotechnology companies are taking it seriously. Still, serious amounts of funding money haven’t been available to all companies interested in testing the living daylights out of the herb. Additionally, the U.S. had some excruciatingly weird laws regarding medical marijuana research. Some people said the government had exclusivity on performing medical marijuana research. Be that as it may, things are different today and after Colorado and Washington, marijuana will never again be perceived in the same way. Of course, companies that would love to cure cancer with cannabis simply lack the funds to do so. But have no fear; the annual Medical Cannabis Bike Tour is here.

The Tour

It started two years ago, it’s held on a yearly basis and its goal is to raise the funds need for cancer research with Cannabinoids. It’s a noble goal and one that should be endorsed. The actual route is not easy at all. A group consisting of 50 bike riders and 10 volunteers’ will have to bike the distance of over 400km through Spain in order to meet at the finish line on Friday, at the Spannabis Expo in Barcelona.


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