marijuana_moms_001Even if you haven’t been following marijuana related news lately, chances that you have heard of “Marijuana Moms From Beverly Hills” are pretty huge. However, if by some wild chance, you still don’t know who they are, here’s a piece of info that will undoubtedly shock, educate and even inspire you. At first glance, these are rich moms from Beverly Hills that have their own little get-togethers, which usually result in getting high. You know, some women have book clubs, go to cooking classes or simply enjoy a drink with their friends. These women, however, have an entirely different agenda. They don’t get high for the purpose of getting stoned to oblivion. Most of these women are either former or current medical marijuana patients and they are promoting and enjoying their rights legally in California.

As you can see from the video below, they were recently guests on the Piers Morgan show where they have discussed the benefits of medical marijuana over prescription drugs.  They also discussed how marijuana could greatly reduce their pain and they can actually go on with their everyday lives. One mom expressed that she can play with her kids much more when she consumes medical marijuana. The other claims she became a better wife after smoking marijuana. But lets get one thing straight; they don’t roll joints and toke like kids in the park. They either exclusively use the vaporizer or make edible marijuana cookies.

If you look more carefully, there are four moms there and the one leading the group is Mrs. Shuman. She has been called the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana”. With prescription drug overdose being one of the most common causes of death in America, using medical marijuana truly seems like a better option. Even Shuman said that taking Prozac to get up in the morning and Xanax to come down seemed like she was living in a cage. When her doctor suggested smoking a joint, she didn’t think twice. From that point on, marijuana has become the only reasonable solution to her medical problems. Without it, life just wouldn’t be the same.

It is a bit shocking that marijuana could actually contribute to the quality of life but let us not forget that if used sparingly, this wonderful drug can have a truly life changing effect. As anything else, if you overdo it, you will hardly be a better mother or a better wife. Instead, you will be stoned out of your mind and getting off the couch will be an almost impossible task.

Cheryl Shuman has been a dedicated marijuana advocate for years and one of the most influential supporters of the cannabis reform movement. That “end of marijuana prohibition” everyone is talking about is credited to her as well. With powerful connections in Hollywood and in politics, Mrs. Shuman is bringing marijuana to the front door of those who need it most and we applaud her for that. She has our full support.


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