It doesn’t really matter whether you are a dog or a cat person. If you like animals, we’re pretty sure you don’t want to see them suffer. Plus, over time, a pet becomes a member of the family and you definitely don’t want to see your buddy going through epileptic seizures every day. We have already written about Charlotte, a little girl suffering from epilepsy that underwent marijuana treatment and reduced the number of seizures from 400 per month to “only” 2 per week. If it wasn’t for medical marijuana strain which was eventually called after her – Charlotte’s Web. It is a very popular strain in Colorado as it has shown incredible efficiency in battling epilepsy.

Canine Cannabis

Today we have Dinah, who is a dog and suffers from epileptic seizures. She is joining the fight in legalization of marijuana in Florida. Otherwise, her owner would have to travel to Colorado to try out different strains and see which work and which don’t. Dinah is a Bulldog/Labrador and her owner Lisa Miller has been a lobbyist for most of her life. Only this lobbyist is fighting the good fight. She has been running up and down the hallways of Capitol Hill for some time now. Her goal is very simple and yet so effective. She wants the lawmakers to sign an amendment that would enable veterinarian researchers to make significant progress in relation between animals and medical marijuana effectiveness. She is offering to find the sponsors for those studies herself and she sounds pretty dedicated to the cause.

Animal Research

We applaud this effort since every single news article we have read online doesn’t really pay any attention to animals in this whole medical marijuana debate. As suggested in numerous testimonials, animals could benefit tremendously from medical marijuana but nobody is going to prescribe a dog with a medical marijuana prescription until a significant amount of research has been done and there’s an already established and regulated market that can take in another multi-billion dollar industry. Once marijuana is approved as a cure for a number of animal ailments, the industry will explode once again and hopefully there will be substantiated evidence to support the fact that marijuana really does work on animals.

The bureaucracy might be the end of us all one day as the main thing stopping animal marijuana research is lack of proper legislation that would regulate an established that very market we discussed above. Instead, dogs like Dinah have to rely on drugs such as Phenobarbital, which aren’t doing her any good and have pretty bad side effects as well. The key is to produce a medical marijuana strain that doesn’t have a lot of THC in it, if any. But, wait a minute; there are plenty of strains currently out there that are low in THC and high in CBD. If Lisa had access to them, Dinah could finally get better. Vote YES on medical marijuana for animals.


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