Let’s talk numbers concerning Medical Marijuana users in California



I consider myself to be a very rational person. So when I come out and state that overall, medical marijuana has done more good than harm my claim is backed by reason. I am also aware that by trying to impose my views on everybody else makes sound more like a radical than the objective person that I am. Only way I can prove that I have not lost my objectivity is by listening to the numbers. Yep, that’s right! Numbers do not lie, 5 is 5 any place in the world and with other factors remaining constant means the same exact quantity on any front. So please bear with me….. And let the numbers tell us.

“There is overwhelming evidence that marijuana helps to alleviate a range of conditions that affect millions of Americans,”Hello MD CEO and co-founder Mark Hadfield told ATTN. “If you take into account the relatively benign nature of marijuana-with zero deaths from overdose –and contrast that with this overwhelming benefit, it is really quite an eye-opener. The benefits of medical cannabis reach far beyond just treatment.

Summary statistics

A staggering 84% of respondents in Californian respondents feel that cannabis effectively treats their intended disorder. 76% use the substance for relaxation, 65% depend on it for sleeping, 47% use it for mood elevation and 18% use it for alcohol replacement.

To put alcohol stat into perspective, almost two in in every ten medical cannabis patients in California apparently use cannabis as an alternative to alcohol, a substance that is a whole lot more addictive than marijuana. The findings of this study are in tow with all previous research on the matter.

Usage by sex

Whereas many will appreciate that both sexes use medical marijuana, men prefer smoking or vaporizing it in its rudimentary form while women are more likely to consume it in form of creams. A study also showed that women preferred the use of delivery services as means of accessing medical marijuana as opposed to the men who preferred acquiring it from dispensaries.

Contrary to what most people would think, women were found to be more likely to recommend medical marijuana to family and friends as opposed to men.

Growing Trend

A study to observe a cross sectional trendgrowth trend in medical marijuana usage showed a quickly growing trend in medical marijuana usage in the U.S. With 23 states and the District of Columbia currently have legitimate/legalized marijuana systems in place, for either medical or recreational purposes.

That is nearly half of the U.S and these numbers are bound to grow in the foreseeable future as more states vote on their own legalization measures. At this rate, one wonders why the federal government still has cannabis down as an illegal drug. It is only a matter of time until they give way to rational and make it legal. For the numbers have spoken…


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