Lazy Stoner’s Dream Come True With Marijuana Infused Frozen Pizza


Pizza, we all love it, right? And what’s not to love? Pizza can be made of anything, it can be salty, and it can be sour, sweet, whatever you want it to be. And now, you can even buy a pizza that gets you high. Yes, the latest great food trend coming out of sunny California is pizza pie that gets you high! At least that’s how the tagline from the new pizza making marijuana business goes.

Get your high from their pie

Guys at Weezza Pizza (and Sweetzza) are offering various medicinal culinary choices in a form of a most common food choice, pizza, throughout California. And of you want a dessert with your cannabis-infused pizza; you can get a cannabis-infused brownie at the same place. According to Wheeza Pizza website, their products are made by hands of their culinary professionals who use the finest ingredients without any chemicals, inside their licensed commercial kitchen. And when they say the finest ingredients, they mean “pure cannabis”. But we can’t help ourselves and had to explore how these pizzas are really made. Is it the same way we used to do it back in our days? And it was a really simple, but expensive method. You make a pizza; you buy some (a lot) of weed, melt some butter in a pan, add your weed and let it fry for a while, remove the pan from fire, put the weed on the top of your pizza and bake for a couple of minutes. If we didn’t feel like going through that whole process, we simple sprinkled our weed on the top of the pizza instead of oregano. And we loved the taste, even though you could clearly taste the bitterness of the marijuana flowers.

Not like other cannabis-infused pizzas

Californian green market is booming fast, encouraged by the latest positive developments regarding marijuana legalization in the US. Besides Weezza pizza, which is sort of the latest addition, according to LA Weekly, 24-year-old Henry Mark was selling around 2,000 to 3,000 THC-laced personal pizzas a week. The article is 6 months old, so we reckon these numbers have grown since. His company Stoned Oven Gourmet Pizza sells the six-inch frozen pies to a “handful of dispensaries” in town for $10 each. But you can also order a delivery for your significant self. Each six-inch pizza contains 250 mg of ethanol-extracted tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC concentrate, or the stuff that gets you high. So yes, the process of making these pizzas is slightly different from the one we used to employ, as it includes the ethanol-extracted THC concentrate and you can’t really taste any marijuana there.

The devil is in the inconsistency

The biggest concern for marijuana infused edibles has been their notorious inconsistency. No one can guarantee that this or that amount of weed inside a brownie or a pizza will have this or that specific effect on you, because we’re all at different – our bodies are different, our tolerance levels are different, and that’s why we have these cases where one brownie might get a regular pothead stoned for six hours, while another same brownie of the same label may barely affect someone else. Whatever is the case, our advice is to take it slowly, eat a quarter of pizza or half of brownie, then drink some water, wait 30-45 minutes (sometimes even more) and then decide whether to try some more.


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