Insomnia affects many of us during our lives. There are stacks of different remedies, many of them don’t work that well. Can anyone who suffers from insomnia, talk about sleeping remedies. In particular any experiences with marijuana and insomnia.


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  • jack says:

    I have insomnia, and the only time i get a good night sleep without waking up 10 times a night is when i smoke marijuana. it relaxes you and when you lay down in bed you fall right asleep.

  • Insomnia affects many of us during our lives. There are stacks of different remedies, many of them don’t work that well. Can anyone who suffers from insomnia, talk about sleeping remedies. In particular any experiences with marijuana and insomnia.

  • Maybe this could help me get some shuteye I definitely hope it does!

  • CASH3N says:

    I have insomnia, and some of the meds dont work. But when i use marijuana some strains put me too sleep fast, such as blue dream, sweet dreams and many more.

  • March says:

    Also, I meant to add:

    The reason I have insomnia is because my mind races constantly and I can’t shut it off. I worry about everything, and by nature of my profession, I have to take my work home with me and be thinking about it 24/7.

    I’ve found that pot is the only thing that effectively “mutes” my mind.

  • March says:

    Personally, pot makes me sleepy, and my friend will doze off almost immediately after having a few puffs. Like many others, I have tried OTC and prescription sleep aids to no avail, but pot does it every time. I have never woken so rested and ready to tackle the world as when I’ve smoked some the night before.

    However, be advised that for some, pot leaves you with a “hangover” the next day, which can make you feel out of your element.

  • kricket says:

    If you have a medical weed card then you can grow it yourself legally.

    i myself would benefit from medical marijuana due to my sleep condition. Too bad its not legal in massachusettes yet..

  • Quintin says:

    Hi everyone

    For the last three years i’ve been suffering severely from insomnia. I’ve been to a psychologist and numerous doctors. I have tried almost every form of natural sleep aides, sleeping tablets and all those various breathing and relaxation techniques, none have helped at all. I mean, i’m living here in south-africa, and it’s 4:30 in the morning. I have recently started college this year, and tried marijuana for the first time. Slept better than i have in the ages!

    The only problem is that my mother is biblical about using marijuana. What would be the correct way to go about attaining a a medical certificate, and how do i explain it to my mom? please, does anyone have advice or guidance?

  • Justin says:

    @Greg… depending on where you got your cannabis, if you were smoking any marijuana you got on the street it was probably savita. If you were to smoke Indica you probably would have a more pleasant relaxing experience, this is the type of pot that is recommended for insomnia patients.

  • mungo says:

    The indica variety of cannabis is recommended for insomnia. I imagine the common variety sold on the street is savita. That one will keep most people awake. You must buy your herb from a professional source who can identify it.

  • selma says:

    I have only recently used pot after having a bad experience way back in high school. It puts me right to sleep – and i have sleep problems! I hope they make it legal in my state soon and after it’s legal, I hope i can afford it. It is a great sleep aide for me.

  • Hey, can sleep be a HOBBY? I guess maybe it’s more appropriately a passion., maybe because I’ve had trouble sleeping until late in 2009. I find that having the right bed works wonders, as does meditation. It’s such a pity that so many people turn to benzodiazapenes (sp?) to fall asleep and caffeine + antidepressants to wake up in the morning; doing these things pretty much guarantee insomnia.

    Most important to getting good sleep is creating a good environment and taking NATURAL supplements for sleep. I have changed my own life around since making better lifestyle choices and taking the right supplements for sleep. Why does everyone feel the need to chug caffeine, though? That’s one I don’t really understand.

    Once I weaned myself from the stuff, I noticed I had much more energy. Yes, it took quite awhile, but now, I sleep like a rock, the headaches are gone, and I feel like a human being. Trust me on the supplements, though – that’s really gotten me through. Look for Melatonin and 5HTP – these two hormones are tested safe, and they really and truly work. In the FINAL analysis, however, only cannabis seems to help me, and I recommend it to all of my friends.

  • Greg says:

    Like a few others here, I cannot seem to get a decent night’s sleep using pot. I stay awake for several hours after smoking. I have now stopped smoking and the insomnia has become almost total, and accompanied by other symptoms.

    I never really believed in a cannabis withdrawal syndrome until I looked it up and noticed many other symptoms along with the insomnia. I should point out that I have always been abnormally sensitive to pot and only need a small amount to get the effects. Amounts that are “normal” for other people give me a really bad, anxiety-filled experience.

    Best wishes to those helped by pot however, hopefully drug law reform will happen. Where I live, in a part of Australia where laws were formerly strict, average amounts of pot have been decriminalised and are now regarded as being for personal use. Not many places do drug tests (yet) either.

  • JR says:

    every time i smoke it i sleep horribly. I already had sleep issues due to other anxiety related issues. Smoking weed just seems to make it worse. My friend provided me with medical strength stuff, but its all the same. It was not like this before I started having health issues, so I guess smoking pot isn’t going to help me.

  • San Mateo Ca says:

    I am in my early 40’s and I have been suffering insomnia for over 15 years,
    from the beginning I tried over the counter & Rx sleeping med none of them work so I switch to marijuana and it helps, actually is the one thing that help me to fall to sleep and also sleep through all night!

    In 2008 I got a license to smoke legally, the only thing is I just have to keep on mixing up the weeds with different kind like the shakes you get.

    But now I run into a problem, I am planning to buy a term insurance policy but I will not pass the urine test (Smoker) so I talk to my doctor ” I need to switch to sleeping pills” so I got ambiene. I took 5mg at 10:30pm and I am still awake at 1am then I toke another 5mg I am still awake at 3pm… god have me!!! then finally I smoke a few buff within 10mins I am dead sleep till 9am!! next day I told 10mg ,,,, 3 hrs later I am still awake…….
    now I am just waiting for my doctor’s advise!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve had trouble sleeping since i was in high school, but it has been getting worse as i get older. Not only does it take me about 2 hours just to actually fall asleep, but i wake up about 3 hours later feeling very unrested and can’t go back to sleep.

    I have tryed a long list of sleeping medication and the only thing that helps me get a full nights rest, and doesn’t make me feel abnormal the next day is THC(synthetic or otherwise). I however, am inable to regularly use this as a treatment as I get drug tests.

  • Mark Jason says:

    My whole life I was only able to sleep about 4 hours a night and it was completely destroying my life. I tried everything anyone could suggest and everything only made the disorder worse. Since I started using marijuana my grades in college went from a 2.5 GPA to a 3.75 GPA.

    There is no doubt that marijuana has made my life drastically better. Its too bad the government has to mess up such a good thing for the masses just to better the lives of an already privileged few. Because anyone who isnt completely brainwashed has to realize that the current marijuana legislation has absolutely zero to do with concern for public health.

    Help to end these lies and failures by our government and vote Ron Paul in 2012. Honesty is what is needed in politics today and if Ron Paul is the only one being honest about this issue then it gives us more reason to trust his devotion to the public on other issues.

    Obama is a smart man and I guarantee you he knows the current hypocrisy of our drug laws. Yet when asks about it he smugly jokes about the issue as if the pain and suffering of millions of americans is something to laugh about. I consider myself mostly a democrat and the only way I would ever support a republican is if he supports drug law reform. Sorry for the long rant I just want the govt I pay for to do its job.

  • Don says:

    Personally, marijuana makes me insomniac — I need at least 4 hours after smoking before I’m able to sleep, and I almost never have insomnia normally.

    But there seems to be a wide variety of personal responses, a few like mine, and many where it seems to help quite a bit.

    If there are any articles from the medical community that anyone can cite, that could be very helpful for us all.

  • John says:

    I’m a college student who suffers from chronic insomnia. My body can be tired, but my mind races at night, causing me to lie awake for hours in bed. Smoking marijuana lets my mind relax and allows me to fall asleep like a normal person. Without marijuana, I would get insufficient sleep, feel exhausted in the morning, and suffer academically and socially. The only downside that I have is that I can be arrested if I am caught treating my condition.

  • Reid C says:

    I’m going on my 42nd hour without sleep right now. I also have POTS syndrome. I think there is a connection. Having insomnia and this disease makes everything worse. POTS gives me extreme fatigue and dizzyness on top of not sleeping this long. It makes everything worse, and I cant take sleeping pills because I’m on beta blockers. I need some kind of LEGAL remedy. I’m only 14 guys.

  • quotidianus says:

    I’ve used for insomnia, and it works incredibly well (some strains work better than others). I wake up feeling like I’ve actually got recuperative sleep, not like I’ve been drugged and passed out. Believe me, I’ve tried OTC and RX and not only do they not work consistently, they leave me feeling off.

    However, recently moved and there seems to be a bit of a drought where I’m living … so I caught three hours and am now up and unable to sleep. Bleh.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have always stayed up late. Over the summer i started to smoke pot for fun but i found that instead of being up till 2 or 3am every night i could fall asleep early and be fully rested in the morning. It makes life so much easier and has greatly improved my grades with all the sleep that i can now get. Last week i tried to go to bed without smoking and i was up until 4:30 before i gave up and smoked. Smoking marijuana befrore bed has made me happier and improved my grades. I love waking up rested and in a good mood!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have suffered from insomnia since I was about 15 (I’m now 50) during the times of my life when i used marijuana i discovered i slept GREAT. I had to give it up over the years to be a mom, etc. but the kids are grown now and on that rare occassion that i get to partake at a gathering those are the rare nights that i again get to sleep GREAT. i have tried smoking marijuana many times throughout the years and it has always helped me sleep. my doctor suggested that this is illegal and could be habit forming. personally, I would love to be in the habit of sleeping again.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ive been suf
    fering from insomnia for 5 years. Ive tried every prescription medication from ambien,lunesta,amytripyline,zanax,
    zoloft and lexapro. Pot has been the only thing that has literally knocked me out. I take 2 to 4 hits 1 hour before bedtime and it works. Dont know if this is the best route but for now its all that can get me to sleep.

  • Anonymous says:

    I tend to want eat perscribed marijuana, i eat on an empty stomach usually just bud butter on bread then I will have an increased appetite for my dinner, i really think eating it doesnt get one stoned but just does enough to fall asleep comfortably after a meal, I have acid reflux that disturbs my sleep so this is just another angle to it, I would be interested in finding out more on studies of acid reflux and would be first to offer myself as a giuene pig

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah I find that when I can’t sleep I smoke some pot. I’m not a habitual smoker so just a little bit is good to get me pretty high and then after watching some benign brainless TV show I normally fall asleep pretty quickly. I sometimes take prescription and/or over the counter sleep aids but I find that I am pretty groggy and useless the next day. Even without any aid I will eventually fall asleep although it usually between the hours of 2 to 4 am. I had to find a happy medium because as stated above I don’t smoke that often so anything more than just a little bit will get me really high and then I start over-analyzing everything and end up staying up even later. So just a little bit and I feel euphoric and comfortable everything is bright and happy and sure enough I fall right asleep.

  • Anonymous says:

    How much do I use in the tea?? I need to get some sleep – have been battling insomnia for 4 years. Can’t do it anymore – I need to function already. Am smoking right before bed (as of last night). I was more content to be awake – but still awake. Will see how it goes night 2. But wondering about eating/drinking it instead of smoking it. Can I get some advice and personal experience on this, please?

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve never had problems with chronic insomnia, but I do have a sleeping problem that I developed as a teenager which I suspect to be DSPS, as I could never fall asleep in less than two hours, sometimes more. If there was any noise or light bothering me, it would take much longer.

    One day, realizing that I often felt sleepy coming up and coming back down from marijuana use, I decided to give it a try as a remedy. I’ve found that in small doses, marijuana can really help me to relax and drift off easily. However, in higher doses, it can sometimes keep me awake longer than I wanted with unusual thought patterns.

    If you want to use marijuana as a sleeping aid, I’d recommend buying/making a vaporizer. On nights that I use marijuana to help me sleep, I generally use 1/20 of a gram or less, and it does the trick just fine.

  • Anonymous says:

    Try marihuana tea (just boil the pot in a pot, sorry for the pun)instead of the cigarette. It works well on insomnia & won't hurt your lungs. It works for me, have a cup aprox. 1 hr. before bedtime. Signed Mrs. Menopause

  • Crazy says:

    I smoke marijuana on a fairly daily basis, an I noticed that if I do not indulge in a session I have a lot of trouble sleeping, I toss an turn for hours. But when I do smoke marijuana I have no trouble what so ever sleeping. Just my opinion, but a lot of people I know who smoke agree with me.

  • Anonymous says:

    hi I am pretty shure I have some sort of insomnia, and this year it has been the worst. I can’t fall asleep untill around 4:00am and I have to wake up at 7:00am to get ready for school. Also if I wake up here is no going back to sleep. The worst night was when I was 13 I went to cheer camp, and we were worked to the bone until night. When we were tould to sleep, I was completly awake like it was still morning. Then the next day we worked out allllllll day and when night came I couldn’t sleep!!! I know this isn’t healhy, so now that I’m 15 I tried weed for a few weeks and it works miricles! I don’t want to go to people who sell weed but I need it to be normal, is medical marujuana a realistic option?

  • Anonymous says:

    i have rls and insomnia pot does work .having it in your house will not get you in any trouble. if you do not talk about it.if you need to talk more about it i will give you mt email address.

  • Dr.Samantha says:

    Insomnia can be affected by many of factors like stress, depression, sickness, drug, and some bad lifestyle. One of the root cause is the partner who sleep beside you was the reason that make you insomnia. For info please visit this article Your Insomnia Cure Blog,& Natural Insomnia Cure

  • Jeffrey D. Benson says:

    All I can say is MELATONIN. I was a problematic insomniac before I found it. I had difficulty at work, anxiety, etc. Melatonin knocks me out, I sleep like a baby, then I am up and at it in the morning. I’ve heard it doesn’t work well with some people, for me, priceless.

  • Anonymous says:

    Insomnia can be affected by many of factors like stress, depression, sickness, drug, and some bad lifestyle. One of the root cause is the partner who sleep beside you was the reason that make you insomnia. For info please visit this article.

  • Anonymous says:

    i used to sleep better than babies. however about 2 months ago out of nowhere i lost the ability to sleep, getting no more then an hour of sleep each night and worsening. right now its monday night and i havent slept since friday night and that was with the help of 4 shots of nyquil. ive tried smoking to get to sleep before but with adverse effects. usually ill get a body high that would make me calm and tired but still restless if that makes any sense. i was just wondering if anybody who has tried this method effectively has any tips such as how much to smoke or how soon before bed to smoke. please if anybody can help me out here let me know. i almost got fired already because of lack of concentraion and inability to function and perform even the simplest of tasks.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve had bouts of insomnia since I was a kid and they come and go. I was also a chronic marijuana smoker (~ 3 times daily) up until recently. One of the great aspects of the drug was it did give me a great night’s sleep. Unfortunately, I became addicted and I also didn’t want to continue damaging my lungs from smoking. It did make my insomnia worse than ever when I discontinued using since my brain became so dependent on THC to fall asleep. My sleep patterns have gone back to where they were since I’ve been clean for a few months now, however I still have the occasional bout of insomnia. I would personally prefer a remedy that my body and brain didn’t become dependent on. It’s worth a shot, but understand the risks involved.

  • Ko says:

    I’ve had chronic insomnia since I was about 12 or 13. Most likely I got it partially due to genetics (my mom is a chronic insomniac) and depression, which started when I was around 10 or 11. My problem has never been so much trouble falling asleep initially, but waking up several times during the night and then having trouble going back to sleep. I’m still living at home (about to graduate – wooo), and I’ve told my mom about my sleep problems but she’s always been anti-sleep aids so I’ve only taken melotonin in the past and it did not help. I took some sleeping pill one time but didn’t sleep well at all and was groggy all day. More recently, I tried pot recreationally and found that that night I slept amazing. After that, I just have a small bag of weed (most likely an indica strain since it’s more of a body high) which I use sparingly in order to knock me out when I haven’t been having good rest for the past days. It’s wonderful! I just wish it weren’t illegal. 🙁

  • Peter says:

    I am a university (college) student who suffers from insomnia, specifically Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, and have been perscribed Melatonin by my doctor (avaliable over the counter in the USA, but not here in the UK). I have been a marijuana user since I was 14 and smoked fairly heavily whilst I was in college (high school), whilst still attaining good grades despite other problems (homelessness). I only mention this to stress that as long as you are sensible it doesn’t have a negative effect on carreer/studies). I find that marijuana is the perfect compliment to Melatonin. In small doses it helps me sleep like a log, but in larger doses, I have always found that it can hinder my sleep. As a recreational user the melatonin helps when i’m just a little too baked! However both remedies can fail. It depends on a lot of factors (I know when i’m not going to sleep well). However, I definatley feel that (given that it took me a good 8 years to get perscribed with any sort of legal drug to ease the insomnia) without marijuana I would have suffered depression (or gone insane!) a long time ago. Hopefully one day cannabis will be completely legalised so that we can all reap its benefits. In the meantime, while ‘The War On Drugs’ stays a vote winner, I will have to either suffer sleep deprevation, or be labeled a criminal. I know which I prefer

  • Anonymous says:

    ive been toking hard for two years, meaning every time was a few blunts, no less then two js. around christmas time i had trouble sleeping, couldnt go to sleep until about 3 or 4, then turned to 5 to 6, right now i can pull an all nighter and not be tired the next day. the first few months of insomnia there might be afew nights where your pissed off cus you cant sleep, but once you say alright this is how its gonna be, and find something to do in that time you’ll feel alot better. i recommend you working out two hours or more everyday, i started doing in and i can go to sleep around 4 or 5 now. right now im gonna go eat some breakfast, but keep in there it may suck right now, but later on well it doesnt get any better but it doesnt get any worse, or perhaps it does and i just dont know it yet. anyone notice getting a smudgen skinnier after smoking a few people have agreed it to be happening but now im just not sure anymore whats going on

  • Anonymous says:

    Marijuana is a better choice then sleeping pills when it comes to insomnia. Sleeping pills do become addictive, where as marijuana doesn’t. When I tried sleeping pills, they had the reverse effect on me. Even with three, they didnt help. Whenever I blaze an hour before bedtime, it helps. Too much blazing causes you to be burnt out in the morning, so be careful with how much you toke.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have insomnia, and i barely sleep at all sober. It takes me 5-6 hours to go to sleep, and if i get woke up, im f***ed. But with weed, i can go to sleep when i want, and stay asleep. And if i was to get woke up, 5 minutes and im out like a light again. I wish Medical Marijuana was legal in KY. And as for other sleep aids, its like the person said earlier, i have to take 3-4 times the recommended dose. And with Unisom and other OTC sleep aids, this just usually ends in getting totally messed up instead of sleep, at least for a while. and while i might sleep a couple of hours more, the way i feel the next day makes it totally not worth it.

  • jdbfreedom says:

    I think marijuana does help with insomnia but I’m not willing to have an illegal substance in the house (even though I think pot is less harmful than alcohol).

    I dealt with my sleep problems with a research based program. Check out my blog for more information:

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi i have severe sleep problems, insomnia and e.d.s. ecessive day time sleeply ness also i have sleep apnea and use c pap machine i have been thru heck trying to sleep my lack of sleep and the apnea has lead to other conditions like abnormal heart rythms headaches in the day from lack of sleep etc, have had 3 sleep studies when i do use Marjuana a hour or so before bed it does help me sleep, i have been on every sleeping pills i can think of. It does help me, ill try nights not using it just to see and i dont sleep and have problems with my mind not shutting off. It does help insomnia for some indeed.

  • Anonymous says:

    I eat smoothies made of organic ingredients.
    good relationshiop. great supportive family.
    Why are these drugs necessary for everyday life

    Exhausted and incoherent. Have taken prescribed Ambiem. A super low dose. timee elasped and no sleep,just sstress. So I took 2 .5mg of clonezapam. Didm’t work do tried med marij.

    I would rather have med majir than any of these otherpills. and considderation?: off the hit the hay.

  • Anonymous says:

    i dont know how old this post is but it has come up like 12 times in my searches for help with RLS- restless leg syndrome. for many months now i have had this and thought i was just crazy, or it was unique to me and there was nothing i could do about it. barealy slept for 4 month and it started ruining my life. marijuana in fact has taken away the exact symptoms i have had from this. ie: unpleasant crawling sensations in my leg, the NEED to move my legs to aleviate this feeling, also pacing all night in my room making my fiance think im insane, lack of sleep, and over concentrating on this feeling to the point where it drives me insane. marijuana took care of these symptoms but only untill say, 4 or 5 am. also it is illegal. but works wonders.

  • W.V. says:

    I’ve been smoking marijuana for almost 9 years. I believe I’m starting to experience a negative long-term side affect, INSOMNIA. During the week, it’s work and school. I do not smoke during the week, most especially at night, after work/school because it will keep me awake. I can smoke at 9:30p and have trouble sleeping til about 1a.

  • Anonymous says:

    i just tried it and it didn’t work for me. 446am, up again

  • Anonymous says:

    i searched up if marijuana actually did cure others with insomnia, i was really relieved to know im not alone, i felt as if im the only one with this problem, its sad to say but i end up buying over the counter sleep pills and end up taking about 3-4 times the recommenede dosage, i know this isnt a healthy solution to keep on doing this,i already have about 2 years straight using the pills but thanks to all i can finally switch to marijuana and hopefully be done with things that arent natural, thank you marijuana- it truly is a beautiful plant with many positive properties

  • wide awake ken says:

    I have had insomnia for over 3 years now. started after having children (dont know if its the cause or quincidental) I have tries and been perscribed MANY different sleeping pills including immovane, nitrazopam and many others that i can not spell. I usually get anywhere from 0mins sleep a night to 2 to 3 hours. and on the odd ocasion after many restless nights i will get one good sleep from shear exhaustion. It has become a serious problem for me. I smoke pot on some occasions and usually fall asleep within an hour or so. I live in Canada where medical marijuana can be perscribed, but can it be perscribed for chronic insomnia. I am at the point where i am unable to work on most occasions as i am not alert enough during the day time. My insomnia is ruining my life and nothing seems to work for me. but weed helps.. has anyone been perscribed weed for insomnia? to me it is a miracle drug. unfortunatly it gets expensive and with me not working i am unable to afford it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! I AM GOING INSANE.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve had cronic insomnia for years. Sometimes I’m good, sleeping 5 to 6 hours a night, but then there are times when I can’t sleep more than three, if at all. If I take over the counter sleep aids, I have to take three to four times the recomended dosages. I’ve tried Ambien, but all that did was make me halucinate for a couple of hours, and then I’d be wide awake, but not myself, in a manner that has nearly ended a couple of my friendships.

    When I did smoke Marijuana a few years back, I slept like a log. A full 8 hours and I’d feel wonderful in the morning. My insomnia is back worse than ever right now, and I am trying to go through the perscription route, however I may end up back on Marijuana, just so I can sleep and be rested for school. I am a college student, and need sleep in order to preform to my best ability.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have RLS which greatly disturbs my sleep and weed seems to be the only thing that gives me any kind of remedy. I have tried prescription drugs ordered by my doctor such as Clonazepam and Requip; as well as every home remedy you can think of, running before bed, stretching, yoga, hot/cold bath. Nothing but weed works and it seems to have the very opposite effects of RLS. RLS cause my legs to feel like they are aching, and marijuana makes them feel as if they are being massaged.

  • Sleep problems says:

    I don’t know much about Marijuana and insomnia, but I do know that if you are suffering from insomnia you need to get it sorted before it turns into something serious. For a few helpful pointers you should have a look at:

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