Anecdotal evidence suggests that use of cannabis/marijuana reduces symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).  Now a research team from the University of Calgary in Canada would like to add the scientific to the anecdotal.

The team are circulating an internet based questionnaire to help them assess the use, the benefits and the side effects of cannabis/marijuana for the self-treatment of IBS. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and self-medicate with pot, you could help this research move forward.

The questionnaire will take about ten minutes to complete and you should answer all questions. The research study has been approved by the University of Calgary, Canada, Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board and all responses will be kept strictly anonymous.

If you have any questions,  please email the administrator at Cannabis use

Cannabis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome study


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  • Sweetie says:

    I have been struggling with IBS-A since July of last year. I finally had a colonoscopy in February 2012 to confirm it (rule other things out). I was at a breaking point. I’ve been having trouble getting through a full day of work, being able to get a full night’s sleep because of the pain.

    I’d been a recreational MJ user (a few times a year), but recently it’s became more readily available to me Out of desperation, I was willing to try anything, and I’m happy to say, I just completed a full week of work for the first time since January. I have a bit before bed in addition to taking a dose of Lax-A-Day daily (it balances things), and I have to say, the results have been miraculous.

    I really hope someone takes the time to get more research done, and prove MJ is more than a street drug… Sure some places have legalized it, but for most people/places it’s still considered “bad”. Where I live you can get a perscription, but being able to find a Dr who will give a perscription is almost impossible.

  • Emma Santoro-Adkison says:

    I AM MORE THAN READY TO BECOME A PARTICPANT. I Have Fibromyalgia and along with that IBS. I Am just outside of Raleigh NC..

  • sean says:

    Iv been self medicating using mail order bud and found that the body reacts to the herb in such a way that clears the bowels and pushes out gas I dont know about anything else but its a real benefit. Anybody interested in MOM should try contacting they may be able to help.

  • eddie says:

    I’ve been living with IBS/SBS for over ten years. There is nothing that helps with this condition like cannibis. I live in New York City and have condidered moving to N.J. just to get medical marijuana legally.

  • Mel says:

    I have been using Marijuana for around 12 years, i have had IBS for about 7 of those years.

    I didn’t smoke Marijuana when i first got IBS because my husband was in the military and the doctors in the military did not do anything to help me. They said they didn’t think it was necessary for me to see a specialist even though i was in a lot of pain and went to the hospital about 3 times in a month.

    When my husband got out of the military i smoked one day with a friend and i noticed it almost INSTANTLY took away the cramps. The only side effects you get from smoking are your hungry and happy. It has helped me for years now and i am going to get my medical card asap.

  • dwayne barger says:

    love for someone to research me i have been using cannabis for 40 yrs it helps with the Ibs syndrom i have dealt with my whole life. i also found out it helps extremly well with giving me a appetite that i never want to eat but cannabis helps me eat dinner . so come research me , my state of PA makes me break the LAW to STAY HEALTHY.

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