Medical Marijuana Grow Boxes

Growing medical marijuana does not need to be a difficult undertaking. Sure you can save money by piecing together all the equipment you need bit by bit from Amazon or eBay but will it all fit together, will that method save you time in the long run and will you really get the results you want. Will you get massive yields?

New and commercial growers often find the best way is just to buy a grow box or grow tent kit and start growing in days.


First things first, go and buy some seeds, we recommended Sensi seeds as their quality is literally the best in the world. Seedsman will get them to you anywhere in the world.

Grow fast

We think the easiest way to get growing is to buy a ready-made, all-in-one grow box or grow tent kit. It will include the tent or grow box, lighting, reservoir, pump, timer, nutrients, fan, TDS and pH meter, thermometer and grow medium. It will usually include a whole stack of other small but useful items like a measuring cup!

Growing indoors with a dedicated grow tent or grow box is a perfect way to obtain fresh medical marijuana. You will have full control over the product starting with which seeds you purchase. So if you want to grow in soil for a more organic feel then go right ahead, or grow using organic nutrients you can do that too. Growing with a kit will help you control and maintain the right pH levels, air, 02 and C02 levels, temperature, humidity and pests. Growing with a ready made purpose built kit will save you money, time and you control the environment.

We often deal with Fullbloom hydroponics as we know they have fantastic service. All their products work in sync and they don’t use low quality parts, for example they include Gorilla grow tents, the best in the industry which are smell and light proof, tough and durable. Fullbloom know all the popular hydroponic grow systems available and can guide you through exactly what system you may require.


What do you need?

Hydroponic system

We suggest going with an ebb and flow system if this is your first grow and maybe an aeroponics system if you are keen to become more professional.

The ebb and flow system works by pumping (flow) the nutrient solution into a tray where your pots of marijuana sit, the medium in the pots get wet at the ‘feet’ so the roots can then suck up the nutrients. Then the nutrients (ebb) out leaving the tray dry and the roots to gain oxygen. This repeats all day and night with the use of a timer and a submersible pump situated in the reservoir which usually sits under the tray.

Ebb and Flow hydroponic system

Aeroponics is a different system whereby the plants are situated in small plastic holders and hang over the top of the enclosed reservoir. The roots are not in a medium and are never covered in nutrient solution, instead the timer pumps the nutrient solution from the reservoir up to misters that cover the hanging roots with a fine spray of nutrients and of course they have a great deal of access to oxygen at all times.

Aeroponics hydro system


There are really only two choices for the beginner and that is HPS and full spectrum LED, any other choice and you will have to change lights between the vegetation and flowering stages.

For the HPS choice we suggest buying a 1000Watt lamp (or maybe a 600W), this should produce around 700 grams of dried marijuana. While a 250W x 2 LEDs will provide around 600 grams however you will save on running costs as they usually run at half the electricity. As LEDs are so efficient at turning electricity into light when compared to HPS lights you will not have large heat issues so the need for large ventilation systems and space are far less of an issue.

LED Trinity 3.0 Grow Cabinet

Grow tent or grow box?

The more professional you are the more chance you will want a grow tent, they are specially built for the purpose of hydroponic growing, they unzip to give you full access to your plants, they should be fitted with exhaust holes, places to hang your lights on yo-yos, access for power and be water, light and odor tight. Grow boxes are more for those people who want the grow area to be stealth so it might look like a cabinet, wardrobe or locker but usually these have been retrofitted for the purpose.


Wow! There are a plethora of nutes out there on the market from Fox Farm to Advanced hydroponics and every brand in between. The bottom-line is your plants need N-P-K, this is a label for fertilizers and is based on the chemical elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). Each letter will have a % value by weight. All you really need to buy is some fertilizer for the vegetation stage ‘Grow’ and another for the flowering stage ‘Bloom’. Keep it simple the first time round, go with a well known brand and buy their basic products.

What else?

Well if you get an all-in-one system you will get all you need, the reservoir, pump, timer for the lights, timer for the pump, pH and TDS meter so you know how the nute solution is going, fan, cloning box (maybe), grow medium and everything will be cut to size and fit perfectly.

So you can get growing fast and have a crop started this week if you buy a grow tent kit or grow box kit from Fullbloom Hydroponics, you will know it all fits and works and they supply a 3 year warranty and unlimited phone tech support.


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