Durban Poison is a Sativa Landrace Strain of Cannabis with a South African origin (at the port of Durban). With 24% THC, 1% CBD and 1% CBN, expect an energy boost and a major blow to the head from this super potent strain. The history of the Durban poison strain in the US goes way back in 1970s when Ed Rosenthal, an American cannabis activist, discovered the original strain.

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From the time it was brought in, it has been a favorite of stoners and medical marijuana patients. When grown outdoors, Durban poison can reach 2-3 meters tall and is ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks when indoors. Its buds are often dark green with a dense coating of trichomes and resistant to mold and pests making them very potent and consistent with good yields.

Durban Poison has a spicy, hazy taste with hints of aniseed, liquor ice and cloves accompanied by a deliciously sweet, fruity vapor that is both smooth and memorable. The combination of very distinct blends of sweet and spicy smells makes it a go for most stoners.

Durban poison effects

One notorious unique effect of the Durban strain is its ability to provide an uplifting and mentally-stimulating high with a level of raciness that will have you wanting to get some work done. This definitely makes it perfect for day time use.

It hits with a strong, happy head high that keeps you active and even more creative. This Durban poison strain is associated with a general energy boost, mental productivity, and increased sociability. The negative side effects that might be associated with the use of the Durban poison may include paranoia, along with dry mouth.

Medical uses of the Durban poison

First off, Durban poison is great for patients looking for a strong cerebral strain that will assist you in combating stress and fatigue. It has also been found to be an effective treatment for depression and anxiety, as well as chronic pain, and it can also be helpful with nausea, ADD and ADHD, bipolar disorder, and may even prove beneficial to the sufferers of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD).

Other conditions treatable with this potent strain include relieving migraines, and stimulate a healthy appetite thanks to the presence of THC. Patients choosing to medicate with Durban poison can expect to feel uplifted and upbeat for the entire (prolonged 2-3 hours) medicating session.


Its ability to grow so quickly, in a variety of outdoor climates, explains why it’s so popular among breeders in the US. Given its ability to give off a strong high without impairing the mental processes, makes it an amazing social smoke.

Nevertheless, it is also a powerful potion. Although its name conjures mysterious associations, the medical benefits derived from the consumption of this potent strain are so remarkable.


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