Marijuana GrowerPortland, Maine: Meet Don LaRouche, a quiet 50-something guy who doesn’t have much but needs to smoke pot on a daily basis. He is suffering from glaucoma and Chron’s disease, which make his life a bit irritable, to say the least. In order to tone down the symptoms of those two conditions, Mr. LaRouche caught a lucky break when he got in touch with cannabis, a true blessing in disguise. After a couple of puffs, his vision actually improved and the stomach cramps subsided. To him, this was a bloody miracle.

Understandably, he went into research and got really enthusiastic when he found out that the state law actually allowed growing weed in your own apartment. So he went for it, and for the last 5 years, Don has been puffing away in the privacy of his own home.

Well, not quite.

The home isn’t really his own. You see, the state (Maine) law allows the use and growing of marijuana, but the federal law doesn’t. Considering the fact that Don is almost broke and thus relies on federal housing, the federal law applies to his place of residence – a trailer. Therefore, he is not allowed to grow weed if the place of growth is of federal nature. The federal organization that issues the vouchers that cover the rent is now pretty much blackmailing Mr. LaRouche by giving him the ultimatum: he either kills the plants or they kick him out.

Now, Don is not a member of the Tijuana drug cartel. In fact, he never sold weed to anybody in his entire life. He lives in a trailer… which makes me wonder why the hell he didn’t grow his weed outside? If cultivation is legal, what do you have to lose?

Still, it boils down to: this guy grew weed because that was the cheapest way he could make his life a little bit easier by alleviating the symptoms of his, not one but two, illnesses. He did so by believing this was completely legal, and it is – but not in federal trailers. Presumably, Don won’t be put on a heavy trial because of his actions but we are dying to see if he kills the plants or not.

According to this study published in The Open Neurology Journal, cannabis has proven to be effective in the treatment of peripheral vision and muscle spasms. This study is pretty much ideal for LaRouche’s case because the symptoms are closely related to the illness he is suffering from. Glaucoma results in peripheral vision and cramps is just another word for ‘muscle spasms’.

Don is not giving up. He even contacted Gov. Paul LePage in order to explore other options. Obviously, he not only doesn’t want to kill the plants but somehow he quietly detests the fact of growing the strains outside as well. Its indoors or it’s a no go for Don. Either way, we’re routing for him.

Tip: Amnesia Haze works wonders for glaucoma.

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