We have lost count of how often this question has been asked yet, no matter how deep our search terms, we cannot find any evidence to support the theory that smoking cannabis might help you to cut down on your tobacco smoking. Considering the health hazards posed by tobacco, reducing nicotine intake would be a superb health benefit to be gained from using medical marijuana.

However, the only herbs that are proven to reduce nicotine craving (which, at the end of the day, is what causes smokers to elevate their tobacco intake) are:

Avena Sativa

Derived from wild oats, Avena Sativa has been used for centuries in the treatment of opiate addiction. This herb has other uses too, it reputedly:

  • Eases narcotic addition
  • Eases nicotine addition
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Alleviates nervousness
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Helps insomnia

There have been a few studies supporting Avena Sativa’s use in nicotine withdrawal. Could it be that the question “Can Marijuana help heavy cigarette smokers to smoke less?” arises from the mistaken belief that the Sativa part of this herb’s name means that it is part of the Cannabis family?


This potentially toxic plant should only be used with the support and guidance of a medical practitioner. In very small doses, Lobelia is actually relatively safe but the risk is not worth taking. This herb apparently acts like nicotine on the nervous system but in a gentler manner.

Garcinia cambogia

Known as an appetite suppressant, this herb is useful to help the weight gain that comes from giving up tobacco and which can act as a disincentive.


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  • james says:

    I smoked for 10 years, I used marijuana as a crutch to quit smoking cigarettes. I was able to quit with in a few weeks. I have not turned to a cigarette since and that was 16 years ago.

  • It helped me a lot to quit cigarette smoking habit. I would like to thank http://www.fhwcc.org specially who guided me in right direction.

  • Greg says:

    I know it has helped me quit drinking. Got my mj on the seventh of Oct and haven’t had a drink since.

  • Dave says:

    I am 40 yrs old diabetic since I was 10 I had seizures at 11 now they are a lot worse and I have a lot more problems due to these illnesses. I am on a lot of pain pills, I need weed to be legalized!

  • amanda says:

    I just wanted to note that replacing cigarettes with shake joints helped me to quit. Inhaling the smoke feels like having a cigarette but really weed smoke is less harmful then cigarette smoke, as it has less chemicals and is more natural.

  • denbee says:

    I am 61 years old and a Vietnam Vet. I brought mj home with me after the war and she has been at my side ever since. Up until I was 30 I also smoked a pipe for 10 years. I decided to quit tobacco and I instead smoked pot whenever I felt the tobacco crave. I was pretty stoned for about a two month period but I did give up tobacco and I have been tobacco free for over 30 years. I still keep mj at my side. I run about 35 miles a week and I am healthy.

    • dan says:

      For me, I can certainly say that smoking MJ had the unexpected side-effect of making the whole experience of smoking a normal tobacco cigarette highly distasteful.

      I recommend that MJ smokers do their best to smoke it pure (without tobacco) regardless. The negative effects of tobacco are well documented, but the multitude of man-made chemicals added can only make things (much) worse.

      In a way, smoking MJ made me more aware/sensitive to the negative effects tobacco was having on me.
      I havent smoked in 2 years now, and have had zero cravings.

      • PrettyGirl says:

        I smoked cigaretts for 22 years. I stopped 2 months ago when a firend gave me a couple ounces of really strong weed (I hadn’t smoked weed in nearly 20 years). I didn’t even plan on stopping cigaretts, I just stoped!! I tried to smoke a cigarett this past weekend, and I almost threw up all over my coffee table.

        Thanks to Marijuana I’m cigarett free without trying or even intending to be!!

        Marijuana, you saved my life!!

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