Should marijuana be used to treat people with depression?

Or should marijuana be used in the short and or long term fight against depression.

Alternatively you may feel that marijuana should not be prescribed for depression, people think marijuana can make you feel depressed.

Help with Depression


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  • Emily says:

    Just read this fascinating article about CBD potentially being the best anti depressant:

  • Emma says:

    I have been using this product to deal with my depression:

    I take it several times a day and I feel much better.

  • Jordon says:

    Yes, marijuana should be used fro depression. I have seen studies that say it m,akes depression worse….however, I have not seen how the studies work. I have seen how marijuana makes depresssion better and I have seen studies that say marijuana helps with depression. I know many users and plead the fifth. It helps. It helps a lot. Legalize!

  • Little jimmy says:

    I was diagnosed bi polar when I was 14 and have been on and off mess for 25 years. I have anxiety and anger issues related to being bi polar, and can say with out question marijuana has helped me. When I medicate I am more relaxed and stable. I live in mass and hope the voters here will realize the benefits of medical marijuana on election day!!

  • cleanlemon says:

    this is sad i suffer from depression and weed is basically free because it is a plant so if you buy one seed you can literally grow free weed forever cause you can just keep cloning big pharma could never make money off this so they demonize it im on anti depressants but im thinking fuck it weed has always worked better for me so im just gonna cut out the pills i dont trust the system i know what works best for me

  • Grace says:

    It would be proven as a cure if more people would force the government to fund it’s research. I am living proof that it works. I don’t need an uneducated doctor who relies on mmj research studies from the 70’s or more current deliberately misleading research from his paid-by-big-pharma coworkers to tell me what works for me.

  • Pamela Brown says:


    • promarijuana says:

      california, colorado, alaska, arizona, conneticut, DC, delaware, hawaii, maine, michigan, montana, nevada, new jersey, new mexico, oregon, rhode island, vermont.

      i think that makes sense, i don’t understand why my doctors can prescribe me sleeping medicine and consider me “sober” but i can’t smoke weed at night. it is the only thing that puts me out and it is natural.

  • hopefull says:

    Are there really a lot of people using it for depression.. I’ve had depression for over 30 years with horrible side effects.

    • Zane says:

      I have had major depression for about 6 years now and marijuana has been a blessing.

      I have heard some people say it makes their depression worse and for some it helps.

      As for me, marijuana has changed my life by allowing me to find relief from my chemical imbalance.

      Try it a few times in low doses and see how you feel. If it works for you… then great! If not, then find an alternative.

      • Rob says:

        I agree that weed helps depression. I have used weed all my life to help me stay focus on life and not my depression. Like any medication you should not abuse it. This is something I am working on myself.It also depends on the type of bud too. I notice for me, haze works the best.You can get stung out on the SOUR D……………………

  • Pip says:

    Even if it isn’t a proven cure for depression, it has been a more than helpful “placebo” for a lot of my friends and acquaintances. Combine the helpful placebo effects with the fact that Marijuana has a 1/100 chance of showing any physical harm to your body, then you’re good to go.

  • Mark says:

    God made grass
    Man made medication
    Who do you trust?

    • Cole says:

      bipolar & i’ve been told pot is worse than alcohol. bulls**t.q.
      pot relaxes me, eases my mania, ups my appetite (VERY important-underweight),
      actually can pick me up from depression. taoo bad we have to grow it on the sly.
      cops have no sense of humor!!!

    • Rob says:

      I like that. God made grass and man made medication. Who do You trust……………..That is something I can bring to Church and see if the religious agree with….. This shoul be interesting….

  • the old man says:

    I have no choice in the matter. I suffer from depression because of Fibromyalgia. Never used marijuana in my life until about 3 years ago, at the age of 52. I have first hand experience now. Using a vaporizer is the best way to injest IMO. You know something? All that talk about marijuana being the “gateway drug” to hard drugs and marijuana being an addictive drug is 100% total B**S***! It really pisses me off that our government lies to us. I actually believed the BS! Nobody should have to go to prison over this miracle medicine. It sure does help me a whole lot! Hell…I no longer want to drink even a beer! And that is good because alcohol is addictive. Alcohol is addictive & legal and marijuana is not addictive and illegal. What morons decides this stuff anyways?

    • PotHead says:

      Hi there Old Man. Glad to hear that the weed helped turn things around for you. I am looking to buy a vaporizer myself. Tell me, what model do you use and what are its advantages/disadvantages?

    • noneofyourbuisness says:

      im a young user who has sevier depression and anger and the only thing that calms me down is smoking weed it has helped me be more relaxed and more of a laid back person the government says that it is bad for you to smoke that you will get into bigger drugs i call bullshit you have a better chance of getting into worse drugs by drinking which is legal and kills your body weed is illlegal and helps with a lot more problems then it will ever do harm so why does the government not want us smoking???

  • Christina Baker says:

    Yes I do think that medical marijuana should be used for depression because it helps some people think straiter and are a little smarter.
    Myself I am under a lot of depresson and I would like it for medical marijuana could be use to treat depresson because not only do I have depresson I also have server pain in my knees, my back and all over my body, My back is broke with four or more sliped disks arthritis in my back, I have to cartlige, tissues, ligaments or anything in my knees they are bone on bone on tip of it all I have arutheritis as well, I have brokin ribs that will never grow right again and I am only twenty three years old.
    So yes I do believe that medical marijuana should be used for depresson as well.

    Christina Baker

    • Dave H. says:

      I to have two bad knee’s bone on bone and a bad lower back and bad neck. I’m on pain meds but they only work for awhile. Of course I am depressed from all of this. I can not work at all. I have headaches so bad that I want to just you know what.
      The state I live in does not have cannabis legal. But I’m to the point I want off the pain meds and want to try cannabis illegaly. I’m fairly sure that the pain meds are destroying my liver and kidneys. I’m just on to many meds and after awhile they stop working. The doctors always want to put me on different new meds. Where does this all stop? At least on cannabis you can stop taking it and not go through great pain getting off of it.

    • Dot says:

      Agree it should be used for depression, I am going through it now plus mentapause I have rea bad days especially at the end of the month for some reason unfortunately I live in Pennsylvania and not easy to get the right kind , I want the strain that gives you energy so I can get the hell moving in the house. Also for anxiety

  • john says:

    I am a medical marijuana patient, I am bipolar, I have tried different types of psych meds and nothing works as well as marijuana. I always feel better after medicating. and since I have started using a vaporizer I feel not one negative effect, I can honestly say” it’s all good”.

  • Christian says:

    Hello All,
    Many will criticize me for this but I am a 17 year old user. I agree with the legalization of Marijuana throughout the entire 50 states. I suffered with severe depression, panic attacks, paranoia, and anxiety. Not to mention after multiple surgeries and an assault case I was left for worse. Going through life with many migraines, pains from surgeries, and the constant desire to be not more is not an easy feat for someone my age. However I always looked down on the drug believing it to be bad, or against human nature. When nothing more could help me and after about 5 suicidal attempts I finally decided to try the amazing plant. Upon using I had felt a happy I had not felt in years. I could breath easier and felt no more the desire to not exist. My pains left me along with my sorrow. I am now able to sleep at night having my insomnia (Due by stress) left me. I gained appetite and weight and better social skills. Life has never been better since using. My family is aware and agrees it was for the better for me. Many of you will mock or downgrade this plant as a problem to society. But only those of you that have used it and experienced the true effects of it instead of rumors will know that it belongs to those of us that need it.
    ➢➢➢Legalize Marijuana!!!!!

  • Lana says:

    I’m a 35 y.o. mother of 5. After battling with postpartum depression, depression, and multiple physical injuries the only thing that has EVER helped me was marijuana. It helped my depression of both sorts, helps relieve my pain & stops my nausea from stress and pain. I agree that not everyone is the same, however, for me, Id rather smoke a joint than be on a number of hardcore medications. Also, having to be weaned off medications was a feat in its self. Marijuana helped me thru that as well. Many of you wont agree, or biased on the topic, but those that it does help should be allowed to without scrutiny.
    ⇒Legalize In The 50 States⇐

  • Jess says:

    I started using weed when i was 15 and now im 18 and ive never experienced depression before until now. Ive tried to commit suicide 3 times since ive started smoking. Im addicted to it now and I cant stop. so please dont ever ever start smoking weed! my life is miserable because of it!

    • Jenni says:

      I think your depression requires that you seek professional psychiatric care. 3 suicide attempts aren’t caused by smoking weed, you have under-lying issues that need to be dealt with. No one wants to be mental, but 15 years ago I finally found a doctor willing to refer me to a psychiatrist after years of wondering why my life was so miserable and daily suicidal thoughts. I was diagnosed with severe panic disorder that caused my depression. I went on SSRI medication and 30 days later I couldn’t believe I had lived 40 years with my disorder. My son has been diagnosed with a similar disorder and he doesn’t wish to begin SSRI treatment because he is 21, and he is afraid his liver etc will suffer if he starts medication at such a young age. He smokes weed for panic attacks, it calms him down and makes his life controllable. He’s on the Dean’s List and he doesn’t live in fear of the attacks anymore. YOU need to find what works for YOUR issues… Weed ISN’T the problem.

      • Mark Innes says:

        very good jenni
        i once sat through a school orientation where a law enforcement official told the student audience, “I smoke marijuana once and all it made me want to do was rape, pillage, and destroy.” When I finally tried it after hiding from those around me who consume with abandon, and it did not make me want to do anything like, rape, pillage, and destroy, I knew that law enforcement offical had other issues that may need treatment inside the medical community, not using the black market.

    • Zane K says:

      I totally agree with Jenni. Marijuana has helped me with my anxiety and depression much more than my SSRI’s that I was taking. Just don’t over do it with the marijuana, otherwise you might have a panic attack haha. This plant has changed mine and many other patients lives, just make sure you use it in moderation. =]

  • Thomas says:

    I was diagnosed with severe depression in sixth grade and smoking weed has made it easier to cope with all the bull shit I have to live through sure you could say oh you have nothing to be upset about well in sixth grad and before I attempted suicide several times.

    I just passed out from suffacating myself never got hurt from falling straight on my head with lined up spine and I have tried to kill my sister and the weed as made those feelings be suppressed and easier to deal with I have questioned my sexuality since I was malessted when i was four by a guy and yea great life so many of my friends and lived ones died leaving me no one to talk to and what do you know weed has made me happy and gave me somewhat of reason for life and no I have done therapy and I didn’t work for me and that’s not even everything.

    ==>Legalize weed <==

  • Сзке says:

    Im bipolar it runs in my family and im normally depressed but sometimes im just angry and feel hateful and am rarely happy or nice and pot helps me feel simple and free i wish it was legal for bipolar disorder. 🙁

    • jeff says:

      if you get your records from any doctor that you may have gone to for your depression depending on which state you are from take that to your local mmmp program

  • jacob nelson says:

    ok i have depression and panic attacks and i find smoking marijuana for it helps me calm down and relax, but thats only me marijuana has a different effect for everyone, but truly it helps me just laugh at life and smile and i love that and my doctor tells me that he thinks it realy changes my view on life so maybe its bad for some people bet if it helps you then i think marijuana should be used for it.

  • Kristy says:

    I am so very sorry to ANYONE that has suffered depression wheather MAJOR as mine is or any depression. I also suffer panic attacts. I am 39 and have lived this way since I was 17.

    I had sooo many hopes & dreams for my life, I’m smart, pretty, kind, loving but after my very first panic attack my life as I knew it was over. I’ve taken ALL the meds made for this crap, Ive been on Effexor ER for about 8 years at a high dose, if you haven’t taken effexor don’t start. I will never be able to get off of this med, go without it for 2 or 3 days and depression looks like a cake walk. I have also taken Xanax at high dosages since I was about 17. I am now at 2 mil 3x’s a day. I’m fixing to go to 4 times a day. I’ve had back surgeries that have failed and my doctors said NO more surgeries on your back, all you have left is pain management, so I have been doing that for almost 7 years.

    I take methadone, morph, zanaflex, trazadone and ritalin. I have smoked pot since I was 15 and loved it the first time I smoked it. I recently got so fed up with my pain meds that I stopped my methadone cold turkey for about 3 days WAS NOT A BRILLIANT IDEA. I haven’t wanted to live but I’m lucky I live in Florida and have a cool pain Dr. He says smoke up whenever you want. I lost my first love, I was 12 and he was 14, we were each others FIRST EVERYTHING.

    I feel asleep early on 11-07-2010 and when I woke to go to the bathroom he was laying across my tummy deceased, he was 40 he died of heart failure. Since that night I haven’t experienced depression like this EVER, I didn’t think I could get worse but everyday gets worse. Thanks 4 reading. Jesus is the only way I have come this far. He has been my Savior since I was about 9 and no matter what stupid crap I have ever done, he has always had my back because he loves us. I’m not a holy roller, I just know he’s there when I don’t think he is. May EVERYONE have peace with whatever you are going through. HUGZZZ

    • Reka says:

      Sorry to hear about your depression and I know it seems like there is no way out or if there is, you don’t know how to find it.

      It is all very familiar as I’ve been there as well but with the help of a great psychologist pulled myself together and managed to get out.

      Panic attacks are quite common for people who don’t know how to deal with stress then it escalates and becomes a vicious circle. I used to have them but never took any medicine as drugs would have just made things worse. Back pains can be also stress related (that doctors don’t necessarily know therefore they recommend surgery which should be the final solution after psychological checks are done).

      I believe you can come out of your situation with someone’s help (try to find a caring psychologist – the personality of the psychologist is important – my first one was a selfish money hungry person, fortunately I only saw her once. They can cause more harm than good).

      Slowly you will be able to come off the meds as well. Be patient and give yourself time, it will come gradually. Also try to find activities, something that interests you in life (e.g. exercises, arts&crafts, walks in the nature, whatever you feel like just keep trying)

      And it is great that you had dreams and hopes before you had your first panic attacks. That means you have the right personality but you got lost on the way somwehere – like we all do sometimes.

      When I had similar issues I found a book that really made me think about where I was going, what type of person I wanted to be: Penny Ferguson-Transform yor life (the woman who wrote this book was in an even more difficult situation than you are – losing her son & multiple divorces). This is good to start with.

      I also started doing activities and found yoga the most effective one. This could help you deal with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, very good for back pain and lot of other health problems. But again, be selective and don’t stop until you find the right teacher for yourself.

      Smoking pot can be okay in certain situations but sometimes it is not the solution – even if it is so widely promoted that “treat for everyhing” and “miracle drug”.

      I hope you will get better, find your way, your goal in life and – which is the most important – yourself (I know, this is the hardest part 🙂 ).

      You are the only one who is responsible for how you feel, and you are the only one who can change it by learning to understand your feelings, thoughts and controlling them (e.g. Don’t let negative thoughts take over your mind – this can be learnt as well).

      It is good that you believe Jesus is always there for you and loves you as this can give you some relief. But it is not not enough if you don’t stand by and help yourself.

      All the best.

    • chance says:

      i understand that im 16 i live this life just trying to move on i take bupropion 350mg trazadone 100mg and it helps at times but it doesint seem to even do a thing at times it can be hard to live and many times you wish not to live it seems to get only worse and worse but i respet that you have held on no matter what because it seems to be getting too much for me at times.

      • Raven says:

        Hi Chance,

        Do you realize that every time you say “I can’t” that you can’t. As many times as you’ve said “it’s getting too much” that your prayers are answered and you get “too much”?

        You have to turn you around. You’ve got to take responsibility for you. Only you can hurt you.

        You have to stop agreeing with your “habitual mind”. You have to control you and tell your habitual mind that what you’re saying to yourself is a habit. You’ve got to ask yourself “is what you’re saying really really true or is it a habit to say what you’re saying to yourself.

        You can’t go out and have someone else take over your life and tell you what to do and what to take. Like doctors for instance. Do you always agree or just think that these people are God? 16 and you’re dead?

        It does get better when you “help yourself” and let your God “help you”. But, you notice the word “help”. You’ve got to do so that you can be helped by your God.

        MMJ may or may not help. You and everyone knows that when you use MMJ your current mental conditions are either enhanced or made better. Get rid of your habitual mind and start thinking new thoughts. New positive thoughts.

        Blessed Be Chance and all His works.


      • Jenni says:

        I hope you have been very honest with your doctors when they question you about how you feel. It doesn’t do you any good to say “all right I guess”… It sounds as if you need different meds and I do hope you are being treated by a licensed psychiatrist and not the family doctor. If you want a physical, see the family doc, if you want your head straight see a shrink. That is what they did the extra years of schooling for! Please get the right help. If weed helps, than I hope it will be approved for us someday. Until that day, I’ll stick with my shrink and advocate for good mental health and whatever helps one achieve it. We need to not only legalize marijuana for medical reason but for psychological health use also!

        • David Currie says:

          I’ve been on opioids most of my life for pain, and have used marijuana too. Medical marijuana allows me to use less than half as much of the opioid meds, and the side-effects from it are positive rather than the negative side-effects opioids cause. Medical marijuana helps treat my physical pain, and also mental and spiritual pain, plus it helps me with many other things: arthritis, appetite, sleeping, etc.
          Psychiatric drugs are very damaging and do little to ease the suffering of people unfortunate enough to have mental problems. In the past (over 100 years ago), the drugs used to treat ‘mental’ problems were opiates and cannabis. There were two basic types of ‘mental’ illnesses: hysteria and melancholy – now they have invented dozens of different mental ‘illnesses’.
          Psychiatry is EVIL. Cannabis, physical activity and good diet is what cured me. Food is the only real medicine, including herbs, mushrooms, seeds, bark, roots, etc. There is a natural treatment for every ailment, while allopathic fascism (modern ‘medicine’) is designed to cause suffering and death, primarily by pushing vaccines and drugs. “”

    • Dawn-Marie says:

      I know what you mean. I have major depression and post traumatic stress. My mom developed a mental illness when I was about 4yrs. old and my family sent me to go live with my dad that I didn’t know when I was 6yrs. old.

      They didn’t know they were sending me to live with a monster. He physically, mentally, and sexually abused me for 8yrs. HE stole my virginity when I was 9 yrs. old before I even knew what it was. Got me pregnant when I was 13yrs. old and made me have an abortion. I grew up living in fear.

      Smoking Marijuana helps keep me from having flashbacks of my abuse and it helps with the panic and depression that I experience daily. I have a phobia when it comes to perscription medicine. I have so many family members who have ruined themselves over pills.

      I don’t like alchohol because I was also gang raped the first time I got drunk at the age of 12 yrs old. I was given date rape drug because I still over 20yrs later only remember bits and pieces of that night. I could go on and on but my POINT is mary-jane is my HERO!!

    • victor Llanos says:

      GOD bless you… i share your pain…. rejoice in knowing that someone in this world is praying for your health and well being…Please try to hold on if you can, Jesus is on the way! 🙂

      • Dan says:

        Yes, maybe someone is praying for us , but if Jesus is on his way, I think he’s late.
        I had my first real depessive episode 4 years ago. I did everything that my doctor’s suggested. Took all my medication, exercise , more sleep, less sleep , new meds etc.I was having trouble sleeping and felt I needed something to help me that wouldn’t make me tired the next day, something that wasn’t addictive or taste horrible the next day.
        I smoked marijuana 20 years ago for purely social situations. Don’t really know why I decided to start again but I’m glad I did. I am more energetic when it comes to getting things done around the house and my anxiety pretty much seems to to away.

        So if Jesus is on his way, can you ask him where he grew the good pot.

  • Krystle says:

    I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the only thing that helped me was weed…

  • Jeff says:

    Marijuana is a depressant. I stopped because of severe depression from it.

    My friend had severe depression. I used to smoke with people and they said they hate their lives. Whether marijuana gives you depression or not there are many harmful toxins in it.

    • STEVE G says:

      look all i know is when im not high im depressed and all ways thinking abought things i cant do nothen about.

      I feel bumbed and dont want to do nothen but sulk and gripe. But when i am high…im at ease and allways thinking of some thing to do that is constructive. and even more eager to help others.

  • MariaFocke says:

    Anything that is extremely sativa heavy means that you will have a lighter happier high instead of couch lock high which is what you get from indica heavy marijuana.

    • STEVE G says:

      he is so right…it depends on the stran of plant…with the brown weed i get more depressed…but with the green i feel happy…same goes for most hidro…it like the green stuff.

  • Jed Klemow says:

    There are varying results when treating depression with cannabis and i think its one of those situations where a doctor or professional should really be monitoring the situation. I have heard of people who benefited greatly from it, and others where the marijuana made it worse. As always please consider healthier methods of smoking by reading some vaporizer reviews.

  • aaron says:

    Studies have shown varied results on marijuana treating depression. Some users feel a great lift and relaxed state. Others can feel a paranoid state and find it unappealing. Very mixed bag on this.

    • shawn says:

      Its like pain pill ,if ur doctor give u a 100m vickitdan, and i get the shakes.U tell ur dr and he gives u a 50m pain pill instead.

      So the ones who feel a paranoid state and find it unappealing. Need to down grades to something different, so what i saying is dont give them a plant w/22% thc but say a 11% thc plant, and it may be better if u used it in their food and didnt smoke it.

      • Mysticseal says:

        Chronic pain is a valid reason but it has to be based on an examinable illness. This is the problem with chronic pain.

        I have a long history of chronic pain, multiple sugeries, x-rays of arthritic joints, and a long history of taking anti inflamatories and such. My doctors will not prescribe pain meds, which I don’t want because of the side effects, makes me eligable for med marijuana. I don’t know your history, and the hypoxia experienced with marijuana would actually make your headaches worse because the lack of oxygen by the intruduction of smoke.

        If I were you I would eat it, like in brownies. High lasts longer and is more mellow, anyway, lol.

    • STEVE G says:

      only because they have to allways look over their shoulders in fear of the cops busting them. take that away and the paranoai will go away too. i know what im talking abought. im a over 40 year user.

  • JJ says:

    One study indicated that the dosage is critical when treating depression:,2933,304996,00.html

    Serotonin levels have pronounced effects on mood, and in small doses, weed increases those levels. The controversy over pot exists because it is a recreational drug. The health risks of marijuana appear insignificant if a strict dosage protocol is observed. If increasingly large dosages are injested, any benefits disappear. Headaches, anxiety, dizziness, and significant cognitive impairment are common.

    Among smokers, lung ailments are also frequent. In this case it is obvious that a lot of a good thing is much worse than just a little. Marijuana is a powerful mood elevator and euphoric. Advocates claim that with a nonexistant toxic morbidity, marijauna is completely safe. No one makes that claim for tobacco, despite a similar profile.

  • dillon says:

    After my mom got put in jail when i was three and agian when i was eight and now im fifteen my sister and mom are goin to prison for a long time and i have had depression proplems all my life.

    I do have severe back pain as well, can medical marijuana be the answer to all the stress and pain?

    Please let me know thank you.

    • Francisco says:

      Well it Could especially on your Stress and Pain. It also Determines if you are willing too. Because Of your situation and I’m really sorry for it be smart and choose right.

      It won’t hurt you its not toxic or addictive. It you go and you believe its your only option take it slow because depression is very overwhelming. For your back pain and Stress Indica Strains help the most. Sativa is more for Clinical Depression and On sorts But you May get Both if just the certain situation of either distress. I Have Depression myself so i try my best to help others 🙂

    • robert says:

      smoke a bowl and find out

  • clloyd says:

    There are many many types of Cannabis. The two main types are Indica and Sativa.

    A pure indica will make you drowsy and numb. A pure sativa will stimulate and cause some anxiety. Then there are thousands of crosses that can be any percentage of both varieties. Thus tailoring Cannabises effects to the patients needs. So there is not a yes or no answer to this question.

    • Midknight says:

      I agree 100%. I have suffered from re-curring major depression and depression in general my whole life.

      I learned over the years that certain strains of marijuana offer relief from the living hell of depression. Depression is one of those things that if you have not experienced it you could never begin to understand the torture it brings.

      The biggest problem with using marijuana to treat it [in my area] is availability. When you have to purchase it on the street, you are limited to “that’s some good shit” as to exactly what strain it is. You have 2 choices,try to buy quantity or take the chance of the next batch making you so paranoid you give it away or throw it away. If it’s not the right stain it is useless even dangerous.

      • sam says:

        It’s only dangerous if it’s laced with pcp or something of that nature… Never is a bag of unlaced pot ‘dangerous’ that kind of terminology is not only inaccurate its also counterintuitive to our struggle. Never has a bag of pot caused me any kind of harm. Dangerous is an incorrect word to use.

      • Brittany says:

        He means that it could be dangerous to your depression, not dangerous physically and in general. It all depends on the strain. We need more dispensaries!

  • Michael S. says:

    Using marijuana for depression is a bit of a touchy subject, because marijuana general acts as a depressant. However, not all “drugs” react the same in all people.

    Just like Lexapro, Zoloft, Prozac, etc do not all work for everyone. Everyone could be diagnosed as having depression, but some people have more severe cases. The reason why I prefer marijuana is because it eases my mind for about 10-15 minutes(the euphoric “high”), then for the next 2 hours I’m able to function normally. The marijuana generally stops having any significant effect after a couple hours which is a good thing if the trigger for depression is gone and you can just go on unmedicated, rather than being in a zombie-like state that Anti-depressant psychotropic medications seem to induce.

    I am 25 years old. I see a licensed therapist every 4 weeks for Bi-polar Disorder(they tag you with this if your depressed, and sometimes get manic…) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I did not start medicating with marijuana until age 23. It also minimizes the need of anti-anxiety medication such as Alprazolam(aka Xanax) which I am also prescribed, but is highly addictive.

    • chris says:

      That sounds exactly like me I’ve suffered from depression (been diagnosed since 15y/o, Ive taken all the “legal” trash and often times felt worse. What state do you live?


  • SugarAnn says:

    I would like to say that all during menopause, the only thing that worked with out having to fill my body with all the hormone therapy that only makes me grow hair in places I don’t want it to, is to take two or three hits of a joint and all my symptoms disappeared!

    No hot flashes, no mood swings, no night sweats or chills, it truly did the trick and I know it has helped me through depression after losing my husband of twenty years! I am not one who smokes alot, in fact I only smoke it when I feel some menopausal crap creeping up on me.

    I take a hit and it’s gone. I feel that medicinal use of this drug would help alot of people who are going through any of this, yet I feel it is not for everyone who may be experiencing these symptoms, because as we all know, everyone is unique and not everyone can handle it.

    By the way is anyone paying attention to the commercials on tv for this drug and that one????? They have more side affects than what the real problem is in the first place….taking them can make you even sicker than you were to begin with. Go figure that one out. Make wise decisions where You are concerned, please!

    • michelle says:

      I have terrible migraines and it’s like a someone is stabbing me in the head repeatably and none of this medicine is not working do i qualify?

  • AGREE says:



  • JOANN says:


  • Allison says:

    Any of you can look into this website. I have been using essential oils with my family, and love them. My husband is depressed and bipolar and has been able to get off medication and just use doterra’s oils to help him. Frankincense and geranium are two really great oils. Check it out!

    • Allison says:

      Forgot to leave the website.. lol. Sorry it is Frankincense and geranium are great for depression and bipolar.. for chronic pain, deep blue! Hope you can check into it and see how amazing the essential oils really are!

  • nakoni says:

    i have chronic depression its so bad that i should actually be in the hospital for it.

    ive taken prescription medication for it many times and i always get a bad reaction to it. the ONLY thing i have found that helps is grabbing a joint and smoking it up. i feel relieved and happy to be alive then and i can actually think about my problems without feeling bad and being sent into the tornado as i call it. (tornado is pretty much a depression that just gets worse and worse till u hit rock bottom and u cant fight ur way out of) im 19 years old and ive had this sort of depression since i was 13 years old.

    ive been smoking marijuana since i was 16. its been a major help and savior to myself i have confidence and determination where there used to be none at all. thank you is all i can say

  • I don’t think that prescribing marijuana to a healthy 20 year old could solve his depression problems, but prescribing it to someone who has to fight cancer or other terrible disease (who has to confront with real issues) seems to make sense.

    • ryankerri says:

      I have a question. IF you are a legalized patient from another state, and have your RX for pot, and are “caught” with it on your possession in a state where medical marijuana is NOT legal; can you be in legal trouble, or do they have to honor the fact that you are permited to have medical marijuana in your home state? Just curious. Anyone know?

    • Stoner says:

      this is for whoever replied to Nakoni under the name “weed quotes”…
      Fxxx YOU!!! until you exprerience for yourself the type of anger, hurt, and pain that comes wit depression and/or other mental illness’ you have no right to say that cancer paitents are better candidates for medicinal marijuana because they “have to confront with real issues.” If you ever are faced with depression, no matter what the severity, i hope you are torn apart through it and will think back to this message you worhtless piece of shit.

      i understand and agree completely. Weed is the only thing that works for me. I am sick and fuckin tired of idiots that think they understand what the fuck is goin on in everyone’s lives.

    • JMO says:

      How is it not a real issue when that 20year old blows their brains out, and it could of possibly been prevented with the use of marijuana.

      Iv taken antidepressants and none of them compare to the relief i get when using marijuana.

      Ps Lambo go eat a dxxx, not wasting anymore of my time on these ruhtards

    • Mourning Glory says:

      I was a “healthy” 17 year old when I began having real issues with depression.

      It was so bad that after 264 pills with a bottle of Jack Daniels, I was clinically dead for several minutes. Over several years and “let’s try this pill” I didn’t get better. In fact some of the side effects I was cursed with from modern man’s chemistry set are still with me over 20 years later.

      I have also been in 3 severe car accidents. After going through a laundry list of pain killers (including morphine, dilauded, vicodin, etc.) I was given one that gave enough relief I could lay there without screaming. But that lovely little item came at a huge cost to my health…I had a heart attack because Man thinks they can make “it better”.

      I say bullshit. I should have trusted in the creations that God has put on this Earth in the first place.
      The point I am trying to make is Misery is Misery and who are we to judge how much misery a person should have to live through before they are entitled to some relief.

      There will always be those few that use just because they want to, those same types of [people are the ones that may resort to abusing prescriptions because they want to. However, the majority are those trying to enjoy their human rights. Remember those? Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

    • pence says:

      To the comment that medical marijuana should only be given to those with “real” illnesses.

      I`ve been struggling with depression for at least 30 years. Marijuana IS the only way for me to be able to carry on with my life such as it is.Don`t get me wrong,it helps greatly with my physical pain,and i haven`t smoked for all those years. I started after my children were grown and on their own.I don`t always have it and the days without are almost unbearable.

      Can I do without it? Sure, but the depression gets worse,and stays that way,until I smoke again. Does it solve all my issues? No. But there is no denying that my quality of life is better with than without. Ever think about suicide? I don`t when I smoke.

      Thank you for having an open mind and realize that depression IS a real illness!!!

  • lambo says:

    i have a severe problem too, fxxx heads like you. oh iknow what is right for me no one else does. i hurt all the time cuz im a pussy. so what i need is weed all the time… thats all u fxxxxn weed smokers say, yet when an individual drinks more than a few every night to get through life its a disease. f u all basterds

    • steven says:

      So this is a reply to lambo. I get the feeling that your someone who blames all you sad life’s problems on someone or something ealse. if you dont like it dont go bashing people for it. you dont have the issuses they do. And if you have a couple drinks every day so what, its when it takes control and you need it to exist vwhen it becomes a problem, oh amd by the way i dont smoke marijuana so good luck flippin out on me in a response….. Go get a drink and chill…

    • Kol says:

      Smoking pot does not make one a pussy.

      I know many people whos doctors, if illinois allowed it, would perscribe them marijuana. Infact my best friend is twenty-one and has had signs of developing early glocoma since we were in high school. Marijuana lowers his eye pressure, same thing his eye drops do.

      I have a deteriorating spine bone, the pain can get stupid and bud helps relax me so i can sleep, pain medication does nothing to help it and it will only get progresivly worse.

      Lambo, i would like to see your alcohol do that, after your done, stumbling, sluring, and making a complete fool of yourself. Alcohol kills around 80,000 people a year. Our plant isn’t hurting anyone. If you have to talk smack about other peoples personal issues and not be able to deal with your own OH MY LIFE IS SO HARD bs then you should take your disease to a therapist and get yourself some help.

      Nobody likes a smack talking ignorant drunk who thinks he knows OH so much about pain telling them they are pussies. Its pathetic and you don’t know sh*t.

      You should take your degrading opinion elsewhere, so other ignorant people like yourself can enjoy the sqwaking none of us want to hear. I’m sure you found this websight by mistake.

    • pence says:

      Oh,and by the way,what do you call yourself for drinking just to get through life? Alcohol is a crutch,my friend so you are a pussy for using it to escape real life because you can`t handle real problems. Seek professional help.

  • james says:

    hi. i was in a car accident 2 years ago. i made it out lucky only to have a bad back. As for other back patients you know how bad it hurts and how limited your abilities are. i cannot stand in place for more than 5 minutes without taking a rest.

    1 week ago i tripped on a cable cord and fell down my basement steps. i couldent stand and thought this time i was done for. luckily my girlfriend was here to help me up and out. i went to urgent care that day and today. long story short I CANNOT TAKE PILLS. FLEXERIL VICODIN WHATEVER THEY MAKE ME VOMIT FOR HOURS UPON HOURS EVEN ASPRIN. if a smoke a little weed its like magic.

    i mean MAGIC! no pain what so ever! at first i thought “yea right people are going to abuse this whole medical marijuana thing” but no the grass wroks better than any drug some scientists make in some lab. i do not have an regular doctor because i dont have OHP. What do i do? what are my steps to apply for medical marijuana? thank you

  • Michelle says:

    I have used it in the past. I suffer from severe social anxiety. As well as chronic migraines and until recently what seems to be rare Fibromyalgia flares. Recently they’ve gotten worse and more frequent. I haven’t had them diagnosed as such yet but when described those I know who have been agreed it sounds right.

    I have found that for three of these the occasional smoke has been a huge help. The only job I was able to keep for a significant amount for time was one where I was able to take a minute or two throughout the day and have some.

    As it was my job to run the register and keep track of the profits, this was a huge help. When the company came to run the numbers, mine were dead-on. Obviously, it was in every way helpful and not in the least detrimental.

    I would love to see it become legal where I live, as well as on the federal level.

  • Eric says:

    I suffer from cronic pain and Canabis allows me to live a higher quality of life. I have been smoking or eating it for at least 30 years,and the only thing I regret is that the Fedral, state, and county goverments come down on people for using it.
    Thank goodness for THC.

  • Kelly Baker says:

    I have chronic pain and have had for many years now. The opoids are really too hard on my body. The mmj has been a lifesaver for the pain and suffering I go through on a daily basis. I got my card and use legal mmj about 2-3 times daily, has been quite effective.

    I do not believe depression or bipolar is on the list of diagnosis of which one may have a mmj card in Washington state, but it sure has helped mine a great deal more than the meds they give out do!

    I am so sick of being treated like an idiot when it comes to my pain, like I don’t know what I need, but try to get what a person needs from a doctor. Well, now I do finally have exactly what I need, and the best part is the generosity that goes along with the recommendation, I mean, 24 oz. and 15 plants?

    Are you kidding me? That is more than would even make me comfortable for a long time, if ever, since its been so illegal for so long. And, I would hate to have the upper end and the feds come in and it stick or something!!!

    But, at least noone is telling me 3 puffs now, then in 4 hrs 3 puffs, etc, and urine testing!!! I love the freedom! And, most of all the effectiveness!!!

    I’m almost 40 years old discovering how wonderful pot is! I smoked it when I was younger, but I didnt need it medicinally until now, and I just cant say enough about it!!!

  • snaps44 says:


    I was told the opposite, that for depression or pain I should use the Indica, as sativa based will give me a “head high”

    I am looking at marijuana as an option for pain relief and depression – I have not smoked any marijuana since my youth, so I am gathering as much info as I can.

    Mavis: I too have been in recovery from alcoholism for 25 years and believe the marijuana would be medicinal, and don’t feel it would jeopardize my sobriety(I was never a pot smoker)
    Can you let me know what type of marijuana helps with your depression and anxiety? I really would love to decrease the amount of anxiety meds I have to use.



  • Paul says:

    Now that I’ve had my vehicle accident which I fell asleep after after a 12hr shift on the drilling rigs and crashed my truck suffering severe head injuries to put me into a wheelchair.

    Although I can’t walk on my own I use a walker currently to walk because of my head injuries. Marijuana is almost like the drug BOTOX but way,way cheaper because foe for my arm to get the 5 needles of BOTOX its $400 dollars fors alittle needle of BOTOX so 4X5=$2000.00 for BOTOX every 3 months I so that my arm will hopefully go back to the position and usefulness that it once had I hope so.

    And I told my doctor that I had used marijuana and how much it relieved my arm just like BOTOX and he said “NO” when I asked for medical marijuanas use, he then said because “Because it gets used in the wrong ways”.

    I personally have been helped out quite significantly because of use marijuana after my brain injury I have found it very much relieving to my affected arm and my body.

  • dakota says:

    Can you get medical pot FOR mental depression and bipolar?

  • Digby says:

    My father has genuinely negative anxiety and depression.. One strain that I’ve personally smoked and given my father that seemed to work really well for him (he went from taking quite a few nerve pills 3-5 each day to 0-1 per day right after smoking this in location of them. Not many seedbanks have it as I’ve been out of stock. The strain is known as Strawberry Cough

    I have the mandala strains are excellent for anxiety but have not personally experienced them.

  • Anthony says:

    I’ve been doing some research on google, and came to this. I’ve been evaluated today and found out I have depression. I originally went to see if I had insomnia. My sleeping pattern is all over the charts! And I’ve been prescribed 2 different medications. One for I’m pretty sure is a mood enhancement & the other I take b4 sleep.

    Basically I’m trying to get my sleep on track here. To get out of this life I’m currently livng. What I want to know is, is my depression eligible for getting a medical marijuana card? I live in Southern California. Almost alllll my friends have one. . Its crazy. They make it sound easy, but I’ve tred once & got declined. But now I’ve seen a doctor? I heard I don’t hve to take the meds if I don’t want to.

    That is if the marijuana works for me, Which it does. Its uplifting to me(my soul) ya know. The doc did tell me this. . That the weed is more like a temporary bandage. That made a lot of sence to me, and its true. I would very much so like to use marijuana than take “mood enhancements” I’m fine with taking the pills that should help me clear my mind to sleep, not too fond of the enhancements though. . . Sorry for the book I just wrote lol I need to know.

  • Mavis says:

    I have suffered from a lot of diagnosed mental illnesses.

    Medication has never gone good for me because I am a health conscious person and I could feel their toxicities. I am also a recovering alcoholic and trying marijuana is a no no for us. The truth is that before I got into “recovery” I had used marijuana successfully as medicine. I was not in recovery however and drank again almost fatally. But when I am sober I suffer terribly with depression and anxiety. I have been sober a long time, on and off psych meds, with little help from them. My friends know I suffer a lot. Another suffering alcoholic tried medical marijuana and told me it had improved the quality of his life more than he ever imagined.

    I am on 1 puff a day, sometimes 2. That’s it. Every time I smoke I experience a change of perception that allows me to feel like a part of life. I can see how I’ve been hurting myself. I become more alive and want to participate with life more. My physical pain goes away. I think most people over use pot and that is where it gets a bad rap. On one or two hits a day it does not give the negative side effects like munchies, fatigue, or anxiety. In fact I have not had one anxiety attack since I started with the one hit. I even go a day without it here and there.

    It doesn’t take much at all to bring on a perspective, like a brain chemical changing substance that really does change how my brain works for a lasting period. Actually I think that pot allows me to access a part of my brain I am not using and let the other part rest. I learn to use this other part. This life affirming part and learn to leave the negative one alone. I have hopes that I may not need marijuana one day even and I’ll tell you, this is coming from a person that has spent many a year hopeless and been hospitalized because I could not trust myself with my life.

    So far this experiment using marijuana has been a life saver and so it goes for my friend who turned me on to it. I continue to be in recovery with other addicts and alcoholics. I consider what I do to be purely medicinal.

  • Netta Hart says:

    I suffer from depression and bipolar & I have lupus.

    I noticed when I partake in a marijuana ritual, it keeps me from lashing out, feeling sorry for my self, and not wanting to live on this planet. And it also aids in reduction of the aches, pains & stiffness associated with the lupus. I don’t need much, and I am good for a couple of days.

    Traditional medicine is not good and causes way to many sideeffects, that sometimes makes my situation far worse off.

  • Van-Can says:

    With due respect, I’m not sure that hyperhidrosis (previous post) understands the physical side effects of depression, which can and often do include lack of appetite and chronic pain symptoms.

    Those people with chronic depression who are fortunate enough to have access to medical (or other) marijuana, including me, can find a great deal of relief from those symptoms through its use. When my depression is severe, marijuana, not my anti-depressants, stimulate my appetite so that I can eat more than a few meagre bites, and diminish my physical pain enough to get my chores done.

    I hope the medical community invests both money and time in researching the benefits of marijuana for many medical/health issues.

  • Hayden says:

    Sativa heavy marijuana should be used with patients with depression. Anything that is extremely sativa heavy means that you will have a lighter happier high instead of couch lock high which is what you get from indica heavy marijuana.

  • Jayden says:

    I have suffered from severe depression for almost eight years, with suicidal tendencies and a number of attempts on my own life.

    After two years of smoking pot, I can’t even begin to describe how much it helps me cope with it. It should not be used as a crutch – no drug should – but I absolutely know it helps me, and it very likely can help other people.

    Some people react differently to the same medicine, and people should use what works for them… now, if someone were to say that they use cocaine to treat depression, I’d walk out of the room laughing.

  • No, medical marijuana is not effective in depression. medical marijuana is currently indicated only for glaucoma, poor appetite and adjunctive relief of pain associated with cancer or chronic pain syndromes.

  • bill bystry says:

    For 20 yrs i used my home grown along with a daily running routine to ward off depression.

    The D.E.A. raided my simple personal manufacturing operation at a great cost to my family, me & state coffers, truely shameful to all.

    Just think of the ramificatins of leagalizing cannabis -alcoholic drink sales, cigarette sales, various prescription sales for pain -physical, mental ,drastic reduction of cost associated with inforcement of cannibis laws from growers to prisoners and so very much between .

    We would have a much happier & much better place to live life. Presently i’m off my 10 yrs of mind altering anti depressants & would once again enjoy a blissful joint. advice welcome!

  • Michael O Carroll says:

    I am a former Police Officer, Medically Discharged with PTSD after a bad crash.

    I tried hasish, at the recommendation of a friend (he’s an actuary bty), when every legal drug failed me.

    I used to forget to take my medication, and have terrible mood swings. Now I have a joint in the morning, get the boys up out of bed and ready for school. When all are gone I carry out my housework (stay at home dad :-).

    I also have a joint in the evening before bed. No more crash nightmares, no more mood swings. Just a contented, perfectly functional stay at home father, with a working wife and four beautiful, well adjusted boys.

    P.S For all those wondering, I iron, cook and Mamma taught me well!! Lol.

  • mikey bidelman says:

    I have smoked to help with depression tons before. I find that itis extremely relaxing and helps allot more than regular meds do.

  • Phil says:

    I have used drugs for depession with very little benefit and lots of bad side effects. I support the use of marijuana for bi-polar and depression. If it is supervised by a doctor then the problems that may arise can be dealt with. Much less side effects with MJ than all the pharmaceutical crap.

  • Kipcdv says:

    I’m also 56 — was diagnosed w/ bi-polar 5 1/2 years ago. Given all kinds of Rx meds and almost all came w/ miserable side effects. Doctors ordered to stick w/ meds and hope for better long-term benefit. What a joke… Haven’t used pot even though family/friends strongly suggest. Insurance covers most of my drug company scripts — some w/ hefty price tags.

    Yet, getting a medical marijuana card in CO can be an exercise in futility if you don’t know the right people/docs. (I don’t, and started process in May, 2010. Doctor didn’t fill out form to state’s liking in the first two applications – and am now in wait mode (for up to 4 months) for app number three.) Even if I do get a card, the costs for growing or buying is way beyond the costs I’d be shelling out for any drug company offerings. Again, what a joke….

    Americans are so focused on all those damn illegal immigrants coming across the border. Yet, illegal immigrants aren’t the real problem south of the border — it’s the Mexican drug cartels shipping massive quantities of marijuana north. And what most Americans are unwilling to acknowledge is that it’s the good ‘ole USA that’s at the center of this problem. If we weren’t so dependent on buying cartel marijuana and paying for it w/ US cash and US guns – much of the border war and mindless killings would go away.

    Yes, the illegals would still be crossing the border in hope for a better life; but here’s a thought, why not punish the ones who HIRE instead of those who desire? (Meg XXX who ran for CA Governor had an illegal maid for nine years and then fired the woman just before she threw her hat in the ring. Meg spent $140+ million of her own money in her attempt to be Governor — but not a PENNY after getting caught for hiring/employing an undocumented worker for nine years.

    (Of course those on the far right (enjoying their cup of tea at this very moment) are quick to blame the undocumented maid because she (OMG) lied on her application.)) If we (who live in the greatest country on earth) grew our own marijuana, kept our greenbacks at home buying our homegrown marijuana, and most importantly kept our guns & ammo north of the border — the deaths piling up in Mexico wouldn’t result in so much blood on our hands. (Most Americans have no clue as to what that red substance covering their hands really is…)

    I can only wait for the day that our kids (and grand kids) have a greater impact on federal/state laws == and bring common sense to this issue. Until then, a narrow group of older baby boomers will continue to work w/ their friends in office (and lobbyist) out of personal greed and NOT THE GREATER GOOD need. For now, taking “happy puffs” can land you in jail/prison – even if you possess a medical marijuana card. (It only takes one over-zealot fed employee to bring your “happy” (mentally & financially) world to an abrupt end.

  • the world needs to smoke it., at least once before they can judge people who do smoke it

  • i udnerstadn the context of smoking amrijuana may casue some people to become depressed, but i have beeen smoking since i was twelve, and i have yet to be depressed. Maybe you need to get out more when your high. It is an experince that most people wouldn’t understand unless they are faced with the same predicament.

  • Bob says:


    “people think marijuana can make you feel depressed”

  • aaxman says:

    Hello, im 56 and have a personality disorder that my therapist said would turn me into a bi-polar mess if i didnt take the meds that a shrink said i needed.

    I didnt take them and Im not a mess and I dont go to therapy anymore. Im a toker, Im a full functioning parent, grandparent, and work everyday and have great references from everyone that has worked with me.

    I say, “some people get up and take thier happy pills, and some people get up and take thier happy puffs.” If the pills work use em, if they don’t, try the medical marijuana. It works for more people than anyone realizes.

  • CRY BOS says:

    I have severe depression as well it comes and goes but it happens at all times in my life good days and bad days employed unemployed happyly married unhappyly married etc etc etc etc.

    AZ prop 203 passed but it states specific illnes’. How far do you think I would get with a petition I can get plenty of singnatures but how far do you think it could go?

  • mike D. says:

    Its horrible when they placed me on fentanyl pain patches I nearly died from leaky patches twice and they wouldn’t even listen to me about that !

    I cant take them any longer as it left me more damaged ! They cut on nerves in my back and use shots that break my bones down to severe easy breakage.They don’t care about that ! They tell me oh we got this new proceedure we can cut those nerves in your back and know I have had already years of cortizone shots and its long in my records years back no more cortizone shots, but they send me to a doctors tio cut my nerves and get my hopes up high.

    When i finnaly go to the appointment ; The doctors tells me I have to have the cortizone shots first to authorize the cutting of the nurves latter if the cortizone shots don’t work. I have 12 conditions of severe suffering. I feel like a rat handed over to all the scientists to watch me die over their tests and trials they put me through and not a one of them can see what they have done to me leaving me messed up like you would not believe all so each could make their paychecks.

    I am a rat and nothing less ! I served my country and have all those injuries and long back I tried some marijuana and it helped me So very dearly !

    But I was not to touch it or they will take my home away from me as well my retired disabled pay. What is this from our country did to me ? I have studied the facts marijuana is the lesser of evils when you compare the pain meds they tried on me. What they did a long time ago was demonized it along with the other hippies uses of bad drugs so it got this evil name. I feel it should be aloud for medicinal uses for the severe suffering.

    When I was at my grandfathers farm as a 5 1/2 year old child the season came to burn what was not being used for ropes for the Navy. I remember the gentle relaxed feelings ! That was just one time. Grandpa smoked it year round and he was 100 x’s better to me then all these doctors whom had hurt me.

    Their killing me ! all these doctors I am no more to them a money making machine till I am dead ! I am 55 years old and like a 89 yeard old whom can hardly move around. Sincerely The rat for their lively hoods to get rich on. I SERVED MY COUNTRY !

  • Eric says:

    Well put Sean, That goes Ditto for me.

    As said on a recent documentary “There is no other medicine, perscribable or not, that can provide the QUALITY OF LIFE that marijuana can.”

  • Kathleen says:

    Shock treatment is effective for severe depression due to short term memory loss properties, thus it makes perfect sense that marijuana is an effective treatment for depression.

  • Sean says:

    Medical weed helps me i suffer from depression and get suicidal, weed lifts off those feelings i feel normal i can go outside i can work i can be with my friends. Without medical weed where would I be? It is the best medication dont let no body tell you different it has been proven.

    Tod Mikuriya, MD, a psychiatrist and medical coordinator, cowrote in the 1997 book Marijuana Medical Handbook:

    The power of cannabis to fight depression is perhaps its most important property.

  • qwerty says:

    I have a question to all the answers.
    First let me tell you that I do like marijuana, and smoke almost every day.

    Here is the question:
    Is it possible that because we smoke weed we are so depressed? I see people telling that they have a hard time at school or can’t get a job. Isn’t marijuana the cause and the solution to our problems??

    Keep the rock & roll style!!

  • derek says:

    i believe that smoking may have its bads and goods. i also know that as far as depression goes, it always got me thru it. its like a medicine that helps me, and it also has never interfered with my responsibilities as an adult.

  • Eric says:

    I’m also in highschool and i’ve been smoking pot since i was 10. I have depression and i think that it helps me out alot. It just makes me more happy. That’s why i always try to get Pandora’s Box. Please legalize marijuana in New Hampshire!
    Stay High.

  • David says:

    So im in highschool, it’s a very stressful place for me.. I usually end up going home because of severe and frequent rage outbursts.. I smoke pot…alot! It helps with my anger and also helps me sleep and eat better… without weed, im a mess, all the time… i put my family through hell. Weed is my drug:) it helps with everything that goes wrong in my life… without pot, i’d probably be dead…

  • ponderosa says:

    ok i have severe depression. I just got fired 2months ago and havent found work yet. ive tried everythig and anything. i was on zoloft until i became too immune to it. the one thing that helps me cope with this parasitic world is smoking.

    i smoke everyday all day long. i cant function with out it. I need atleast one blunt aday. Otherwise i realize how useless i am and how worthless my life is. I’m on a constant down slope but i stay kicking cause of weed. I’m what u call a weedologist. I know so much about it. It does help me alot. The dopeamine the thc birngs out is enough to make me feel….well human. I have a bad temper that i can control while high. Sober im one mean prick.

    • Kim says:

      Please can you tell me the best kind or the best mix. I have mild depression but it’s enough to keep me functioning.

      Thanks so much,


  • Kiki says:

    Every weekday I have to…

    Wake up about 6ish, have my quiet time to convince myself to get up
    Get out of bed before 0730-8ish, make coffee, take my Blood pressure and my weight for the morning

    Take the following prescribed medicines:
    10mg Lisinopril as an ACE inhibitor
    25mg Coreg as an alpha/beta blocker
    81mg Baby Aspirin as a blood thinner
    20mg Adderall XR an Amphetamine and to keep me interactively awake and for Adult Attention-Deficit disorder
    20mg Celexa as an anti-depressant(I haven’t taken in several months), along with several dietary and herbal supplements to help aid with my medications.

    “Shit, shower & shave” before 0830
    put on a hot ass uniform, combat boots and black wool beret in 90-100 degree weather

    Leave for work… oh grab some kind of breakfast item & get to formation by 0845

    0900-1130 my choices are volunteer work/internship or go to school, besides my Cardiology, Primary Care/Women’s health or Substance Abuse Treatment appointments

    Interact and participate in redundant mandatory training classes; mandatory “fun” days…

    I have an assigned battle buddy, squad leader, platoon sergeant, first sergeant, commander, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurse case managers
    My schedule is filled with so much self-help crap, that I’m exhausted at the thought of it all!

    1130-1300 lunch or nap?
    1300-1600 my choices are volunteer work/internship or go to school, besides my Cardiology, Primary Care/Women’s health or Substance Abuse Treatment appointments

    Get home 1630-1700ish, shower, relax, find something low sodium/high calorie for dinner and 2130-2200 get prepared to do it all again tomorrow

    I joined the Army to be better, faster, stronger and most of all… Dashun gets every benefit available, education, health care, etc.

    I was 18yrs old in Excellent physical condition, didn’t drink or smoke cigarettes but smoked weed recreationally with friends. Now, I’m 28yrs old with Idiopathic(means they don’t know how it happened) Dilated Cardiomyopathy(enlarged left ventricle contributing to poor blood pumping function)… & tired 90% of the day. I smoked weed nowadays just get through this… “test” mentally. Uncle Sam thinks I have a problem with Marijuana, when infact only it is he that has that particular problem.

    I am a starving depressed neurotic hypocondriac, trying to add calories and subtract sodium in my diet.

    Not to mention the fact that, all of sudden, I’m useless to the Army and now I’m being laid off ….

    I’ve been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety disorder and Major Depressive disorder per my last psyche evaluation.

    I’m depressed because my life sucks Everyday and it’s the Army’s fault

    I’m depressed because I can’t involve my family in any of my work “fun day” functions

    I’m depressed because I use Facebook to stay somewhat connected to my family and friends

    I have anxiety because I have to keep playing the role until Uncle Sam lets me go

    I have anxiety because I have a life altering situation that prohibits me from doing the things I want to, eating food I want to eat…

    I have anxiety because I just want to let go, let God and get on with my life, hang out & actually enjoy time with MY family and friends

    All the classes, briefing, sessions, pep talks in the world isn’t going to make this affliction go away… I found my own way to deal/cope with it and I’ve been punished for it… twice.

    I just chose to do the wrong thing… I’m not thinking of my son’s well-being… 10yrs of my life, limb & eyesight dedicated to the Army and I get this from my Chain of Command.
    Every day I find the strength and courage to get out of my bed, instead of lay there and cry….

    I was SGT(P) Moffatt-Garcia…
    No one is more professional than I. I am a Noncommissioned Officer, a leader of soldiers. As a Noncommissioned Officer, I realize that I am a member of a time honored Corps, which is known as “The Backbone of the Army.”

    I am proud of the Corps of Noncommissioned officers and will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit upon the Corps, the Military Service and my country regardless of the situation in which I find myself. I will not use my grade or position to attain pleasure, profit or personal safety…

    Competence is my watch-word. My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind-accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of my soldiers. I will strive to remain tactically and technically proficient. I am aware of my role as a Noncommissioned Officer. I will fulfill my responsibilities inherent in that role. All soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership; I will provide that leadership. I know my soldiers and I will always place their needs above my own. I will communicate with my soldiers and never leave them uninformed. I will be fair and impartial when recommending both punishment and rewards.

    Officers in my unit will have maximum time to accomplish their duties; they will not have to accomplish mine. I will earn their respect and confidence as well as those of my soldiers. I will be loyal to those with whom I serve; seniors, peers and subordinates alike. I will exercise initiative by taking the appropriate action in the absence of orders. I will not compromise my integrity nor my moral courage. I will not forget, nor will I allow my comrades to forget that we are professionals, Noncommissioned officers, leaders!

    Guess all that means nothing now… so be it… I just want to go home.

  • conour says:

    there are strains that you should never smoke with depression and anxiety but there are also strains that will really help such as some strains of kush and strawberry cough that help and anxietys but do not go out and smoke some random weed to help depression because it most likely wont but if you do want to smoke weed to help depression/anxiety look up strains that will help first and stay away from dro cuz omg that will keep u on the edge badly.

  • Arlene says:

    Three out of my 11 siblings suffer from bi-polar disorder.

    I used marijuana from the age of 17 to mid 40’s and then went on to Zoloft, Celexa and Wellbutrin. Dr’s stoped Zoloft and Celeza and I had to recently stop the last of these drugs, Wellbutrin, due to a change of medical insurance at work.

    I would like to try medical marijuana but do not know where to start. Can anyone help me on where to start in the Seattle/So King Co area. Before prescription drugs I was doing fine stabilizating my depression with MJ but got worse with prescriptions.

  • randy fleming says:

    Dear Jess, I feel for you and wish you well. My point- yes, use the weed to help, but try learning from it. Don`t put yourself in a “weedbox”. As you gain experience, and learn from it, one day, perhaps, you will only need it to bolster or just relax and enjoy your new found health. Good luck, RF

  • James says:

    I have followed the progression of the usage of marijuana and now the approval for medicinal usages and am excited to see a trend developing, highlighting the positives of marijuana versus just the negatives.

    How many times will all of us be subjected to relentless pharmacological advertising for a prescription medication that provides the side effects that in many cases include every conceivable risk other than permanent disability or death but have to tolerate that the drug is considered a benefit for the user?

    If we were to list THC as a pharmacological agent, we could look at the upside an downsides it has to offer in the same light. Yes inhaling smoke is a carcinogen so it needs to be recognized. Yes there are many positive benefits on the plus side that also should be highlighted.

    In the end, when you compare the up and downside potential for marijuana usage, compared to legal and nationally advertised drugs, it would definitely not be any worse in a worst case scenario and in many cases, be far better accepted by the patient and body than many of these other drugs.

    The U.S. and global economies are still reeling from aftermath of the Great Recession that has not begun to create jobs in the fashion recoveries in the past have been able to. States find themselves with the worst deficits in half a century with the National Government not doing much to alleviate the problems.

    What would happen if we legalized the usage of Marijuana?
    For starters, the DEA budget would be reduced dramatically. Costs associated with patrolling borders and other entry points would be cut dramatically. Lives would be saved from gun fights over drug turf and the gangs that strong arm the black market and are responsible for killings, would be cut off at the ankles, similar to the bootleggers of alcohol after prohibition was lifted. In retrospect, prohibition did not work and we as a nation should learn from this.

    In the end, if people continue to desire Marijuana and give their hard earned or saved money to dealers in order to acquire the agent for consumption and with the Federal Government and State Governments in such financial dire straights, why not just LEGALIZE IT?

    It is the 3rd biggest crop in the U.S. behind rice and corn and it is illegal. Give the revenue to the states and Federal Government and control the quality and enforce laws regarding illegal usage when operating heavy equipment, driving and all other applicable activities, along with the sale to inappropriate buyers but LEGALIZE IT AND GET DONE WITH IT….


  • Lisa says:

    I want to thank each and everyone of you wonderful people for the posts that you have put on this website for me to read.

    In my earlier post I had commented on having a son who has traumatic brain injury, ADHD symtoms, anxiety, depression, and severe mood swings where he becomes very angry and aggitated. He has been on every med for ADHD as well as those for Bi-Polar, depression and anxiety with no relief only a long list of side effects and worsening symptoms.

    I have done a lot of research on the use of cannibas for these such ailments and as of two weeks ago threw out all of his prescription meds and allow him to smoke.

    We live in Arizona and they are about to cast votes in November for the legalization of medical marijuana. I would love to see that happen as he will be able to obtain a card and I wouldn’t have to feel like a horrible mother allowing him to partake in illegal activity.

    I can tell you what makes me extrememl angry is that we could go to any doctor and get as much adderall, ritalin, xanax and any other pill to help him feel better but something as natural as marijuana is a big no no.

    Marijuana has given me my son back. Days were filled with him wanting to die, not liking himself, an inability to function in school, and major explosive mood swings where I could not calm him down to name a few have ended. He had horrible acne and had a type of OCD which made him pick at his head and scalp until they bled has also gone away thanks to the marijuana.

    I have gotten overy the guilty feeling as his mother, I help and support him with makes him feel better. I wonder how many other parent who had children that have been medication resistent would feel the same way. I would rather have my child smoke than to wake up one day and find out they had taken their own life because they were so tired of feeling miserable. I appreicate any feedback and enjoy reading others success with the use of marijuana.

  • Merry says:

    I think I most certainly suffer from sort of depresion, I am a functioning adult for sure, high pressure job, single new home owner, dog owner.

    Sometimes though I get in a huge funk, a stupor, that I just can not start or finish any task, I feel overwhlemed, I will get behind at work and in my housework, I have motivation to get tings done, I am far from lazy, but there is roadblock in my way.

    When I smoke pot (which is usually in spurts smoke for few days in row maybe 1x or 2x a month), that roadblock is lifted, I get so much done, my life runs like I think it should, it runs with a sense of ease. I am not put in a manic state but I accomplish lots and lots of tasks, never rest, I am focused, I can concentrate, things run smoothly.

    I have never seen a Dr. for my conidtion, I am adverse to prescription drugs in general, but pot has it’s drawbacks, price, legality, munchies, I tend to buy crazy things when I am high, and it can really impair your alertness when driving.

  • Bloodline says:

    Jessica darlin’, I hope that you find your peace, life is precious and you know this:)

  • Jeff says:

    This is in reply to the last comment..

    Life does suck. In the grand scheme of things we are nothing. But that doesn’t mean we should give up hope.

    Life can be amazing no matter what the predicament.

    That kid was born with a rare skin disease that normally is fatal from birth.

    His skin constantly sheds, and he has to put lotion on 7 times a day, and tube feed himself pure protien every night while he sleeps.

    He not only survived, but he competes in triathalons, and swims a mile in the ocean every day, even though the salt water burns his skin.

    Picture having your skin turned inside out basically.. Since birth…

    At the end of the day it’s will to live.

    It’s not about what’s happend to us, but about how bad we want to live.

    We can be depressed about it all day, or we can find a way to get through it.

    That kid could have gave up. He could have easily just did absolutely nothing for the rest of his life, and no one would blame him for it.

    But with his rare skin disease, he does more by 8 am, than most people do their entire week..

    As I said.. It’s about how you choose to live. Nothing more.

  • Jessica says:

    I was in a drunk driving car reck 20 days after i turned 16 on August 21st 2004.

    I was laying there unconcious w the driver telling the ladies whose house we crashed, not to call the cops, “we’re fine.” They did and i was rushed to the hospital w being on a trake for 14+ hrs, the doc’s getting ready to pull the plug and call me dead gone!

    I caught onto the air being pumped in & out of me was then still hooked up to it just incase i stopped breathing again. I then had a feeding tube in me because the trake was in my throat for 2 and a 1/2 months. When i was released i went to a group home to see if id be capable of living at my home. Once i arrived back home, i was admitted to rehab up the street around the corner for 8 months+.

    I had a few ignorant a** therapyst’s who judged upon looks, NOT FACTS! One time, i had it w one of them, picked my sh** up from their desk and walked home like fu** you for real real. I lost all my friends & only have a few now.

    Life sucks and alotta the time i wish i WAS dead ann had not come back, less stress on the whole world. I have MAJOR MAJOR depression where it feels like my 2 sisters and broter don’t want sh** to do with me or are embarrased to be with me at all or something.

    Ill have outbursts of extreme anger where ill take my right fist and punch the fu** out of my chest until it kills and is all bruised looking, like i feel feel feel the pain and its better than my other pain(s) both physically and mentally. I mean, i made it further in a quick amount of time than anyone thought i would be able to but still, life for me i feel BLOWS.

    I want out like MURDER me please, i BEG of you…ive even thought about killing myself somehow. Im on drugs for preventing seizures, depression, have tried about 4 & I have had side effects and no real help for the depression from them.

    My mood, headache prevention I was getting severe migraines wich i still do, jus not as often. Like im stuck in a box and i want OUT! When i toke it calms me down, gets my mind off of bogus, relieves any pain im feeling and so on.

    Some days, i dont want to even take my pills or feel like dumping them in the trash OR even jus taking them ALL @ once od’ing on them…..i wouldnt do this to hurt any of my family, but to make them realize that that is how i REALLY do feel and maybe theres no fixing my problem. Enough with all my talk, everyone have a nice day:)

  • Gabrielle says:

    Hey, I was wondering if I could get a marijuana card in Massachusettes, because I’ve been very depressed lately.

    My dad’s been an alcoholic since before I was born and he was recently put in jail… again. I’ve been crying so much and I always had to help him stand up when he’s drunk and all that.

    Well, before my father was put in jail, two police men came into my house and took my weed away. I live in a small town in the woods, but my mom is kicking me out of the house for my behaveral problems. I don’t know why I do the things I do, but when I smoke weed I’m a much better person and it’s the only thing that helps me stop crying. My crying keeps me up at night, and sometimes it even wakes me up.

    I seriously need to know if I can get a marijujana card at 14 from a psychiatrist in Massachusettes with my mother’s permission…

    Thanks very much.

  • Sandra says:

    Lisa…..another mom here that allows her teen to smoke cannabis.

    Daughter is Rapid cycling bi-polar, as well she has defiance disorder, and was diagnosed with childhood depression before she was 8. It has only gotten worse, especially after her brother killed himself at age 15.

    After his death, I tried weed myself. And I knew she was smoking it on occasion, she would always tell me why she was so calm and happy…but I still thought it was “evil”.

    Now I KNOW what is evil! All the damn drugs that she was being perscribed most of her life! Each and everyone of them dangerous and could have killed her. She tried everyone out there. Throw a name at me….if its for adhd, bi-polar, or depression….shes been on it.

    She hated every one of the so called “medicines”. Walking pharmaceautical experiment is more like it! I cant believe I allowed her to take some of the stuff she was “perscribed”! And the costs…she was seeing doctors several times a week….all these pills $$$$$$$$$ that she would take once and hate….one morning I had this genious idea….stop going to the doctor every few days, toss out all the meds laying around… ( that could have killed her easily with an overdose) and get her some cannabis.

    So I did. Legally, as well….we both have cards. I had to get myself one because she is not old enough to buy her own. Plus I hold it and control its “dosages”. She goes to a special school for mentally ill children, and everyone there is aware of her natural medication. So is her counselor.

    Everyone is stunned and amazed at the difference! She went from failing to honor role in only one semester. Her attitude, outlook, zest…..from doom/gloom/anger/depression to stable, happy and productive. I will tell anyone, and defend my decision, for I know it was the right thing to do….and I possibly saved her life. I could not deal with another childs death.

  • janice says:

    I am being treated for BiPolar disorder as well as fibromyalgia. Both are very painful, both mentally and physically. I take a magnitude of pharmeceutical drugs just to make it through the day. Does anyone out there know if these disorders are part of the allowable list in Hawaii? I lived there until 2006 when I had to return to the mainland to take care of some business; but I am done and would like to return.

  • jason wilkins says:

    well when i was small my parents got divorced and i would always be stressed out and sad about what happened and now im 15 and my uncle that lived with me for eight years just died and i havent really been wanting to do anything all of the stuff that i used to do just isnt fun anymore and it seems like everything i do isnt any fun and im always sleeping like i never want to do anything anymore not even leave my house and i dont eat as much as i used to either and im getting mad at little things that i shouldnt even get mad at and it seems like the only time i feel like my old self again is when i smoke marijuana.

  • Derik B. says:

    Yes it should be used to treat depression!, That’s the only reason I started smoking it in the first place, I was always sketchy about taking pills because most of the time the side effects are worst than the depression, but Marijuana safely removes the depression without any harmful side effects.

  • Alex Murray says:

    I’m allways depressed, but when i smoke i feel way better about everything.

  • Lisa says:

    Hello Peggy, did you suffer some sort of head injury with the car accident? If so, I can relate because my son had a horrible head injury a few years ago and it completely changed him as a person…Let me know if I can answer any questions. 😀

  • Lisa says:

    Thank you Jake and Tacoburrito…I think what makes it feel bad for me as a mom with letting my son smoke, and he only does it when he is with me is that I feel so criminal….Drs. have no problem prescribing all sorts of prescription drugs that have really become a problem with todays youth, but frown upon the use of cannabis…As far as other parents thinking I am a bad mom, have them step in my shoes for one day and live with his mood swings and his depression that is so bad he wants to end it all…When he smokes he actually finds joy in getting up in the morning, has taken up gareding as a form of relaxation and can actually go out in public without having some sort of breakdown..Wouldn’t every parent just want their child to feel better????? People say give him ativan, give him valium, give him xanax, NO NO NO ….let him smoke weed, YES YES YES….Thank you so much for listening I am glad I found you guys to talk to 😀

  • bob taylor says:

    Hi Peggy my sister has been taking tegratal for years due to repeating fits when she was younger.

    It seems a bit strange perscribing you this drug. You say changes are happening to you, you might be in the early stages of depression, or maybe everyday stress. I suffer from deppression myself and odd changes started happening to me.

    I hope you get this message and if you need to talk i will check in again to see if you have left a reply.

  • peggy clemons says:

    Hello! I was in a terrific car accident 25 yrs ago, and have noticed odd changes happening to me. I’ve totally lost my grown daughter who is completely refusing to let me see my two grandsons. Last week, my husband had me admitted to a mental facility and they prescribed me tegratal. I don’t know anything about this drug and was trying to find stuff on it.

  • travis cutbirth says:

    Why pepole talk trash on weed, their little minds don’t like the outcome or they just truly know mankind loves the weed and won’t accept the facts shown by doctors.

  • tacoburrito. says:

    Well… I’ve read a lot here. I’m 15 years old and I smoke medical marijuana everyday for Anxiety, clinical depression, sleep insomnia, and appetite depression.

    I’ve been doing this since September of 2009, and it’s been an okay experience. I think that some pots (indica, sativa) are better for certain things than others. When I smoke pot after a day, its like a complete wave of relief. It’s almost like god himself laid a hand on my shoulder. My anxiety is completely gone. I can laugh, smile, eat and feel better.

    When they argue that people become addicted and such and say that, “You just do it because it makes you feel good!” Well, isn’t that the point of medicine? Do people take med’s to feel bad?

    Marijuana is organic, unlike the hundreds of prescriptions available today. You can’t over dose on it, and after a couple good hits you (as in I) don’t really want anymore. I feel relieved of my symptoms. I like to have a good smoke before bed, and I’ve been reaching deeper sleeps than ever. (I was diagnosed with all my symptoms back in year of 2009, after just basically living a life in tragedy just in general.

    Everything was a wreck. Also, ever since I started consuming THC, my acne has vanished. I think because it’s a stress reliever, it helped relieve the stress of my acne. Also, the deeper sleep is said to help your body heal faster, and more. I really feel energized.

    Pot also just help’s me to cope with my life. I’ve been through more than most kids. (to hell and back as its been described my judges). My father owns a collective, which is a place for marijuana patients to sign up at and my dad basically grows 6 plants for them, and sells them the product. I think if your teen is feeling better, leave him alone. Maybe aid him in it. Whatever works for him. it’s better then cocaine and booze.

  • Jake says:

    to Lisa

    I am 17 years old and i suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, Suicidal and Anorexic tendencies. No other medication has been effective with treating my depression and anxiety as weed has. I am not prescribed pot so dont get me wrong, I recently discovered the wonders of smoking weed about a year ago as well.

    I think it can be one the best things for your son at this point. When i hit my depression i changed as a person as well, once i started smoking weed my mom noticed a change, she had the old me back. my mom allows me to smoke weed as well for that same purpose.

    My mom isnt a bad person for doing that and neither are you. Keep doing what youre doing and you will get through this, and so will your son. I know you dont know me but i hope this helps. Because I know if I can get through it, then so can you and your son. 🙂 goodluck and thanks for listening.

  • Lisa says:

    I want to thank all of you for your input, I have a 16 year old son who was diagnosed with ADHD and mild depression at a young age.

    When he was 14 he suffered from a horrible brain injury while riding his bike. It changed him as a person. He has been up and down with his moods ever since suffering from his ADHD, depression, anxiety and thoughts of suicide. I know after much research that a brain injury can cause these changes in moods. He has been on Effexor, Zoloft, Paxil, Vyvanse, Adderall, Inderal, Lamictal, and Depakote with no sifnificant change in his symptoms.

    He discovered weed a year ago and was secretly smoking without me knowing about it. When he was in a good mood and not crying I thought wow the meds are working, little did I know it was the weed that was making him feel better. I have been told I am a horrible mom for letting him do this, I feel like I have my son back when he smokes weed. We have had no luck this far with traditional medication..Am I bad? I just want him to feel better. He can actually get out of bed and function throughout the day when he smokes. Please reply anyone 🙁

  • cannabis in high potency oils eaten in small doses, has NO negative effects, and NO CHANCE OF OVERDOSE, unlike regular Tylenol and even coffee from StarBucks. Think about it, drinking to much coffee can kill you, but consuming cannabis cannot. So what is the goverment ‘keeping us safe from’?

    It helps depression, stomach aches (For God sake the richest women in the time in England, Queen Elizabeth, with access to the best doctors, used cannabis for her menstral cramps), and even fights cancer!

    These are the facts. It’s hard to argue with facts. You’re ‘Reefer Madness’ lies and prapaganda are not facts and are easily destroyed with the elixir of truth.

  • ricardo says:

    how does weed kill brain cells?

  • hillarie says:

    i smoked pot for 4 years and it only made my depression worse…when i wasnt smoking it i wanted to kill myself…i was put on anti depressants and anexiety medication…if pot cures depression then how come when your not “high” it has no effect?

    my point exactly

  • dude, great blog. you’re doing great work for the cannabis community. Cool this guy went to Brooklyn College, and I did to. I have dsthymia and severe depression and all this shit. Cannabis helps me get out of bed in the morning or if im really depressed in the evening.

    Legalize this great, safe medicine, like it was for CENTURIES!

  • steven says:

    wow dude i just had this same exact idea like 10 minutes ago. thats crazy

  • found the cure for me says:

    I became addicted to Ritalin when I was 7 years old. Ever since I was 17 I have been off Ritalin but began a terrible sprial with alcohol and drugs shortly after that that lasted at least a decade before I asked doctors for help. At the time I quit alcohol only pot could keep me from wigging out but I felt it being illegal meant I shouldn’t be smoking it either.

    I took a lot of stock in society’s rules, I guess. I was raised Mormon by educated and extremely loving but opinionated parents/congregation who’s approval was once so very important to me. I went to rehab but did not feel it was the right place for me because no one seemed to have even a shred of a story in common with mine-therefore I could get no answers.

    After 3 years of fighting the urge to use pot and also suffering horrifying side effects from EVERY med I was given I finally figured out my addiction was that I had ALWAYS functioned with an altered mind due to the Ritalin of my past. I had finally gotten my answer but I had to figure this out on my own because no doctor would admit this(because of either ego or liability is my guess). I refused to take ritalin or any med for depression after being hosptalized for toxicity.

    A chiropractor finally told me not to worry as much about quitting pot as I should the depressants. I started myself on a regime of 3 bowls (MAX per day) in the evenings(after work) and suddenly my depression and aniexties disappeared. Being as this addiction occured at such a young age I did and do not see it likely that

    I would ever be able to successfully be drug free in a legal or illegal sense without life altering reprocations. I weighed the goods and bads of pot and unlike prescriptions discovered there were signifigantly less side effects. Just munchies really…my memory is fine my body and mind are healthier then in the last 4-5 years. I am the happiest I have ever been and have been able to maintain this feeling in a stable and healthy way for 1 year. A first for me.

    I am finally able to hold a job too. I am hoping my story may help others out there who are like me and were lied to about the benefits of prescriptions which made me an addict at 7, and then 24 years later: extremely ill, uninsurable and $1000 upon $1000 of dollars poorer(because of pre-exsisting conditions blocking me from getting coverage).

    I took my life in my own hands…became proactive about my treatment and it doesn’t even require me to even SPEAK to a doctor. Those doctors would have killed me. I ask you…should addiction be treated if what you are using doesn’t destroy but improve your life in almost every way? Weed is the same as prozac to me…no one would tell you to stop taking prozac if it made you better. This is no different. Thanks for reading.

  • judy says:

    Brendan, it may be alittle late to answer your post, this is my first time here. I’ve been on prozac for about 2 years and have smoked every day…til I got bronchitis yesterday. I really think if I could afford to cook with pot, I’d never need an anti-depressant.

    My psychologist never told me to stop smoking it. Her colleague, my psychiatrist (originally from India…isn’t pot legal there?) told me to stop because it can cause psychosis. I figure the side effects and possible side effects of pot are much less than those of pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Shakey says:

    I am from Maine, where mmj has been legalized by referendum. The gov has instituted a committee to get the particulars like dispensaries, guidelines on prescribing mmj, etc. ready for legislature. The first mistake was to put the whole mmj program into Dept. of Human Services hands, but thats not the worst part, it appears that the laws will be overly restrictive, and any doctor I’ve talked to say they will not prescribe it even if it is legal.

    I am distressed with the whole situation because I’ve used mj for 30+ years to help with a number of conditions. When I was 15 I was in an accident where I crushed one leg above the ankle, the foot, broken hip, other knee and collarbone. Over time this has left me with arthritis, pain in ankle, hip, low back and subsequently depression and anxiety from the constant pain.

    I was recently piss tested and am now denied any controlled substance “forever” by the director of the “health access network” I am forced to be in due to lack of choices in my rural area. I face 2 upcoming surgeries and was even told that they will not provide me with aftercare for any pain meds.

    Now more than ever I rely on mj. I’ve got to get a good Dr. Anyone got any feedback?

  • Karl says:

    I have been described by psychiatric evaluations as being afflicted with high stress, high anxiety, and moderate depression. This comes as no surprise to me! I have smoked for years and have controlled my conditions for almost 20 years until a night of drinking (and driving) landed me in jail!

    I am now unable to use the wonder-drug God gave us
    , and I am really looking forward to my 18 month probation to be over, since mj has helped me maintain a relatively happy and very productive lifestyle for many years. I should also make the reference to it being a wonderful and safe pain reliever and muscle relaxer for chronic back pain caused by degenerative disc disease.

  • SarahG says:

    I have been battling depression, anxiety, agoraphobia, headaches and chronic pain for over 15 years. I have tried just about every pharmaceutical known to man for treating all of that over the years with NO relief.

    A friend of mine suggested mmj which isn’t legal where I live, but can be found….so I tried it and guess what? My depression has improved significantly, my anxiety is under control and I can leave the house when I need to. Headaches are now rare for me and the pain I used to have throughout my neck, back and legs is no longer unbareable.

    New studies have found that MMJ can actually prevent some kinds of cancer, do your research and educate yourelf and your state’s legislation. I would suggest if you live in a state where mmj is legal you see a doctor immediately, as for me I will have to wait until it is legal here.

  • Diane Lalonde says:

    People need to be carefull taking anti depresants, Prozac especially, you can become suicidal, more bi-polar and more. They may work for some but too many get all these bad side effects. I believe smoking or eating pot can help some people if taken in moderation. My son has issues and is an alcoholic who drinks to bring out a monster.

    He now has quit drinking , but smokes pot and if it was done in small amounts he,d be fine, but his pot habit is to the tune of $1200.00 a month. He becomes a cranky monster if he doesn,t have any. He,s not paying his end in his relationship, therefore all he,s done is substitute one bad habit with an other, addicted to pot instead of alcohol.

    I,ve smoked pot for 35 years now, started at age 30. It relaxes me, helps with my arthritis and I do not feel like an addict, however I have asthma and it doesn,t agree with that, may have to think about cooking with pot or along that line.

    I believe anything taken overly makes you an addict and is harmfull. Our government feeds on us with tobacco and alcohol, getting great amounts of money and contributing to us being addicted and doing harm to our bodies and those around us. Is that right? I do not like idea of pot being legal because I feel our government will take control and run with it just like cig. and drink.

    I also know from experience that if you over smoke pot you get very lethargic. Certainly not good if your going to school or handling machinery. So again its good but do it in moderation and please remember smoking around kids, your pets , other people you are exposing them to 2nd hand smoke and getting them high, not our right to do this! Have a good day, smoke responsibly. Diane

  • rachel reagan says:

    Smoking Marijauna can be a significant part in an overall natural healthy lifesyle.
    Eliminate the junk food and fast food for natural wholesome foods-it takes about a month to two months to have your eating habits change for long term-Eating foods the have additives and to many preservatives can help the cause of depression.

    Turn off the television, we are active creatures in mind body and soul sitting in front of a televsion is not healthy-it can and will contribute to depression. Move your body! dance go outside-go fishing-run -walk -whatever just be outside in nature.

    Lessen the amount of pills you put in your body-i for one use to ake about 3 pills a day for depression and such-i started smoking marijauna,eating healthy and excersing 4 years ago and havnt taken a pill since 4 years ago.

    Now if i take any kind of pill tylenol,advil,prozac anything-i will feel incredibly drugged and sick-in fact i will through up-its a process but the end result is a healthy body and mind when you switch to an all natural lifestyle and stop making these corporate bastards millions by remaining sick on there drugs-its sad that so many are convinced that just a pill can solve their problems.

    Please for yourself research and learn about natural well-being it will do you wonders.

  • brandon says:

    Hey, can someone please give me an answer. I just started taking prozac today actually, I have been diagnosed with depression. But, I have been smoking since august. And now that I’m just starting prozac, I’m looking around to see if its safe or not, or if I should wait a few weeks.

    Can anyone help?

  • MathMan says:

    I have had a very similar experience as the below comment. 7 years ago I was put on effexor and was showing the beginning stages of alcoholism. For two years I drank and used the antidepressents – which meant I was depressed whether the antidepressents worked or not.

    I than Joined A.A. and promptly quit my antidepressents as I figured sobriety would cure my depression. I stayed off of drugs, alcohol, and antidepressents for 2 years. I never reached low levels of depression but was kind of gloomy for those two years then fell into another deep depression for really no apparent reason.

    I began antidepressents again and after three months of no improvement I almost drank again. In a spark of brillance (seemed like insanity at the time) I bought an eighth of chronic and a pipe.

    Within a few days of smoking I had such a sense of calm and peace – finally my mind stopped going at 110 mph and I was able to form new friendships, get out of bed, eat normally, and stop seeing my shrink every week as she saw the marked improvement.

    That was a year and a half ago. While I’ve continued to take antidepressents I have also smoked a few bowls a week – sometimes a day – and stopped participating in A.A. My mind is at peace almost every day, I finished college, remain free from alcohol and currently run a small business. So for me I think marijuana changed my life.

    It does have the potential to slightly depress some people – but how many people have committed suicide briefly after starting pharmaceutical antidepressents? It sure is worth a shot in my opinion.

  • Heath says:

    I too am prescribed xanax for my depression- I hate it! It’s side effects include me being loopy, bipolar, extreme anger, forgetful, lazy, among other zombie like conditions.. I discovered cannabis’ positive medicinal qualities about a year ago and it came just in time! I was on the verge of destruction and chaos. I was just starting to open my eyes to the shattering world around me.

    These corrupt political bastards, who WILL one day choke on there lies foaming up in there throats, had started to get to me. I figured I was done for.. As I was explaining my situation to my friend who we’ll call Bill, he recommended that I “get high and forget about it”. “It can’t be that easy” I thought.

    He brought me a joint rolled up nicely and as I inhaled the pleasant herb, the doubt cleared just as the smoke did. I remember thinking, “I’m cured!”

    Now I still continue to use marijuana on a daily basis and it was a GODSEND! After that night, I saw things under a new light. The world is very corrupt but I know I’m not part of that and the cannabis has given me the recognition that any government just won’t ever do.

  • Edv says:

    I’ve been depressed for close to a year, I ussually just went mad with alcohol drowning it all away… In september my psychiAtrist prescribed lexapro which drove me closer to suicide… I drank combining the two in an effort to see if I would really die and didn’t really notice the type of damage I really did to myself.

    I’ve been smoking quite frequently for the last couple weeks and my psychiatrist who thinks I’m still on lexapro recently complimented on my astounding improvement from two months ago. When will our drug connected (I live in a country where a legislator is now searched for by the US because he was a high profile drug lord) legislators see the hipocrisy and finnally decide to pass a law legalizing something that has minimal side effects compared to alcohol and doesnt cause more depression like alcohol:.. I’ve never felt better I don’t care if they say I’m clinically depressed.

  • Justin says:

    Ive been on prozac 40 mg for a while and it keeps me balanced but i use weed to keep myself happy. I feel so bad untill i take a good hit and then everything goes away and i love it. i just grow my own and use it every couple days.

    Mostly when im in pain or just soo stressed or depressed. I do get giddy taking valium in high doses but them im out of it early so i take that just to be social when im in a bad mood. i love weed. it is illegal but ill take my chances as long as im happy =]

  • Jason says:

    The first step is not a doctor. There just gonna but you on all these weird pills that are not safe though they say they are. (Its all about money) And if pills do work for you it will be short term as your body will become use to it.

    I think i tried 6 different pills for deperession when i first got it and none of them worked. Hellish withdrawls also. I thought iam not gonna put this crap in my body. So I smoke/vaporize weed now and it helps with relief a lot and its safe. Its not a cure but at least I don’t fell like blowing my head off. I just wish i was legal to smoke for depression as in my state its legal for some medical symptoms but not depression.

  • catnip farmer says:

    I just got my mmj card a few weeks ago and I have stopped taking my anti depressants I’ve been on for the last 15 years. I feel much more energetic, the pain in my knees were gone when I worked out this am for the first time in years. My asthma has improved and I’m able to focus better at work.

    I am so convinced of the healing benefits of this organic, sustainable cure that I am going to learn how to grow, and get involved to do whatever I can to help legitimize this important cause.

    Ok, I’m getting off my soapbox and going to enjoy a nice rocky road brownie.

  • Lisa says:

    I have postpartum depression and marijuana helps because whenever I smoke it people say I am happier and I do feel happier. I realize that it has a positive effect on me and I have stopped drinking because it doesn’t even attract me anymore. Marijuana should be used to treat depression, I am a living testimonial of it actually working. Thanks.

  • Rick says:

    I was diagnosed with clinical depression back in 1989. It was something I had all my life, but I didn’t know anything else so I just thought that was the way life was. In 1989 I started taking Prozac. It took about six weeks and after that, I saw a whole new world I had never seen before.

    I will never forget one of my fellow employees asking me what was I so happy about. I was just glad to be alive. I could focus so much better. I had confidence which I had been told by a previous employer that I needed. Everything was great … until it stopped working. Since then I have been on every SSRI drug out there and other drugs that the Psychiatrists threw at it to see if it would stick.

    Occasionally, I would go back to the Prozac to give it another try. One time it worked again, but for only a few weeks. I have been given very hard psychotic drugs that honestly almost killed me. I have been at the point of suicide more times than I can remember. I have found myself sitting with a rifle barrel in my mouth.

    I can tell you first hand this is a serious illness. I have no doubt, considering how well Prozac worked when it did work, that the lack of Serotonin is my problem. Apparently, it is an inherited problem as my brother has terrible depression and my aunt and uncle both on my dad’s side committed suicide.

    I can only imagine what my liver looks like. So, yes I would be very much open to trying marijuana as treatment for my depression.
    It’s a natural plant that God put on this earth and if it relieves me of my depression, it could just very well save my life.

    It is illegal here as well, even for medicinal purposes. I could not survive any legal problems as I am already teetering on the edge as it is. So, I must find a way to go where I can take it legally. This would mean leaving my family. That is depressing in and of itself.

    It makes me sick to my stomach to see the hypocrisy of these politicians. There is so much obvious corruption. There are many steps that could be taken to make this country a much better place to live. But they tend to do what is profitable for them.

    There are so many deaths, illness and families broken from alcohol; not to mention the collateral deaths from alcohol related car wrecks. Then there’s tobacco. Think of all the illness, poor quality of life and medical expense tobacco causes.

    My uncle spent the last 3 years of his life carrying around an oxygen tank so he could breathe. But these politicians like their alcohol and tobacco and then there’s the lobbyists. Is it any wonder the moral fabric of our society is crumbling before our eyes?

    I cannot say yet if marijuana will help my depression as I have not had the opportunity to try it. But from so many of the comments left here, I am encouraged. As it stands, I don’t have much hope for relief otherwise. All these prescription drugs are killing me anyway and they are not even working.

  • Zach says:

    I smoke marijuana on a daily base for depression. Ive tried other pills and they make me feel weird! Ive never felt better when just using marijuana. I dont drink and dont do other drugs. Problem is is i live in the dumbest state(Virginia) who is so against anything marijuana has to offer.

    I need some info on where i can go and what i can do to keep a steady supply of marijuana. Cause in VA its a drought and hard to find ANYTHING!!

  • mike says:

    My wife absolutely hates pot so I have been forced by her to try depression drugs. I hate them. Since trying one of them prescribed through a doctor I have had nothing but problems. Anger, worse depression, foggy feeling and body aches like I have never experienced before.

    Pot keeps me on an even keel, but she absolutely hates it and would divorce me over it because you know it is illegal.
    Now I am turning too tobacco and alcohol witch I absolutely hate after about 2 hours.

    When will our society wake up and let us people who need it just do it legally. I also have digestive problems and pot actually helps that as well. I am much more focused and motivated if I can smoke weed. It is too bad so many have abusers have given it a bad name like so many other good things in our society.

  • jane says:

    I have a medical marijuana prescription for pain and nausea from chronic migraines. It absolutely works for the nausea. It is sometimes somewhat effective for the pain. I have been really surprised to find that it has done wonders for my depression (contrary to what I expected).

    I started with the medical marijuana 6 months ago. Since then I have completely quit drinking alcohol, I’m just not tempted by booze anymore. I have a renewed love of life…THC gives me the motivation to take a hike, clean my house, work out, and maintain social connections and supportive friendships.

    All symptoms of my OCD’s disappeared. I love sex again…THC has saved my marriage!

  • JENNIFER says:


  • I have depression it is carried through my family but we all deal with it. A good joint helps us from time to time.

    I am 26 have 4 kids ages 12 to 1, they mean the world to me, and my marijuana use has helped them deal with me better as upset I have gotten at times, which they don’t know what I do yet, but when they grow older it will be there choice to decide to do so, and I’m all for it if it’s used for proper use.

    My everyday activities are not interfeared by my marijuana use at all it is a medicine. It’s helped me out without the scripts of meds in a bottle with every side affect you can name. I am not ashamed what so ever to admit this. I’m for whatever we can do to legalize marijuana.

  • mik dranoel says:

    I have been put on antidepresents,now valum and can’t stand the sleepless nights, thoughts of death, feeling unwanted and useless. I’m at the age of menopause so I’m a hard person to live with, until my kids had me smoke a bowl.

    I NO LONGER take pills which were effecting my brain and kidneys-liver,and the exspence for the perscriptions can now go for putting food on the table, I only smoke when I start feeling depressed, 8th gram lasts me 3 weeks or longer.

    Now my family can stand to be around me, and I’m a Happier Person!! Unfortunatly I live where its not legal and hard to find. I don’t like suporting the black-market, it needs to be legal for people like me.

  • Keirie420 says:

    The only reason I am still alive today is because of medicinal marijuana and I am working hard every day to legalize it in Utah.

  • Bastard Dan says:

    Judge not lest ye be judged, Christophe.

  • paul says:

    forgot to say im 21 years old and from norway 🙂

  • paul says:

    I have been depressed for 5 years now combined with problems sleeping, taken different pills from the doctor, and the side effects of these pills were just horrible. After trying to search for somthing that might help me, I ended up with trying marijuana.

    For last few months I have been smoking/bake marijuana, I try to eat it as often as possible instead of smoking it. I only consume around 0.4-0.8g daily, I eat 0.1-0.2 at the start of each meal(the amount depends on how many meals I eat, and if I have problems sleeping I roll myself a good joint that I am sure will make me sleepy. (This helps for me, and might not help for you, but if marijuana is your choice to cope with your depression, start with low dozes, and get to know your limits over time)

    The small amount I consume during the day is never enough to give me a “high” feeling, but i feel that im more happy, and more focused while im working with somthing.
    After starting using marijuana, I feel I have gotten my life back on track, and ive been able to apply to a job on my own for the first time.

    I have also been able to pay back money I owe (this is not money I owe due to buying marijuana, this is loans i had to pay back after failing school 2 years in a row due to my depression).

    I’m also considering studying on my own, and try to complete my education.
    I used to be a hardcore mmo gamer (WoW)for 8 years, but after I started smoking I no longer needed that “break” from the real world and now hardly play computer/consol games at all, instead I feel a urge to be social with friends. I have also noticed that my parents enjoy my company better after I started smoking, so do my friends.

    But here is my biggest problem at the moment, currently marijuana is illegal in most countries. Due to this, most people need to lie to friends/family that might not approve it. On top of that you have the police, if you get “busted” by them, you either get a fine (that will hurt your economy, and also might drag you down deeper into the depression) or you can end up in prison.

    And not to forget the dealer you have to deal with, and in most cases he deals hard drugs as well. I won’t go into depth of how this effects you, since im sure you can imagine it.

    If you look at the death count of tobacco and alcohol, then compare it to marijuana.

    As thousands before me has said: legalize it, and tax it. (If you realy cant understand why this is the BEST way for everyone, then you should read up on some facts, or see a these movies: “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” and “RUN FROM THE CURE” (you can view “RUN FROM THE CURE” free and legal at youtube).

  • Christophe says:

    People make a BIG deal out of Marijuana, when at the same time they’re out there doing worse things that kills them such things like Alcohol & Nicotine/Tobacco/Cigarettes…me myself I have been Depressed for about maybe 6 or 7 years, but it gotten worse since a bit over a year ago,

    And this is your proof of what? That your deepening depression was the symptom of a progressing disease? Or that your life is just not fulfilling, you get bummed out, and so, look for an excuse to assauge what? Hey, just stay away from shrinks altogether. Just stick to smoking point, and not taking the pain of life to be a diseased state. Please!

  • Christophe says:

    The drugs aren’t the problem! The problem is two-fold. First, the credulity of uncritical parents and loved ones, cow towed to medico-psychiatric complex. The corrupted and corrupting presence of the medical profession-and its pseudo-scientific subfield, psychiatry- have led to the erosion of liberties, real free choice, and autonomy in deciding one’s destity, especially for those already in the “system”. This control of the individual, from the food one eats, to the drugs one is prescribed and proscribed, the Therapeutic state-the hand-in-glove relationship of state and behavioural medicine- has seen to it to insinuate itself into the “private” sphere, until every thing, now the concern of public health policy (read: community mental health agencies),is under the scrutiny-and aegis-of greater “therapeutic” measures.

  • Christophe says:

    Our teen son was arrested by an undercover for purchasing less than 5 Broward County, FL. Our lives have become a nightmare ever since.
    Our son suffers from depression & anxiety and had been diagnosed with an executive processing disorder which basically effects his ability to think through the social/legal implications of his actions. His Doc had put him on prescription meds that he was not tolerating well (side effects) and he heard about the medical uses for marijuana and its lack of side effects so decided to self-medicate himself with pot.

    I’m sorry, but with what was your son diagnosed? I have to say, if you fall for that line of medical “diagnosis”, then some of your pain is meritted…for being so god-damned gullible, and needing of a scapegoat for your parenting skills. Do you actually think that your son is some amoral or immoral automaton, or, near-zombie? What a sick joke to call youth indiscretion and ignorance a disease!

  • tommmy says:

    For all those who smoke need to ban together we need to win this war, I have bipolar and depression. I have spent 7 years in prison and have seen what people should never see. Nightmares, tremors all go away with a good joint.

  • Mack K says:

    Our teen son was arrested by an undercover for purchasing less than 5 grams ($40) of pot in Broward County, FL. Our lives have become a nightmare ever since.
    Our son suffers from depression & anxiety and had been diagnosed with an executive processing disorder which basically effects his ability to think through the social/legal implications of his actions. His Doc had put him on prescription meds that he was not tolerating well (side effects) and he heard about the medical uses for marijuana and its lack of side effects so decided to self-medicate himself with pot.
    In Broward County, the laws are much stricter regarding these types of charges than surrounding counties where the consequences would have been null- a judicial warning at best. Here is Broward he was charged with a felony purchase WITH intent to distribute/sell (how one distributes less than 5 grams is beyond me but they don’t seem to see the ridiculousness in that). So he was effectively charged as a DEALER. We went through two attorneys and lots of money we don’t have trying to get the court to see that this is a child who is NOT an addict, is NOT a dealer, that he bought less than 5 grams for his own personal use for medicinal reasons based on what our OWN society is currently discussing as a potential LEGAL use for the plant.
    Neither the prosecutor nor the judge ever heard, saw, read the facts of our son’s case.They only saw the arrest record and determined that he needed to be assigned to a SIX MONTH long drug treatment program for addicts and this was AFTER our 2nd attorney managed to plea the charge down to simple possession. The prosecutor said he would only allow the reduction in charge under the condition that our son be assigned to ONLY this drug treatment program as a result and NO other diversionary program was to be allowed. We were never told WHY he felt this way. I can only assume he thinks our son is a drug dealer who is being let off easy (because he never bothered to read our son’s file. Our attorney told us his office staff hate him so did not pass the information along to him).
    Our son was already under the regular care of an adolescent psychiatrist (the one who prescribed the Rx’s he didn’t like) for his ACTUAL problems which are depression, anxiety, and learning disorders. He doesn’t NEED “drug treatment” nor has he ever been exposed to that element of society (addicts). He is also very confused because he sees things in the news like Obama telling the Feds to not go after medical marijuana users; Breckenridge, CO makes it legal for anyone to have an ounce of pot for personal use, 13 states allow it for medical use, and recently there has been a lot of discussion about about whether or not it should be decriminalized (ala Prohibition). Why am I being treated like a criminal?, he asks. Good question son, good question. All we can tell him is that adults can sometimes be very hypocritical and lack compassion for those with mental health issues.
    Our son works very hard in school to maintain Honor Role grades with tutoring 3-5 times per week and even made National Honor Society despite his LD. The court schedules all your court dates DURING school hours and this drug treatment program they have committed him to will now interfere with his tutoring. This is his Junior year in high school which is the most important year in terms of college applications and acceptance. His grades have already suffered. One court dates was during his quarter final exams so our attorney told him to go to school and he would represent him in court. The prosecutor asked the judge for an arrest warrant because our son wasn’t there! He didn’t care that the boy was taking his exams!
    Here’s the long and short of this:Broward County needs to justify the existence of their drug courts and treatment programs so kids are being railroaded into the program who don’t need it and don’t belong there. For some, they are destroying these kids’ ability to finish school or to get into a good college which effects their employment prospects later all under the guise of “helping” them! They treat everyone that comes through the door with cookie cutter treatment regardless of the facts of your case (which they aren’t even aware of because they don’t bother to read your kid’s file).
    All this action has accomplished is to keep the Broward County juvenile drug court and treatment program in operation by filling chairs, to destroy our son’s educational prospects (oh but they want to HELP him!), and to teach him that the adults in his world are more confused than he is and are hypocrites to boot! He has told us that as soon as he finishes high school, he’s moving to Europe (and we can’t stop him) because he says this country is hostile and crazy. How many children’s lives are going to be destroyed by the continued criminalization of marijuana? And what happens to all the people who have arrest records for pot when/if marijuana is finally decriminalized? Will they be pardoned? Will there be reparations for the lives destroyed by the legal system? (try to get a job with a record that simply reads “purchase with intent to distribute” but no facts as to what, how much, or the circumstances). The only thing “criminal” about marijuana is the way our courts and society treat those who use it, particularly those for whom it helps a great deal with whatever malady they are suffering. Shame on you, America! SHAME! It takes a village… destroy a child.

  • Christophe says:

    Should Marijuana be used to treat people with depression? This is a loaded question, with far-reaching implications. Such a question is framed in such a way as to imply that someone would be doing the treating and, I suppose, this would not presuppose an enlarging of one’s personal freedom to, not only read and say what one is constitutionally guaranteed, but, to also consume what one wants, including conscious altering substances (wherefor does the govt. have the constitutional right to proscribe the latter, I ask rhetorically?). I would surmise that the state will figure prominently in the control of a plant that has no business being treated like so many dangerous drugs. The only real danger is the govt. loosing its hold on individuals: after all, the state is in the business of power. Ignoring the moral issue that the United States has stamped onto almost all manner of “personal” drug use, I seriously doubt that cannabis should be besmirched by the will of a few powerful over the many less powerful.
    As for “treating” depression, as if such is a disease, I can only say one thing: When is depression not a disease, in this current culture of sickness?

  • Christophe says:

    Smoking pot is NOT the answe, I have been suffering with BPD for 9 years or more, I smoked pot my whole teenage years. Things only got worse because you are escaping from problems and not dealing with them.. that is NOT healthy!!! People that think God created this drug for this purpose are wrong,… it is a sin to use alcohol/drugs for pleasure, fun, social, and/or escaping reality. I got saved earlier this year and that is everyone’s best bet. PRAY that God with help and he will. He doesnt want us to suffer. I was also delivered considering i was involved in a lot of things that opened myself up to evil spirits. It was a HUGE weight off to get that dealt with. Anxiety went away, depression, fear… GONE before my very eyes. You need to feel it to believe it. I didnt think it was real before i tried it. Please give your life to God and ask him to help you.

    What you believe in is your business. But, please, do not assume your moral prescriptions to be any more true and practical than any other viewpoint. Your proselytizing speaks volumes of your difficulty in thinking for yourself, rather than assuming that drug use is morally corruptible! Get a life!

  • Christophe says:

    Understand that some people’s bodies to not produce/retain enough seratonin/endorphins and they require regular doses of antidepressant in order to maintain a ‘quality of life’
    This is nothing but junk science that has for so long justified the discourse and praxis of the psych profession, and, for many, has led to forced “treatment”, and unparalleled profits for the hand-in-glove relationship of psychiatry and state (with a lot of help from pharmaceuticals). The notion that feeling bad MUST mean one is brain disordered, is unproven and unprovable: Changing one’s personality through drugs is not proof of the presence of brain disease! Any meaningful critique of psychiatry and its “excesses”- of which its profession so often disingenuously avers- must include the eschewing of the justificatory junk brain science. The fact is, not one test is ever administered to anyone seeking psych services, at least any test that is medically reliable( I had once been diagnosed as Bi-polar by a VA shrink in no more than twenty minutes of “conversation”; that is not science, that is ascription). The medical marijuana community is no more the wiser.

  • Lynn says:

    Unless you are going to list the sites where these studies are in your post where you claim all this stuff about pot causing all sorts of mental issues, then STFU. I’m so sick of people talking rubbish and not backing up it up with fact. Not only do I have bipolar disorder but I also work in the healthcare field. I’ve never heard of anything like you claimed in your post. Pony up the studies from reputable sources or shut it.

  • Kathy says:

    I agree- drug companies don’t like marijuana because it actually CURES depression. But people need to understand that different strains of marijuana have different medicinal qualities, a sativa will affect a depressed person much differently than an indica will. I think that there should be much more education regarding the affects of various strains of weed so that we can know which one will help a person. Also, I think the public should also be more aware of different ways of ingesting thc, we’ll get there.

  • alicia says:

    I do not suffer from depression, and i thank Marijuana for this. I did however used to suffer from severe depression, basically i didn’t care if i lived or died. Now i love life. People say marijuana doesn’t help your problems, it just helps while you’re high, but i believe this to be false. I recently just had a break up. I was ready to give up. As soon as i got high though it’s like it hurt less even when i wasn’t high anymore. Getting high helps with medical problems and emotional problems emensely. Legalize it. It brings people togeher in harmony.

  • Kristian says:

    I'm depressed because of the problems in my life I have not been able to fix.

    I am in the process of fixing them.

    Depression is my body/mind telling me not to be content. Not to accept these problems for the rest of my life.

    I use an antidepressant to cope. I choose marijuana because it wears off, returning me to a sober frame of mind where I can trust my decision making process.

    I do not trust myself to make major decisions when I am impaired by any psychoactive drug. Legal or otherwise.

    I understand that some people's bodies to not produce/retain enough seratonin/endorphins and they require regular doses of antidepressant in order to maintain a 'quality of life'.. but that's not my case. I need a temporary break from my problems and the willpower to return to rectifying them.

    Pot is one of the least harmful/most effective substances I have available to elevate my mood with. It's widespread criminality is a complete fucking joke, particularly when viewed alongside popular stances on alcohol and tobacco.

    Government's stance on this issue further erodes what little respect I have for their ability to make decisions which affect my life.

    If you agree with my opinions in this matter, please take a moment to light up a fat joint in public and while holding it in your left hand – flip your duly elected officials the bird with your right.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Brooke says:

    smoking pot is NOT the answer… i have been suffering with BPD for 9 years or more… i smoked pot my whole teenage years… things only got worse because you are escaping from problems and not dealing with them.. that is NOT healthy!!! People that think God created this drug for this purpose are wrong,… it is a sin to use alcohol/drugs for pleasure, fun, social, and/or escaping reality. I got saved earlier this year and that is everyone's best bet. PRAY that God with help and he will. He doesnt want us to suffer. I was also delivered considering i was involved in a lot of things that opened myself up to evil spirits. It was a HUGE weight off to get that dealt with. Anxiety went away, depression, fear… GONE before my very eyes. You need to feel it to believe it. I didnt think it was real before i tried it. Please give your life to God and ask him to help you.

    On the medical side: A number of studies have shown an association between chronic marijuana use and increased rates of anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and schizophrenia. Some of these studies have shown age at first use to be a factor, where early use is a marker of vulnerability to later problems. However, at this time, it not clear whether marijuana use causes mental problems, exacerbates them, or is used in attempt to self-medicate symptoms already in existence. Chronic marijuana use, especially in a very young person, may also be a marker of risk for mental illnesses, including addiction, stemming from genetic or environmental vulnerabilities, such as early exposure to stress or violence. At the present time, the strongest evidence links marijuana use and schizophrenia and/or related disorders.6 High doses of marijuana can produce an acute psychotic reaction; in addition, use of the drug may trigger the onset or relapse of schizophrenia in vulnerable individuals.

  • Anonymous says:

    first i have depression bi-polar with rapid mood swings. I have smoked weed for about 7 years now. It has helped me more then some of the medications. I can go on about my day and not worry about crying for no reason in the middle of nowhere. I think it should be legalized for medicinal purpose, and the economy could really use a boost. Check out the Emerald Triangle in California.

  • Anonymous says:

    Though marijuana can decrease a person's anxiety and depression and help them relax, it really varies from person to person. It helps a good friend of mine with his depression but totally worsens mine.
    For whatever reason the chemicals react differently with me and him.
    As with all antidepressents and SSRIs of all shapes and forms, if it's going to be used to treat depression, it should be regulated to see if it actually making the problem worse or better.

  • michael says:

    recently a study was done n Cannada lol stating that low doses of mj can increase serotonin levels but high doses have a reverse effect n other word alittle weed will help ur depression but alot will make u depressed, believe me i smoke everyday n no joke i dont feel like i used to partially cuz on occasion i take other drugs that do cause depression hahaha pilllz hahaha but i chronically use mj in high doses i.e. 3 grams on average per day… so im not even joking n honestly my friends r the same n they feel the same… wats sad about this is u got all these rappers n people always talking about how much they blow n who blow da most but nobody tells u wat it does… people have problems in find fault in things they like…. dont get me wrong i love wed n its the best thing in world wen ur shit is straight but if its not…. smoking makes shit worse cuz now ur too lazy to do anything about ur problems or u dont giv a fuk but the fact still remains n u feel better temporary but n the long hual u feel worse ~no bullshit~ i juss want to help…. another thing i learned today is people use chems. for ther crops to come out fuller n frostier but those chemicals arent always natural n if ther used they become apart of the plant so now its not natural anymore n instead of u gettin high of THC now ur high for hour juss from those chems they used to stimulate the growth process. word of advise from smoker to smoker, do it when u feel good about ur self n dont abuse it as i did/do(reallllly really trying hard to cut down then stop cuz its fucking up my life sociallly but from all this fucked up shit not juss n my life but n this world, i think i might juss be depressed without it, now look where im at… right back where i mothafuckin started, fucked up vicious cycle) sorry one more thing…….. ive noticed my self, people i know who typically dont hav addictive personalities start using mj n now since its the best thing they cant get enough, now they developed addictive personalities so now wen they go to try other drugs ther at a disadvantage. n dont believe wat nobody say weed is a “gateway” in a sense that if u can say no to that then u can say no to anything else, dont lie to ur self unless ur parents did drugs weed was the first shit u tried for those who experiment. weed does take away motivation too i gradid in 08 a year later all i got to show is….. sum mothafuckin deep ass thinking prolly from da drugs tho. right now im gettin emt certif. but it was cuz i had no choice, im from pittsburg cali n one thing i learned other than shit thats taught in school is dont depend on NO-ONE cuz they WILL let u down at sum point, so the best thing to is figure wat U want, plan on how to do it, get yo ass up n do it, dont let nobody get u caught up in ther shit, always keep ur eyes on da ball never look away n u wont no fuck that cant go wrong.

    real talk from a niggas heart this aint bullshit ~yo boy mike sulli~

  • Anonymous says:

    yes i believe marijuana should be used to treat depression. i suffered from undiagnosed depression for three years and during some of that time i smoked marijuana and it helped me with my issues more then anything else. of course once i got into therapy and got antidepressants, that did more help than anything. but befor that happenned, frequent marijuana use really helped me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can tell you from personal experience and friends around me who are pot heads. There is no way chronic daily marjiuana use will help your depression, infact it will slowly make it worse. You end up leaving all your problems behind but they are still there. You become unmotivated and detached from normal life. Ya marijuana has its benefits otherwise i wouldent have smoked it up for 2-3 years but the long term changes that occur mentally are not worth it. Show me one pot head who is sucessful. im not saying you cant be, but seriously i dont know of any…. its a great drug when your feeling good and everything is good, but when your depressed and you try to use marjiuana to help it, maybe in the beginning it will but long run it will make your depression much much worse… i have quit and im starting to feel much better, thats all i know

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve just read through all these comments and want to thank you all for your opinions. I am also in favor of using marijuana for whatever it may be beneficial to, depression/anxiety included. I’ve had major depression for a few years and have had mostly negative results with phychiatric drugs: anitdepressants, anxiolytics, etc. The only one worth anything has been the benzodiazepine called clonazepam. It takes the edge off anxiety or just generally feeling bad so I can relax enough to sleep. That’s a couple times each week. But I’ve never tried marijuana for depression. I’ve never been a big user of it anyway, perhaps only a few times each year recreationally and in small amounts. The problem I noticed about a decade ago is that it would make me feel too anxious/paranoid or even bring on a panic attack. And that was with only one or two inhalations from a pipe. But I do remember before depression came along that I used to be very interested in the outside world and being active (swimming, mt biking, hiking, etc) when I would smoke just a little. I’ve also tried it while flyfishing and it’s been a nice, relaxing feeling being in nature. Since the depression has come, perhaps the strain my friends were smoking was just too strong. But the smell was always a soothing scent nonetheless. I have been to Amsterdam as a tourist and saw all the different varieties available there which produce significantly different effects among users. I didn’t smoke any when I was there, but wish I could have been able to, I just wasn’t in a mood to experiment with its effectiveness so far from home. But talking with the staff of medical marijuana groups and coffee shops was helpful in learning about which strains might be better for me. Does anyone else have similar experience with different strains or potencies? Thanks.

  • Eric says:

    The main problem with people thinking marijuana can treat their own or other peoples’ depression is that being high puts you in a state of (seemingly) infinite possibilities. You’re able to feel emotions or perceive aspects of life in ways you can’t when sober, and only after you’ve experienced them high can you imagine them sober. And another thing that needs to be kept in mind is marijuana affects everyone differently; we all have different minds, we all will have different high minds. Yes we will all get philosophical, think everything is funny and enjoy the arts, but when we remember to think about about our own lives and problems, things either get blown out of proportion (paranoia, panic, distress,hopelessness, fear, i.e the bad trip) or they get minimized and we think the problems are no problem at all, which leads to problem avoidance and tears us from internally trying to better ourselves or our lives.

    The whole point is, marijuana is no secret cure or treatment that has one linear path of effect on the brain. It affects everyone differently. Smoking marijuana to treat depression will most likely lead to more depression, because when you smoke with the depression in mind, you sure will think of it when you are, and it is difficult to control your thoughts when high.

    A personal example I can give is sitting around joking and laughing but all the while literally “crying” on the inside. Hard to explain.

  • Eric says:

    NO. Marijuana can actually make you more depressed. Marijuana does two things: It makes you feel really happy and it also makes you think a lot. If you start smoking it in a state of depression you will either forget all your problems and come down or have a bad high and feel severely depressed. The problem with forgetting everything and coming down is when you come down your problems are still there and you will start to depend on the marijuana on brushing away the problems, which will only lead to isolating yourself from friends and family and make you even more depressed.

    I know this from experience.

  • Anonymous says:

    in my opinion (even though i’m not depressed), i definitely DO think that marijuana can help. it is certainly better than REAL drugs that aren’t natural and that turn you into a “zombie.” (eg. prozac)

    weed is psychedellic. it puts you into a completely different state of mind. you almost stop being who you are. in that way i think it can cause a sort of objective awareness in people who are depressed. perhaps they can come to a revelation. marijuana closes certain doors in the brain (ie. short term memory), but it opens new ones. i’ve had amazing revelations while high.. i’ve written poetry while high.

    it’s all a very interior journey. and if you can get a license for medical marijuana, go for it!
    this doesn’t exclude the fact, of course, that it should be legalized for ALL.

  • Anonymous says:

    “I’m a firm believer that no one or nothing makes you feel anything.”
    Really? If someone broke both your legs, you’d be choosing to feel that pain? What if they pulled out your fingernails? That is what depression is like. If you don’t have it, don’t pretend you know what makes people feel the way they do. I have been depressed in the face of a near perfect life and attempts to feel happy. If pretending I’m weak makes you feel more in control of your life, fine, but don’t make others who are looking into the face of death feel more alone. That’s choosing to be a jerk.

  • Noosance says:

    I believe that a lot of the people here who have not experienced depression have no idea what they are talking about. Depression is a biological problem and is not induced by the depressed person. There is a physical imbalance in the brain and that is why some medications worsen depression to the point of suicide, especially with the antidepressant prozac. I have had an incredibly difficult time reducing and neutralizing my depression, and have yet to be helped by anything other than marijuana. It calms my nerves, empties my mind, and allows me to stop the negative thoughts that have been so strong as to compel me to attempt suicide.

    Do not assume that because someone is depressed, that it is their choice. Doing so is not only ignorant, but insensitive. Most of the people reading this blog are or have been depressed, and telling us that we inflict it on ourselves and wasting weed on it is unbearably insensitive.

    Regardless, I’ve found weed to help me very much and it has prevented me from suicide thus far.

    I’ve never met anyone who’s felt depressed from marijuana, and just because the drug is considered a “depressant” does NOT mean it makes you depressed in terms of sadness, it just means it sedates you. It is called a depressant in the form of what it does to your body, not your mind. The fact that it sedates me is why it makes me feel better in the first place.

    Just a little education for a few of you out there, and let me know what you think.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have really severe major depression. Before being diagnosed, I felt like shit all of the time. I never wanted to do anything.. I always felt miserable. The only time I was ever happy was when I was asleep and dreaming. After being diagnosed, I started smoking weed. (I’ve smoked before many times, but this time I’ve been doing it almost every day). Every day is a new adventure for me now. I love the world and the people in it. I’m always looking for things to do and ways to broadcast myself out into the world. I’m always having a good time and I close my eyes every night while smiling before I fall into a nice dream. I’ve developed a better relationship with my family. If weed is not a cure for my depression, I don’t know what is. It’s a plant, for gods sake. Nothing in weed is man-made. This is natures gift to us, and we must embrace it. You can legalize alcohol, which often generates violence, domestic abuse, and bad situations. You can legalize cigarettes, god love them, but they are soo bad for your body. But really, you have to make weed illegal? What sense is there in that? There is no sense. No sense left in this world. Continue feeding your brains with that wonderful wonderful weed. It’s the best you’re gonna get. One day, it will be legal.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been fighting depression for the past 2-3 years. I was put on drug that was meant to help me and I was told that it could cause suicidal thoughts, and guess what it did, so I was taken off of it and was told that my choice where limited now. So I told the Doc. no more pills for me. I am now in college and never tried weed before all of this but always was around it because of my friends. So later in the week after all of this I tried marijuana with a good friend of my and it helped for a short time, but at least I did not get suicidal thoughts from it.

  • Anonymous says:

    i’ve been diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. i recently started smoking the ganj and i absolutely love it. medications cause all sorts of side effects. changing them (meds) every couple years because your body chemistry is constantly changing is such a drag! i’m more outgoing and funny like i used to be when i smoke. i don’t believe it will ever be lagalized… so hit that shit and stay put. eff you, FDA. YOU’RE NOT BREAKING THE LAW IF YOU DON’T GET CAUGHT! suck it!

  • Anonymous says:

    i’ve been diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. i’ve taken fluoxetine, wellbutrin, effexor, and currently going to my therapist to switch medications. AGAIN. yes, the green may be able to give you temporary relief but so do the meds! the meds are even worse because if you stop taking them your body goes thru withdrawl, depending on the prescription. i’ve recently started smoking pot and i absolutely LOVE it! i’m much more outgoing and funny like i used to be before my brain became unbalanced. i hate meds with the sexual side affects… not being able to perform, ya know? but with weed? orgasms. multiple. i don’t believe mari will ever be legalized… just hit that shit and stay where you are so you won’t get busted. besides, my dad is a po-po and he used to grow his own. i can’t wait til he retires. eff you, FDA.

  • yorkiegirl says:

    not sure what original comment was but i’ve just started using medicinal marijuana in washington state. Not sure what i’m doing yet or even if this is the right format (blogging to find out)…

  • Anonymous says:

    It depends on the person. sometimes weed can make depression/anxiety worse. But I have been on many antidepressants, and I quit them all because I hated the feeling. But i still smoke weed and i believe it helps me in many ways.

  • Anonymous says:

    While trying to stay open to all effects of pot, i think that it can cause depression in a small amount of people. But in the long run it can help cure it. While i am young it has helped me a bunch, and i think it can help many others.

  • Anonymous says:

    I was diagnosed with depression, various anxiety disorders, and insomnia 5 years ago and have tried a regiment of medications since, each to target the problem, each with side effects. After a nervous breakdown and multiple panic attacks I began smoking at night in my room alone and it has worked wonders. I’ve recently had to stop as I’ve applied for a job and don’t want to fail a drug test, but my mood has been down for the past few days. I’ve also begun taking Concerta for ADD, and feel like marijuana would do a lot to ease the side effects of this too. There is no medical marijuana option in my state, and I don’t feel I can tell my psychiatrist because he may become suspicious of the medications I am prescribed to, as some have street value. It’s a sorry state of affairs that a few hits at night are what I need, but I’m unable to have it because of outdated laws and regulations.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve had clinical severe depression, and a stress disorder. A little anxiety as well, but i mainly feel that comes from the depression and stress. I cannot even begin to explain the amount of help cannabis has done for me. I don’t know where i would be without it. The depression had been going on for a long time but only seemed to slowly get worse as i got older. By my third year of high school I would do ANYTHING to get out of classes. Or just wouldn’t show up in the first place. I hated being around all of my peers, i felt they all looked at me differently and hated my guts, which in reality, I’ve never had a problem with anyone and got along with just about anyone in the world. Finally i got put on anti depressants. I have been on them for about a year now. And no, not just one.. im up to four different ones now!! And I believe cannabis has been the most stable and reliant medicene for me so far. I can honestly say that I am 99% sure marijuanna has saved my life, AT LEAST once. I never thought anyone could get this low in life. Literally like, to rather be dead and out of this world FOREVER versus trooping it out and having the happy days every now and then while you work through it. When you get to that point, your really struggling to survive. Ive been in so much pain emotionally, balling my eyes out and honestly feeling like im dying and its over, curled up like a ball in the corner of a room, on the bathroom floor god knows how many times,falling to the floor in the shower and not even having the strength to get up, i could go on and on and on. It literally feels like there is nothing left for you, AT ALL. You cant even think of one reason why you should stay or how you’d even benefit staying in this world, besides for the fact your family and friends will miss you.

    I will continue to smoke marijuanna till the day i die 🙂 I have had my card for almost a year now. Going in to renew it in a few weeks. I’d like to point out that the fact, that the comment joshua left, in his statement “this is possibly why there is a higher chance of suicidal tendencies and depression in pot smokers. ” is NOT true. Where he got that idea, i dont know, lol.

    As a few others have said, it depends on the person, it varies. Weed isn’t for everyone. But then there’s also the ones who dont know how to even smoke their medicene! Dosages, strains, time of day, etc.

    Moral of the story, YES marjuanna can help a great deal with depression ; ]

    Oh and in case your wondering, back in high school, once i started smoking regularly and realized how beneficial it was to me, I started doing great, and got better grades than I had before. And now im in college, still getting amazing grades. Three classes and a full time job (40-50 hrs a week depending on the schedule)

  • Anonymous says:

    im 23 in L.A.,CA,USA hello UK.I am severely depressed with a lot of stress,headaches,pain,suicidal thoughts.I was taking pills but the fucked up side effects were a living hell.they temporarily fix one problem but then fuck you up in another area.i hate pills so much.Marijuana is so good for me it stabilizes my mind and body.i was almost getting into crystal meth but that was not good at all its just like pills it fucks you up real bad.i was 8 when i first tried herb and i coughed so much but after 15 yrs of using it off and on I LOVE HERB so much.i would probably be dead already if it didn’t stabilize me so well.being native american i know its beneficial for most people.

  • Anonymous says:

    ive been taking ant depressant for two months now. i never fell the lows that i used to which is good, but unfortunately i don’t get the good up side any more. just a shade of gray to my former self. I feel mindless and dependent on money driven people that have never been were i am. Forget the legality, I know what makes me feel good; some things are just right, and many people know it is. Its not a question of right and wrong any more, its who has a bigger bank account, and the ear of people in power.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ive fully ready everyone’s responses and have thought to add to other peoples thoughts.

    Some say its a Temp Fix?
    I can fully agree but in many minor depression cases its exactly that, atleast for me, my depression comes and goes, some days are great but the hard ones can be tough. Now i guess weed doesn’t “cure” depression but there is no drug that does. and to say to a depressed person that they have to fix all the problems in there life is like handing them the knife and telling them to just do it. I guess it takes a depressed person to fully understand this.

    To me pot makes those hard days a lot easier.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think it has help me a great deal for my depression but have found that going a little as a week with out it can be difficult especially if you have any free time. I feel like i may have to use it forever and that was never my intentions. But no other drug on the market compares.

  • Coal says:

    Being a severe sufferer of depression for over 4 years I have tryed many, many prescription drugs most with bad and even unbearable side effects. Even now on my current medication that does not *from my exsperiance* have any side effects, I sill found myself suffering. The best thing I have ever found to motivate and relax myself is weed, It relives my anxity/stress and also stimulates my verry weak apitite witch is a god sent cause most days I would hardly eat anything and was verry malnurrished.

    So in my exsperiance yes weed has helped me in alot of ways that no perscription drug ever has. I’ve been using now for 3 months and the effect is clear to my emediate family and freinds *of who I had little interest in interacting with befor* I have become quite out going in the past few months even going out in public regularly and even exersizeing *witch I had a huge fear of befor* Things realy are starting to look up and I credit weed for it, even now as i write this I am under the influance and having one of my better days.

    One of the big things I hate is I have to reliy on gangs to aquire my weed and I hate that fact, I am in the prosses of growing my own but still have many months befor harvest witch I estimate will last my 5 months to a year and I’m so looking forward not to not feeling guilty about buying weed.

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe the effects of Marijuana are based on the person who is using it.

    I know very many people who have very different experiences on the drug–some claim to feel relaxed and quiet while others feel stimulated and talkative. So it would make sense that the side effects of the drug would depend on the person.

    I find that pot is great when I am on it, but a few days after the fact I will get pretty depressed.

    It makes perfect sense too since pot changes the seratonin levels that make you feel better and are located in the brain.

    When you are no longer high the seratonin levels are depleting and depression is very likely to occur. In fact, that is exactly what happens to the brain when a person is depressed.

    A person that occasionally smokes pot probably only runs the risk of short-term depression, and a bit longer term for those that ritualize the wake-and-bake.

    It’s a bit over the top, but any drug messing with brain chemistry is going to have some sort of withdrawal. Because this drug is “natural” many assume that it is benign, but it is still a drug–a drug that has been proven to tweek the brain chemistry levels. Even though the side effects are not as apparent they still exist.

    This does not make pot bad and by no means do I think people should stop doing it, but I believe people should be aware. Many people smoke pot have depression and never even think to link the two together. When studies are made it is usually based on when someone is in the state of being high, not how it effects the body after.

    When people make the decision to go off anti-depressants they normally monitor their own depression levels knowing that the brain chemistry is going to take some time to adjust, I think it should be the same way for long term pot heads. Just be aware that the body is going to have to adjust itself.

    Now is there a chance that the brain chemistry can’t fully repair itself from pot? probably. But there are solutions to fixing the chemistry as long as the awareness is there to give some one the ability to do something about it.

  • Anonymous says:

    My doctor diagnosed me with anxiety and depression and put me on 20mg. of paxil. I did not tell him I was a pot user. 5 years ago I got injured on the job and failed thier drug screen. I lied about how much I was using and thier counselor told me I was not a candidate for rehab. So I had to cheat my work drug screens for a year and all was good until I got appointed to a position where I am a labor balancer doing a different job every day. I decided to be a light smoker just on weekends and flush my system out of thc using niacin and plenty of fluids at the beginning of my work week. By midweek I feel myself getting more depressed and more anxious not to mention waking in the mid of the night a few times from bad dreams. So I feel it is safe to assume the pot was helping my disorder. Having said this I am reaaly pissed at our government for making pot illegal, I guess they rather see us addicted to prescription drugs and make the drug companies rich. Thats just wrong!!

  • gutterpunk says:

    your research seems unfounded.
    I have suffered from severe depression and anxiety attacks from an early age. As others with depression may know, it can lead to horrible pain and problems in almost any part of the body. I personally have suffered unusual gastrointestinal problems, accompanied by tremendous pain in limbs and joints. I am regularly sick, and often have migraines. Through personal trial, i have found that use of marijuana as an anti-depressant is highly effective. The main two chemicals affecting depression are serotonin, and dopamine. A lack of serotonin causes depression, whereas a lack of dopamine causes mania, or something along the lines of hysteria. When marijuana is used, dopamine receptors are enabled,thus causing the high . it does NOT drain you of the serotonin. I’ve found that in smaller amounts marijuana is an extremely effective anti-depressant, although one must consider that when smoking larger amounts more dopamine is present in the brain . This could possibly cause abnormal or more depressive than usual behavior during the coming down period or “burning out”. It could also potentially have these effects in the near future ie.the next morning. Overall if one were to start using marijuana to treat depression,as with any drug, they should carefully, and closely regulate intake according to personal reaction to the drug. If half a gram doesn’t work, smoke a little bit more. Anyways, its a way safer alternative to things like lithium carbonate, paroxetine, and zoloft. basically no side effects except for the munchies.Also one of my main reasons for endorsing it as an anti-depressant is that it works RIGHT AWAY. no bullshit six-weeks for the pills to start kicking in.

    thanks for reading and i hope i helped

  • Anonymous says:

    just wanted to add that A1ic31nCha1ns hit the nail on the head.

  • Anonymous says:

    ill go out on a limb here and as much as id love to say its ok to smoke it. for some it just isnt, im a heavy smoker been for a long time however its toll on my life shows everyday, i am no different then a crack fiend searching for his stone…. if this isnt addiction i dont know what is… and you can throw all the medical research at me you want, i live it. just keep in mind that it effects everyone differently… and by differently that can mean good and bad, the marajuana makes me depressed cause its a cycle… its also expensive to the point of paying rent is hard.. the grass isnt always greener on the other side.

  • Anonymous says:

    People make a BIG deal out of Marijuana, when at the same time they’re out there doing worse things that kills them such things like Alcohol & Nicotine/Tobacco/Cigarettes…me myself I have been Depressed for about maybe 6 or 7 years, but it gotten worse since a bit over a year ago, but before that I had my times of smoking marijuana & believe me that it just made me forget about my issues, my problems with my parents, I was more social, I was able to focus on my projects, I took it as if it was my medicine, it would calm me down becaue i would always be in a BAD mood, or sad, people would never see me happy, (I been told I might have BI-POLAR DISORDER &/or A.D.D.) at times I would make myself seem like I was happy, but that was just to cover what i was going through, at times I have my moments of having SUICIDAL thoughts, or do something that would make me lose my memory, but then again I do have great memories of my past, but I’ve just had it of going through this DEPRESSION that has been toubling me for years, so I’m telling ya, Marijuana is as I would say “a good medication” because it’s a way to relieve you from stress, feeling DEPRESSED etc.
    and I mean we also need a good LAUGH every now & then right?

  • Anonymous says:

    Marijuana is a wonderful anti-depressant for major depression! It works quicker and is much more effective than FDA approved anti-depressants, but the draw back is the smoking part of inhaling the marijuana substance. The reason why marijuana is not approved for depression is the drug companies. They know that if the FDA approves marijuana for major depression, there goes their pills, and therefore their $$$! That’s why it will never be used to treat major depression in the United States. It’s unfortunate because, even though I don’t smoke pot anymore, when I did smoke it, what a relief! I felt normal, happy, and relaxed!! It’s interesting to note that the FDA does approve Desoxyn, a legal METHAMPHETIMINE which we all know is more deadly and dangerous on the brain compared to marijuana . It also backs up my claim about the drug companies and FDA.

  • A1ic31nCha1ns says:

    Personally: I believe that any substance isnt the answer to a problem in your life.

    If there is something in your life that is making you depressed, although pot may eliviate the problem while buzzed, the problems in your life dont stop existing. I know of people who experiance an intense session of deep thought, while high. These intense thoughts have created a long depressing life, to be resurfaced, and recreated again and again. This person looks for pot as an answer, but only finds the problem staring her in the face. It makes her analize and pick apart all apsects of a dark time in her life, and in return, makes her more depressed and irritable.

    I believe that the euphoria of a high is just that. A euphoria. It happens, but then it is gone. And afterwards, you are still the same, empty, depressed being you were before it.

    I do believe that pot should be legalized for other reasons, but as a reliever of depression, I know first hand, this is not the case for everybody.

  • Anonymous says:

    I suffer from depression/anxiety, And im on Fluoxetin(Prozac) for it. Side-effects that i have noticed are weightgain, and a slight “zombification” in lack of a better term.
    I recently tried Marijuana, and maybe i just got bad stuff but i lost my sense of feeling almost completely and the world around me went into slowmotion.
    I think this happened because of a reaction between my antidepressants(Prozac) and the THC in the marijuana (as you probably know THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana) Because none of my friends got this very scary and unpleasant effect.

  • fluffy says:

    marijuana prevents me from killing myself. for instance, earlier today i was feeling unbelievably miserable, so to prevent myself from descension into deep depression i smoked some herb to chill myself out; distract myself from my suicidal thoughts. after smoking my desire to kill myself went away. instead, i desired a snack.

  • Anonymous says:

    i smoked weed very much for 3 months. i loved the feeling it gave me so happy calm and relaxed. i was able to chill so much which i can’t really do coz i suffer with depression and have done for years. i went off weed and am now getting more and more depressed but would still love to smoke so weed. but im off it.

  • Anonymous says:

    does nobody in this world understand…..all these FDA approved medicines for depression anxiety and pain have so many side effects….read the pill bottles….may cause heart attack stroke heart failure breathing problems etc. why would u want to take a pill that has a chance of killing u it doesnt make any sense…..i suffer from depression anxiety and anger problems….ive tryed those “medications” such as xanax colonapin seroquil cymbalta etc. andevery one of them has side effects that make me like a zombie i dont want to move i dont want to do anything some of them even make my problems worse…..when i smoke a joint i feel incredible… being angry no depression no anxiety i feel normal after smoking pot…. i myself do not label marijuana as a “drug” to me its more like a miracle if i was never introduced illegally to pot i would still be suffering badly from all 3 of my problems the government has labeled marijuana as an illegal substance….what makes it so illegal the side effect of red eyes….its naturally grown it wouldnt be on earth if god had never created it there is reasons for everything and marijuana has its reason to….to help people with problems to make people feel better about themselves…..let me place an example out there: deaths from alcohol in a year are in the 600,000s deaths from ciggarettes are right up there with alocohol, now these r “legal” substances i dont see alocohol and ciggarettes being a reason to arrest people…..its just stupid because there arent any deaths from marijuana use….so why arent ciggarettes and alcohol made illegal and marijuana legalized it just doesnt make any sense to deprive tax paying citizens of feeling good about thereselves just by smokin a joint anyways i just wanted to leave my comment saying what i think about marijuana usage….so if u ask me LEGALIZE MARIJUANA

  • Joshua says:

    Marijuana is not a cure for depression which is a mental health disease. The chemical in one’s brain has a typical level of the chemicals that allow you to feel happy.
    these chemicals are dopamine, cerotonin, and noreponephrine. when one takes heroin, the level of one of these chemicals sky rockets to an amount unobtainable with out substance which is why it creates a temporary euphoria. the comedown from a drug such as heroin or LSD is horrendous because the user desires that feeling at which the neurotransmitters and chemicals are at such high speeds and levels. like heroin, smoking marijuana raises the levels of chemicals in your brain, although not to the same extreme) When someone is depressed, there is a chemical unbalance in their brain that prevents them from feeling the state of happy. an example: if i was depressed, i have a lower level of those chemicals in my brain so it is more difficult for me to feel happy. when a depressed person introduces marijuana into their brain it sends them to the level of being happy, (this is a possible outcome but each human responds differently). when they comedown from the drug, they are left with an even lower level of those three chemicals making it harder to feel happy. this is possibly why there is a higher chance of suicidal tendencies and depression in pot smokers.

    just my thoughts.
    despite whether or not it becomes legal, it should not be used for an ailment to treat depression. there are effective, FDA approved medicines to do that.

    • Mikey says:

      Is there really a proven ‘cure’ for depression, or do people essentially just get over it? Personally, if I need a drug, i’d shoot for the one with less side effects. Marijuana has never given made me more depressed after i came down than before I smoked. You’re right about it affecting everyone differently, but I’m constantly surprised how bias has such a larger subconscious effect on a persons views towards marijuana.

      I’m thinking of applying for some medical cannabis up here in canada for more reasons than just depression too; it can be astonishingly helpful with severe nausea, headaches and even ADHD in some cases. Everyone is different

  • Christmas Raven says:

    The subject is whether cannabis “should be prescribed”, short term and/or long term for treatment of depression.

    No rigorous scientific studies have been conducted into whether cannabis is effective as a treatment for depression, and what its side effects are.

    The scientific community is bound by its principles of experimental research to remain uncommitted until these studies are performed. It has no choice.

    So, from a scientific point of view the answer to the question is no, cannabis should not be prescribed for depression until proven effective.

    As a result, medical research into cannabis research is stalled. Cannabis can’t be a prescription drug until it is studied, and governments won’t fund these studies.

    There is also no scientific basis showing that cannabis is harmful or impairs safety and should be illegal or restricted.

  • Corey says:

    im started smokin at 15 and now im 17 and i smoke everday so make it legal before i get lock up and then i cant smoke!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    fully understand the comments of those that have struggled with depression, and now find that they get some benefit from smoking a moderate amount of marijuana. Glad to see that some areas of the world have been moving toward passing more rational and reasonable marijuana laws…. it is about time!

  • Anonymous says:

    I use it occasionally to manage depression and anxiety, in addition to arthritis pain that can become overwhelming. Typically, doing the nightly clean-up is very frustrating for me. I have ADD as well, so that coupled with the depression and anxiety makes things like keeping the household up to high standards difficult. I can’t normally put mess of any sort into perspective. Instead of the few easy-to-handle things that is reality, I instead see a huge, intimidating, tangled mess that would take days to get through.

    Anyway, after having a little bit to smoke, only a few tokes, I get through the evening housecleaning as well as planning out my next day quite well, lay out any ingredients that need to defrost, just generally doing what I should for the household to run smoothly all the time, and have no trouble getting to sleep once I’m done (I have frequent insomnia).

    It’s very nice because I use the full effects of being able to think and focus better to make my entire week better, all out of just a few hours of the altered state of mind. I think it’s also made it more clear that I have a real depression problem, because I’ve realised that I shouldn’t have to smoke something to feel ‘normal’. So I’m checking into options now to work on my depression at least. Actually, I’ve only recently (in the last several months) started it. I’d put it away long ago as something from my ‘wayward youth’ days.

    I think it should be avalible and legal, at least for medical use, everywhere. My biggest worry is getting in trouble.

  • J says:

    Cannabis (Marijuana) is an excellent tool for SOME combatants of anxiety and depression. Take my case.

    As I wrote in a recent blog here I smoke marijuana medically thanks to the great state of California, USA.

    Without marijuana I turn into a non-productive hermit.

  • John says:

    Well, if you carefully study the research, you will find that this is perhaps the most significant potential use of marijuana…..
    What does marijuana do?
    If it does anything, it is a mood elevator.
    So, what better place to start the consideration?
    Current research is starting to focus upon the potential of marijuana for treating depression, but progress is slow…. due to the ludicrous laws surrounding marijuana in many countries….
    Myself, I have suffered with acute clinical depression for many, many years. I have tried numerous pills and potions from my Doctor, all either did not work, or the side effects were terrible: 3stone{40 lbs} wait gain, impotence and feeling like a zombie are some of the effects.
    Two and a half years ago I stopped drinking {alcohol} as it had become a problem…. since then, quite by accident, I noticed that I was beginning to manage my depression through smoking marijuana – this has been effective.
    So, I decided to give growing a try…..
    Currently, I am bailed and awaiting Court: I live in Scotland, UK, and my outdoor crop in my back garden was removed last November by 13 Police officers…… I am charged with Production and Supply. 14 years in gaol…….?
    I reckon that, if it goes to court, I can mount a substantive case for medical use, and necessity.
    But, things are really shitty at present – all my bank accounts are frozen, my car, motorcycle and house are arrested also….. I have not been able to get a penny of my Incapacity Benefit since November last year, and the Police wont allow me to get my teachers pension in full…….
    I have NEVER sold drugs. I am NOT a drug dealer.
    But, I am now guilty until I can prove myself innocent – I have to prove I did not do something I have never done…….
    So much for Justice………..
    I would welcome any serious correspondence regarding either depression or my legal difficulties.

  • surge says:

    I think cannabis may cause depression in some people. Although I only get depressed when I run out of cannabis

  • John K. Ritchie says:

    I agree with babybluesusa @ 1:15pm and with anonymous @ 3:46pm however too much cannabis too soon makes me first very fearful; paranoid. But just enough gently is really beautiful as it enhances music and art of all kinds. I recall listening to some classical music when stoned and sleepy and it sounded like it was straight from heaven. Food tastes so much more exciting; lemon juice to the back of the throat is very pleasant; tinned peaches straight out of the tin chewed slowly; lentil soup someone else cooked, all really good tasting. And backache and anger always goes. But once or twice if I have had too much in too short a time (say four pipes in 20 minuits which is not a lot for some but I had an out of body experience with cannabis resin in tobacco the first time I got really stoned without a whitey* happening; saw the candle flame clearly through this young woman’s solid body as I raced back to my own body from a starfield in deep space.) I only very rarely have a bad time with all kinds of unpleasant thoughts instead of getting the giggles if I was really sad when I decided to get stoned. Like a dear friend and lover died recently and I had a real tough time getting into a pleasant frame of mind as I got more and more stoned.
    But taken slowly I just love the uphoria that cannabis resin gives me.
    * A whitey:- so called because of the colour us white skinned folk go, all same very pale and sickly looking. The first one I ever had was in prison. I was gate happy and had become really impossible to live with on account of my compulsive cleaning of the wing washrooms. So two wing mates gave me two 3 skinners and a bucket all to my self. Well I thought I was dieing; diorea, vomiting, and a flop sweat cleansed my body and once it was over I felt sooo much better than before I got stoned. Happy, funny, and randy as a goat. So I made love to myself and the orgasm was probably the best DIY I’ve known before or since. I was still stoned the following morning at work in the prison laundry, which caused a few shocked retorts from folk who judged me double squeek clean.
    As to ‘ar13mka 4:21 PM’ declamations of such intensity just show how benificial the weed can be for some of us.
    My experience with bush is too limited to give a good reckoning and my experience of black leb was also too short lived to make any other statement than “CANABIS IS GOOD FOR PEOPLE. LEGALISE IT IN THE UK” please oh! pretty please.

  • hlndr says:

    Any drug will enhance whatever the person taking it is feeling if they let it. I’m a firm believer that no one or nothing makes you feel anything. No one or nothing has that great a power over us. What we feel, we make outrselves feel. So if someone chooses to be depressed and doesn’t want to feel happy…then no drug in the world is going to help. Personally….I’d hate to waste a nice buzz on being depressed. That’s just a waste of good pot.

    But that’s just my opinion.


    ***Some mistakes are just too much fun to make only once***

  • ar13mka says:

    Depression…such a terrible feeling…being so bad and knowing that nobody can help you,needing nothing, you’re like betrayed molested child that has lost the way in the dark forest…hate being depressed, hate being hated by all others that surround me when i’m bad, all others that can’t do anything for me to feel better…but there’s one thing that really helps, helps to feel better and to forget for a while all the pain and hatered, it’s like super chance to feel free. Yes, it is marijuana, used for medical purposes. If you are bad, and can do nothing to kill the pain and all the stupid unneded thoughts that strike your head, try it as millions people worldwide and you’ll understand the real happyness being free of all this filth.

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe that marijuana is a very useful drug that is judged way too often. It can aid in many illnesses to alleviate pain, such as glaucoma, depression, menstrual cramps (my choice:), AIDS, cancer, and the list goes on. I have been smoking for 14 years and I have felt no side effects that are harmful to me. I don’t feel that marijuana is a cause of depression and I feel that much better while smoking. I have to admit that it is my first choice for any ache or pain that I may encounter. I feel very strongly about the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and other purposes, therefore, I have chosen to research this issue further.

  • babybluesUSA says:

    YES. I believe that marijuana can help a great deal with depression, also countering medical side effects of many drugs created to deal with cancer. I have been diagnosed with major depression and although I don’t smake as I used to, pot helps a great deal coping with a stressful day, episode with kids. Marijuana is an herb that has been growing on this earth long before we were here and there is a reason for everything . American Indians have known of marijuana uses and put it through the tests that rsult in a tried and true process that can’t be equalled to the FDA. Everyones body is different so to speak and what works for one might not work for another. I know many people suffering and those that have been treated for cancer..they all agree. Marijuana can be used for many useful medical purposes.

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