destigmatizing_02The history of marijuana is a weird one. Without dwelling too much on the past, it is safe to say that marijuana has always been around and, therefore, has always been available to the public, in one way or another. At one point marijuana was so popular that Henry Ford decided to make a car out of it. The car was spectacular but its prototype and several other vehicles were destroyed for unknown reasons. If one had to guess then it was probably because it would put all other materials to shame. The same thing would have happened if somebody found an alternative to gas. The idea itself would be pulverized. That’s why revolutions happen slowly these days, because you can’t convince the overpowering minority that we should all serve to better mankind. Sounds like a pipe dream, doesn’t it? I bet most of you laughed out loud when we mentioned “better mankind”, right?

Doctors Favor Medical Marijuana

Well, to put things in perspective, weed has been demonized, accepted, stigmatized and prohibited more than alcohol ever was. Alcohol had its prohibition stint back in the day and that was pretty much it. To this day it still keeps killing brain cells, destroying families and taking lives. However, the overpowering minority believes that alcohol is OK since the alcohol is not the problem, but people who lack moderation are. We always wondered how come the same logic couldn’t be applied to weed. Judging by marijuana legalization efforts in the U.S. things might be finally changing for the better. However, instead of politicians and quasi experts, doctors are finally coming out to speak in favor of medical marijuana. This is something that should have been done ages ago because it could’ve provided credibility to the topic itself and result in further research.

Dr. Jane Speaks Out

One such doctor, let’s call her Jane, recently spoke on the benefits of medical marijuana. Her story has weight because this is a doctor that graduated from an Ivy League university and got her MBA from Stanford. She is also a proud mother of two children with learning disabilities; something that marijuana has helped cure. At some point in the beginning of this decade she was invited to testify in court. The case in question concerned a young semi-professional athlete who consumed weed because of his muscle problems and couldn’t take any muscle relaxants because they hurt his stomach. He turned to weed, she wrote the prescription and then he was caught growing six plants somewhere in California. Regardless of the fact that medical marijuana is legal in California, bear in mind the discrepancies between states and governments stance on the issue itself. Therefore, it’s no wonder this ended up in court even though it is OK to possess medical marijuana. In the end, the case was settled, and the semi-athlete was advised to take the plea bargain in the form of a felony. The alternative was to dismiss the plea bargain and continue with the trial. However, if he were found guilty, he would definitely face jail time.

Obama & Big Pharma

This specific case is probably the best possible example on how not to judge individuals who consume medical marijuana. Is it really worth it to destroy a person’s life for the sake of a few plants? Sending him to jail and punishing him with a criminal record doesn’t seem like a rehabilitating idea, does it? We all hoped things like these would come to an end when Obama was elected president. However, it seems things have only gotten worse because Big Pharma has a different plan and it doesn’t involve a pro-marijuana approach.


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