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Nobody said that regulating medical marijuana would be easy, not in the U.S. at least. However, what nobody expected was for Canada to have problems with issues such as where you can or can’t smoke a joint. Recently, a medical marijuana patient Marko Ivancevic spoke out on the issue, claiming it is very unclear whether it’s OK to light up in certain places or not. He is usually given dirty looks when he lights up next to a cigarette smoker. Under the law, Marko can light up anywhere he wants to except at a place that holds a liquor license or if he’s on private property and the owner suggests otherwise. Still, despite laws and regulations that clearly allow medical marijuana patients to enjoy the fruits of medical marijuana, Health Canada advises not to spread that scent outdoors but you can buy weed online in Canada?

Where Can You Smoke?

Just recently, in Montreal, a woman was using marijuana to treat a nerve disorder. It wasn’t long before she was kicked out of the amusement park. As much as we support medical marijuana, smoking it near kids has always be a huge NO in our opinion. Kids don’t have to be near marijuana, let alone inhale second hand smoke. Kids are curious and they want to try pretty much everything so before you light up, just make sure there are no toddlers around you. That is exactly why the U.S. needs regulations that are more rigorous and protective of children in general.

Marko Ivancevic, on the other hand, is suffering from scoliosis, IBS and a club foot. His life can get extremely difficult on a daily basis, especially if he has to move around like a spy in order to find that one place where he can light up and no one will perceive him as a junky. Education is key here and for as long as people continue to attribute marijuana to heavy drugs; we won’t be making any progress in that department. Marko also added that being a patient and waging battles can be exhausting. He would much rather have a list of rules to which he can adhere to.

Lack of Proper Regulations

There are more than 20,000 Canadians with valid, legal marijuana cards. They cannot only smoke pot but they can grow it as well. Health Canada spokesperson said that people have a permit to possess the drug, not smoke it wherever they see fit. However, cities in Canada are lacking a bunch of municipal and provincial laws, which are related to the use of marijuana. That’s why the U.S. can’t make the same mistake. We realize regulations don’t change overnight but we need to learn from our neighbors and not let history repeat itself.


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