Medical Marijuana Benefits

Medical Marijuana benefits: Nothing is New

The use of cannabis as medicine is not new, in fact, there are references to the use of marijuana as a medicine that date back to 2,000 years BC.  Marijuana use hasn’t been confined to just one geographical area either – there are global records of its use.  In China, it was used to treat conditions such as malaria, constipation and rheumatism.

You can purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary or from a delivery service.

You might be surprised to find that it wasn’t just ancient peoples who used the drug; marijuana remained in the United States pharmacopoeia until 1941. Up until that time, cannabis was freely available in shops and, in the UK, Queen Victoria, that most conservative of royals, used cannabis to alleviate her menstrual cramps.

Medical Marijuana Benefits: The Truth

The truth of the matter is we don’t know exactly how many illnesses and symptoms that the medical use of marijuana could alleviate. This list will continue to grow as we discover more conditions that can potentially be treated with cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Benefits

There are so many medical marijuana benefits. So What are medical marijuana benefits? We believe Medical Marijuana will help these conditions:

  • Alcoholism: scholars call it the “Alcohol dependence syndrome” and it is a severe disease that’s destroying millions of people’s lives.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior
  • Amyloidosis: Amyloids are body-proteins that have folded in on themselves, making them insoluble. The fact that they don’t dissolve can lead to a build up of deposits in various organs, such as the heart, the kidneys, and the nerves.
  • Anorexia: an eating disorder characterized by refusal to maintain a healthy body weight
  • Anxiety: a feeling of apprehension or fear, the source of which is not always known or recognized.
  • AIDS: (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the final stage of HIV disease, which causes severe damage to the immune system
  • Arthritis: inflammation of one or more joints, which results in pain, swelling, stiffness, and limited movement
  • Attention Deficit Disorder: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is one of the three subtypes of Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
  • Autism: autistic spectrum disorders  are a group of developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges.
  • Biopolar Disorder – Mixed results when it comes to using medical marijuana to treat Biolpar patients.
  • Breast Cancer: cannabis study suggesting that a particular compound may be effective at taming metastasizing breast cancer cells with low toxicity.
  • Bruxism – Bruxism is a condition which involves excessive grinding of teeth and jaw clenching.
  • Cachexia: physical wasting with loss of weight and muscle mass caused by disease.
  • Cancer: a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell division leading to growth of abnormal tissue.
  • Crohn’s Disease: an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), causing inflammation of the digestive tract lining . This can lead to abdominal pain, severe diarrhea and malnutrition.
  • Dementia – Medical Marijuana has Potential to treat Dementia.
  • Depression: a common mental disorder that presents with depressed mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration.
  • Diabetes: people who are dealing with diabetes are falling short of insulin. It is either not produced by the body or it isn’t produced in sufficient quantity.
  • Diarrhea: Well, we’ve all had it, that’s for sure. For those of you who are not familiar with this river of fecal matter, think of diarrhea as a casual turd, not very compact but quite fluid.
  • Epilepsy: a disorder that results from the surges in electrical signals inside the brain, causing recurring seizures.
  • Fibromyalgia: a constellation of symptoms that include widespread aching, stiffness, fatigue, and the presence of specific body tender point
  • Gastritis: It’s an inflammatory condition that can’t really be narrowed down to one single disease. When your stomach lining reaches the stage of inflammation, that’s a pretty good sign you have gastritis.
  • Glaucoma: a group of eye diseases characterized by damage to the optic nerve usually caused by raised pressure (IOP) within the eye.
  • HepatitisSeveral studies, as well as ample anecdotal evidence have demonstrated that medical marijuana can reduce nausea, increase appetite, and improve wasting in people with hepatitis.
  • HIV/AIDS – Medical marijuana can be used to treat the symptoms of HIV and AIDS.
  • Insomnia: chronic inability to fall asleep or to enjoy uninterrupted sleep
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Anecdotal evidence suggests that use of cannabis/marijuana reduces symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  • Mesothelioma: Well, let’s get this said up-front: as far as we know medical marijuana will not cure mesothelioma. Nevertheless, we know of at least one study looking at cannabis for chemotherapy patients (Harvard University) that showed THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, slashed tumor growth in common lung cancer by 50% and also reduced the spread of the cancer.
  • Migraine: a severe recurring headache, usually affecting only one side of the head, characterized by sharp pain and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances
  • Multiple Sclerosis: a chronic autoimmune disorder affecting movement, sensation, and bodily functions.Caused by destruction of the myelin insulation covering nerve fibers in the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).
  • Nausea: a feeling of sickness in the stomach characterized by an urge to vomit
  • Obesity: Cannabis has pain-killing abilities that enable one to lead a more active life necessary for weight loss. Two compounds, Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) and cannabidiol (CBD), found in cannabis increase the amount of energy that the body burns.
  • Pain: an unpleasant sensation occurring in varying degrees of severity as a consequence of injury, disease, or emotional disorder.
  • Period Cramps – THC, assists in blocking pain while allowing the brain to receive pleasure signals. Second, cannabidiol, or CBD, works with the immune system to suppress inflammation.
  • PTSD: (post traumatic stress disorder) a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: It’s been known, anecdotally at least, for many years that cannabis can help ease the painful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Spasticity: a constant and unwanted contraction of one or more muscle groups.
  • Stuttering –  Cannabis is said to reduce stuttering by relaxing the muscles thus removing that disruption to speech.

Find out the Medical Marijuana state laws where you live. Then you will know whether you are legally able to use Medical Marijuana to treat your medical condition.

You can find a medical marijuana doctor by using our directory.

Please let us know your experiences in using medical marijuana to treat various conditions.


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  • Thanks for sharing information about medical marijuana. This will really help for people those are unaware about the fact of Medical marijuana. It help us to relief from many diseases.

  • Nicole Lascurain says:


    First off, I came across your site and wanted to say thanks for providing a great health resource to the community.

    I thought you might find this marijuana infographic interesting, as it allows readers to pick the side effect they want to learn more about:

    Naturally, I’d be delighted if you share this embeddable graphic on , and/or share it with your followers on social. Either way, keep up the great work !

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  • angustew says:

    My search for DECENT pain relief comes from years of “accidents” motorbike/building sites etc. Ieven tried the”hard stuff”heroin..good,though it was, we all knowthe dangers of that type of pain relief.It wasnt until 5~6 years ago that I tried Marijuana that I found real relief.Now Im not saying is a cure, far from it.But apart from the “actual” relif,it also helps you to STOP thinking about your pain..and lets you get on with other things other than sit and suffer..I really wish Id tried Marijuana first..although it WAS doctors who gave me DF118,KAPAKE even morphine sulphate(?)..and when the Dos stopped them thats when I went looking for the “hardstuff”..If anyone were to ask me about pain relief I would heartilly reccomend marijuana over anything “medical” When will the World wakeup to the many benefits of marijuana…

    • Scotty says:

      My state rep in ohio response to supporting MMJ:

      Thank you for your recent e-mail regarding House Joint Resolution 6, which would put on the ballot the issue of legalizing marijuana here in Ohio. One of my favorite aspects of this job is the amount of feedback I receive when issues like this are proposed by my colleagues. Since its introduction by Representative Robert Hagan, I have heard from many on both sides of the marijuana topic.

      I have always been opposed to the legalization of marijuana, and remain that way now. For those who claim that medicinal marijuana helps to ease their pain and better certain symptoms they suffer from, there already exists on the legal market synthetic forms of marijuana. Legalizing cannabis in Ohio will only open the door to a world of problems that all stem from drug use: crime, introduction to other (more dangerous) drugs, and increased dependence to other drugs just to name a few. I realize that this legislation would leave it up to the citizens of Ohio to decide whether or not to legalize the drug. While I believe in the democratic system, I was elected and sent to Columbus to vote for the great people of the 97th House District on matters like this, no matter the polarizing effects they have on society. Should we, the General Assembly, vote the way the people don’t like, they can always put it up for a referendum vote and overturn our decision.

      I will continue to research the issue and learn everything that I can to cast an informed vote. However, with the drug problem that already exists in and around Muskingum and Guernsey counties, I don’t see at this time how legalizing marijuana use would help in any way.

      I am proud to represent you in Columbus, and my goal is to achieve those things that are best for our district, and for our state. Thank you again for taking time out of your day to write me regarding this issue.

      Have a nice day,

      Brian D. Hill
      State Representative
      97th House District

  • OCD says:

    Obsessive compulsive disorder, Asthma ( when consumed not smoked ), acid reflux, trouble sleeping, and sleep disorders

  • Lee Bolin says:

    have hepatitis-C, which I contacted while in the navy, I am also a diabetic and suffer from chronic pain, and have morphine pump implanted inside my body. My hepatitis-C status has changed, and now I have stage four cirrhosis of the liver. I went into a diabetic coma several months ago, and spent two weeks in the hospital. During that stay, I never ate one thing, as I was never hungry. After I got out of the hospital, I was still unable to eat ( I learned latter that cirrhosis of the liver causes a person not to have an appetite) So I went three weeks without anything to eat, and being a diabetic, I knew this was not good. So I got desperate, and asked my son to give me a few hits off some pot, to see if it would help. It worked like magic, as I was finally hungry again. I told me pain doctor’s nurse this story, not knowing she would go running to my doctor, and tell him about what I did. This ass hole then sent me to get tested for drugs in my body, yet it came back negative. Still, after that, my doctor has refused to provide me with any breakthrough pain medication, and I have had a pump implanted in me since 1998, and I always had breakthrough pain medication available to me. Yet this doctor refuses to provide me with any breakthrough pain medication any more. All he wants to do, if I am hurting, it to increase the flow rate of my pump. I do not need the constant rate increased, I used to go for 40 days before my pump needed to be re-filled, now it is every 22 days. That ass hole wants to make it so I won’t even be able to drive, if I were to alow him to keep increasing the flow rate. I have reached the point now, that I want the the pump removed from me, as I am tired of all the lies that d iffernt doctors, tell me they will implant pump into me, but the doctor does maintaining the; BS, that is their bred and butter, as it cost almost $1000.00 to re-fill the pump. Never in my life have seen such a prick of a doctor. Now I will have to go back on oral narcotics, which means that the narcotics will have to pass through my liver, again and this will shorten my life of my liver.

    • Samantha says:

      I have Hepatitus c and due to this i also have cirrosis and i am at my end stage i need a Liver Transplant and i also have Gallstones which i can’t take them out or elseill hemorrhage i cam hardly eat and My abdomen is stiff with pain i live in Texas and i have to get mine illegal but i can not take no pain meds or even over the counter pain meds i wish people can understand that people who have a medical co ndition are not out looking for a high we are looking for a life without pain and not be stuck at home because we are in pain who can say to that we are not in pain we are not asking for a hand out we are asking for help to a some what normal life with our families

  • Elisabeth Buchanan says:

    I need to stop nightmares from Bullying and gang rape and to sleep better.I as well had a heart attack and have angina.Also depression from multiple perpetraitors.SO TIRED OF THE NEW AGE DRIVEL THAT DIDTATES THAT ABUSE IS A PATTERN IF IT HAPPENS MORE THAN ONCE OR TWICE.
    Someone gave me a bit of medical M yesterday and it helped so much.How can I prove I need it to have it covered on disability.Broke and somewhat broken.

  • Rachel says:

    I think they should absolutely allow people who struggle with depression and migraines to use Medical Marijuana…I’ll be the first to admit that I am an illegal user..and making it legal for those symptoms would be terrific.

  • jack says:

    just started trying it

    feel free to follow my new blog about my experiment

    • Democritus says:

      G’day Jack, I saw your post and had to say that I too began a personal Cannabis trial in 1984 and it was the saviour of my life.
      I suffer from insomnia and it improved my life immeasurably.
      I hope you have the same success with your trial, and although I have been a daily user of Cannabis for 28yrs I am in fine physical and mental condition. If I was using Alcohol I would most probably be dead by now or suffering dementia or cancer etc.
      Good on ya and good luck !

  • djjoseloco@ says:

    Yesyes makes me have high iq coats oil on couble receptors in brain so i can make washingtonians look like they have a relatively low iq compaired to mine dear wattson,things seem more interesting.

    Activates some cancer killing cells in my body improve my ashmatic weezing’ splended ideal whoever created such a plant, perhaps a channuka honey appetizers’ some cocoa and nice movie seems like ten times more amazing. Coconut oil,cinnomin yumsers

  • glowinggreenant says:

    If used correctly, marijuana can also work as a mind enhancer, see the new book “High. Insights on Marijuana” by Sebastian Marincolo:

  • Tony L says:

    Anyone wanting some true facts on this topic, watch a couple documentaries such as How Pot Won the West, or The Union- The business behind getting high. These to shows are factual and need to be seen across the country so every American can see the benefits and hear some comments from very high profile people.

    I used to use it personally for nausea and ADD, but cant and haven’t for a long time because of my job. I don’t take man made prescription medicines, just aspirin.

    I hope for all mankind that our country gets out of their dictatorship role and listen to the people who work and build this country.

    If I had to choose I would use(MM) medical marijuana over poisonous man made drugs, and will find it whatever it takes. And by chance they brought me to jail because I am doing whats best for me, then they can feed cloth and pay for my medications!

    Thanks for letting me vent and good luck to all.


    • Janice says:

      I totally agree!!!!! I have had hepatitis C since 1985. I suffer with PTSD. BOTH CONDITIONS CAUSE DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY! I have been using it illegally since 1975, after being raped 3 times (different guys) and my father had a malignant brain tumor removed in 1977. He also suffered with colon cancer and shingles before passing on in 1986 (I was 6 months pregnant with 1st child). I have beaten cancer in 4 different areas of my body and I’m now fighting the cirrohsis in my liver caused by the HCV. I had chest xray 1 year ago and MY LUNGS AND HEART ARE IN GREAT. SHAPE!!!!
      I find that when I smoke I do not remember my nightmares I have from PTSD. I have been startled awake looking for bullet holes! There were no bullet holes in my bedroom so I knew that it was all a HORRIBLE DREAM!

      • High one says:

        For all the people out there suffering from PTSD look into ibogaine its a hallucinary substance used to treat PTSD. I’ve talked with several different providers of this life saving medicine, in 72 hours you can get over what 20 years of conselling could never have accomplished. I also use marijuana for PTSD yet this only numbs the pain. Ibogaine is the cure, it not only treats PTSD but also drug addiction as well (if you want to get sober) ciggarettes and you can have questions answered that you only thought you would have answered once you were at the perly gates

  • Leeanna says:

    yes yes yes
    it works for my anxity, depression and arthritious and pms..i get an apetite and can sleep and it stops the racing of the mind and the negativity!

  • Santa Cruz, CA: Patients in California with a physician’s recommendation are predominantly using cannabis to treat symptoms of pain, insomnia, and anxiety, according to population data published in the present issue of the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs.

    Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz analyzed data from 1,746 consecutive admissions to nine medical marijuana assessment clinics operating throughout California.

    Authors reported, “[R]elief of pain, spasms, headache, and anxiety, as well as to improve sleep and relaxation were the most common reasons patients cited for using medical marijuana.” Patients typically reported that cannabis provided them with more than one therapeutic benefit, and four in five (79.3 percent) reported having first tried other medications prescribed by their physicians, almost half of which were opiates.

    Of those sampled, three-fourths of the patients were male and three-fifths were Caucasian. Compared to the US Census of California, the patients in this sample were on average “somewhat younger, report[ed] slightly more years of formal education, and [were] more often employed.” Two-fifths of patients in the sample “had not been using marijuana recreationally prior to trying it for medicinal purposes.”

    Investigators also reported that patients’ use of tobacco was “somewhat higher than in the general population, but [that their] prevalence of alcohol use was significantly lower” than that of the general population. Patients use of other illicit substances, including cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin was also lower than that of the general population.

    Over 80 percent of the patients in the sample reported consuming cannabis via inhalation (86.1 percent). Twenty-five percent of patients sampled consumed cannabis orally. Twenty-two percent vaporized cannabis and approximately three percent said that they used the substance topically.

    Most patients (40.1 percent) reported consuming up to three grams of cannabis per week. Thirty-six percent of patients reported using four to seven grams of cannabis, and 23.3 percent said they consumed more than seven grams of marijuana per week. A majority of respondents (56.1 percent) said they used cannabis prior to sleep.

    Authors concluded: “Compared to earlier studies of medical marijuana patients, these data suggest that the patient population has evolved from mostly HIV/AIDS and cancer patients to a significantly more diverse array. … This suggests that the patient population is likely to continue evolving as new patients and physicians discover the therapeutic uses of cannabis.”

    (This is a copy from NORML News, issued today, 8/4/11.)

  • paul says:

    hey there people of the open minded you have forgotten about cardio vascular disease, marijuanna can help with breathing by helping to remove deposits within the lungs.


    It is not smoked it is eaten consumed by mouth and it has to be of a particular breed type.

    Has any one out there got any good recipes from the late 1800s that have proven to help out the infected lungs of detereated tissues?

    • king says:

      ive been taking medical marijuana for 7yrs and it helps in my eating and depression as well as my being paranoid so i no it work for pain ect its not fiction its a fact tht it do work i thank god for it bc it brought me back from 75 pouds after major surgeries 4 at one time ty JESUS! TY AS WELL FOR UR EARTHLY SERVINGS ON MAKING THINGS BETTER EVEN THOUGH THY AS PPL HAVE THE NERVE TO JUDGE WHT OUR FATHER CREATED FOR US wht we need.

  • jack says:

    Have severe sciatica pain along with pretty severe arthritis. Will medical M help me? Getting tired of taking Hydrocodone!

  • BingoBob says:

    Its a great medicine for all ailments. Helps me keep an appetite even after my chemo sessions!

  • Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, both recreationally and medically. People all over the world know the effects of cannabis, yet until 20 years ago, no one knew how it worked within our bodies. In the early 1990s, research scientists identified a system they named “the endocannabinoid system”.

    It is made up of receptors and the chemicals that bind to these receptors. This system has been identified in the some of the most primitive creatures on earth. It has been found to be the most widespread receptor system in the human body. These receptors are found throughout the nervous system, immune tissues, blood cells, liver, lungs, and kidneys.

    This system appears to regulate many important physiologic pathways in the human body, including gastrointestinal activity, cardiovascular activity, pain perception, maintenance of bone mass, protection of neurons, hormonal regulation, metabolism control, immune function, inflammatory reactions, and inhibition of tumors cells.

  • TfromAst says:

    Please add Ulcerative Colitis to your list.


  • Mimiismimi says:

    Marijuana for HOT FLASHES! really does work!…thank God for the natural medicine, it works better than yams, pycnogenols, Vit. B!!!

  • kim says:

    Why is it that sleep disorders are not on this list. I have had issues sleeping since I was a child and now I am suffering from sleep paralysis because I was on sleep medication that supressed it when it was really suposed to start up, granted I would have had it sooner but the stress level of my life now is a lot higher than when I was a child and high amounts of stress make this disorder unbairable it happens everyday, sometimes twice a day.

    I have ruled out persciption drugs because they are just not safe, marijuana on the other hand is. So I do not understand why sleep disorders are not on the list it does not make any since.

  • Mariel says:

    I am so happy to see that Fibromyalgia and PTSD are on this list!

    I live in NJ and as soon as the dispensaries are up and running, I want to find a doctor who will be willing to recommend medical marijuana as a solution for both my problems.

    I currently use it illegally here in NJ, but it’s so so soooo helpful and I wish I could use it legally like everyone else who has Fibromyalgia in California or Colorado.

  • Marley Vega says:

    I’d like to know about doctors in Yuma Az as well

  • dillon says:

    Can medical marijuana help back pain and depression?

    • Kevin says:

      Yes, marijuana can help with back pain. It doesn’t have to be medical grade, either. I suffer with chronic back pain/knee pain from 9 bulging discs, 2 herniated discs, and chondromalacia (runner’s knees). I’ve noted that ache style pains are helped greatly from cannabis but broken bone style pain is less affected.

      Your best bet would be finding a strain high in CBD’s (cannabinoids) for pain relief. I know of 2: Cannatonic, a new strain, and Alaskan Ice (which I’ve used). These 2 have pretty high levels of CBD’s (Ice is over 1 percent and Cannatonic is over 6.0 percent!!).

      High Times Magazine is a great resource for learning about this and you might send them your questions to get a more informed answer. HT recently interviewed Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the man that found THC and has discovered CBD’s, in the June 2011 issue.

    • Clarise says:

      Im totally new to the MJ use. I have fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue, and depression all caused from years of working hard, and a auto accident 4 years ago. I am fanatical about meds and side effects.I do my best to take care of my health.

      I was on Percocet, and Valum for the past 4 years as the former left me with buldging and degenerating discs in both my neck and back. I braved up and tried a small amount in a water pipe (to ease irritation) and the benifits are amazing! The ease of pain, and relaxed mood is unspeakable.

      I quit the other meds over a month ago, and smoke very little. I recommend give it a try. Start small (two lungs full) and wait to do more to see how it affects you.I will have my card this week! Just a newbies opinion….

  • I’m using the medical marijuana to treat a heart disease, it takes away the pain and relaxes me a lot.. I think I couldn’t deal with this without the medical marijuana.

  • Jeffery says:

    Asthma should be on the list. It is my far the best bronchial dialater I have ever used.

    I am 41 and have had asthma my whole life. I did not get to do many things while younger or I could not do them like I would have like to. I inhale some cannabis a couple times a week at bedtime.

    I have gone from using my advair twice daily and fast acthing twice daily to advair once and fast acting a couple times a month. It is awesome and I wish I would have been able to be like this while I was younger.

  • michael says:

    now lets say i have none of this conditions – but i want to prefent myself from haveing these conditions whould a certified doctor say yes to medical marijuana to prefent this medical conditions from occurring.

    Doctor/scientices say Medical Marijuana prefents listed medical conditions from rapidly occurring wheather your taking it before you have these conditions or after you have these conditions.

  • Jennifer Oldeck says:

    I have ulcerative colits which is similar to chrons disease, do you think medical marijuana would be helpful?

    • shawn says:

      I believe medical marijuana is very useful in easing alot of the symptoms of ulcerative colitis I have had ulcerative colitis for ten years now and had my colon removed and mmj has really helped me in many ways

  • Samuel Patterson says:

    I would like to know if or who the Doctors are in Yuma, AZ. that do the exames for Medical Marijuana. Thank you

  • Our child possesses a many ADHD problems. His class thinks he could be ADHD and also expects me to get him evaluated. What are the free Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder assessments that I can perform online.

    • Sarah says:

      There are many county and state programs that are free for your child to get evaluated. All you have to do is do the dirty work. No one is gonna do it for you. Ask around or look online for it. I did it for my child and am thankful for it. I started in the phone book. It was that simple.

    • Andrea Heckman says:

      I had the same issues with my son. I took him to his pediatritian and told him about all the symptoms and gave him the evaluation from his school. He was able to diagnose him. He is now on Intuniv and doing much better. Please excuse my spelling.

  • skye vehr says:

    There are three problems which to me appear to be linked that I need your site and others to help me bring to the attention of the medical community as well-treated with our favorite weed
    I posted in reference to ADD already, but I have a number of other conditions, probably all linked, for which medical marijuana is the single medicine I need. I had terrible acne when I was probation sober, and I am allergic to proclear or whatever that TV stuff is and all types of other acne treatment. I could wash with water only and my skin be OK for a few days if I smoke weed. I developed a profound sugar intolerance which shows up on a blood sugar meter but is not yet type 2 diabetes, and the effects of marijuana are clearly displayable on said meter. Is it possible that everyone with type 2 diabetes is a “reformed” pothead? And if you ask me, bad blood sugar, itchy irritated skin, and poor vision all constitute reasons for being ADD, even for developing hyperactivity to combat medical problems, thus ADHD. Marijuana might not just be a cure, but it’s illegality might be the underlying reason so many conditions exist when people smoked it (and hemp tops) for centuries and are now deprived. Personally I think it’s why we left the trees and “invented” the use of fire in the first place. Pharmaceutical companies may need to turn into Farmaceutical companies if you know what I mean, testing the best strain of weed for the worst strains on bodies.

  • Mark says:

    I have been using marijuana in the evenings for some years now to relieve stress and enable me to get to sleep. In 2004 I was divorced and got 50% custody of my children since then I have been living in constant fear of the kid’s mother seeking full custody and taking my children away.

    My daughter has been trouble of late being suspended at school for a week and other things and our relationship is strained I am rigid and strict (her mother is not) so therefore she wants to live with her mother. The other day she found what she thinks is the solution to the problem.

    I was fixing the kids dinner and the doorbell rang. It was the local police wanting to talk with Me. My daughter had found my pot which was supposed to be locked in a closet and turned it in to the police. Her plan is to use this against me to move to her mothers.

    I have signs of IBS as well as a significant amount of stress and anxiety. I want to know if I may be able to get one of these medical marijuana cards. Now that this has happened I will be have even more sleepless nights and at the same time am forced to give up smoking in the evenings because it is not accepted by the general public and certainly no by the child protective services.

    Any input would be very helpful.


  • Cyndi says:

    Does anyone know if it help the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia?

    • Hi Cyndi, The answer is yes it can help the pain immensely, but cannabis alone will not reverse your fibromyalgia pain. I was disabled and in a wheel chair suffering from fibromyalgia and thoracic outlet syndrome for decades. Thanks to Vitalzym systemic enzyme therapy and my Cranio-Sacral chiropractor, Gregory Crossman, I have an active life again and no longer test positive for fibromyalgia, am able to manage my pain and participate in a full life again. I offer complimentary consultations on effective natural healing alternatives. I am also a medical cannabis concierge and can help you safely explore your cannabis alternatives. Check out and Give me a call if you want to learn more. Aloha, Kym

    • Andrea says:

      I have 3 progressive spinal diseases & Fibromyalgia and I can tell you from personal experience that YES, marijuana does help! I prefer it to the myriad of Rx drugs that my Dr. prescribes. That said, I do recommend Savella as a Fibro aid. Lyrica made me crazy, but Savella seems to help. I’ve been on it for almost a year. You might want to check out the website They also have a FB page. There, you will find many people, like us, suffering from invisible diseases and be able to get more info on ways to lessen your pain. Be sure to read “The Spoon Theory”! Good luck and feel better!

    • Stephen says:

      Yes marijuana help more than you know I smoke since my teens and when I started working for the DOD 2007 I stop by 2010 I started get migraine headaches that would last for 2 to 3 months so I went to my doctor and she gave me pills for it. then it spread to my shoulders,arms,back and legs.I did find out until later that the marijuana was stopping it.Smoke at least 2 to 3 joints a day and you will feel like jumping around.Take your time,but the more you smoke the happier you will be.

  • Dean says:

    Does anyone have any information on the affects of Marijuana smoking as related to Parkinson’s Disease?

  • Legalize marijuana, that would be the best thing this country could do for everyone – they waste millions upon millions of dollars every year in an attempt to prove that what was done back is 1937 was and is still justified – all anyone has to do is read about, an learn the history behind why marijuana was made illegal in the first place to know that it was just another instance in a life long series of government lies cover ups and and DISCRIMINATION.

    If this country is SERIOUS about eliminating DISCRIMINATION, then lets go back to the laws that were whipped up out of thin air, direct lies told on the senate floor to hastily pass the laws – the government has lied to us all of our lives, and MARIJUANA being harmful in any way shape or form is one MORE LIE BASED ON DISCRIMINATION, first on the Hispanics out west, then the Black population in the Northeast and everywhere.


  • Eric says:

    Been smoking over 30 years for cronic pain and PTSD
    Much better for me than pain meds!
    How dare the Goverment tell human beings they can or can not smoke Marajuana for what ever reason.
    We all have a God givin right to use Canabis that is why it has been here so long. And that my friends is something to think about

  • bennywilliams says:

    i have cronic pain iam on methodone i hate it and wont toget off it and on med marijuana.

  • orphine. Please help those of us who want aorChristine Jewell says:


    My story is long and the fact is I suffer from chronic pain every day. I am now on Kadian which in fact is Morphine.

    Being able to be on a program for Medical Marijuane would in fact stop the side effect I also suffer fron Morphine. Please help those of us who want to enjoy the quality of life. I’m 58 years old, currently working, I’m also a widow, I have to work . I also have Glucoma, it’s the early stages. Please help us here in the state of Oklahoma.

    Thank you for your time to listen

  • Daneen says:

    Medical marijuana also helps with ADHD.

    My son smokes it and it has the opposite effect. He is able to stay focused and get things done. I really resent the fact that the government would force him to choose between medicine that helps with fewer side effects but tell him he has to take medication that requires a monthly exam to determine liver damage. My biggest fear with my son smoking marijuana is getting caught because it would literally ruin his life if he had that on his record…

    • skye vehr says:

      I have been diagnosed with ADD and I found that the best medicine for me is medical marijuana; in addition I have been diagnosed with pre-glaucoma probably only “pre” because I lit up sometime the month of my appointment, but I had a marijuana only DUI and even non-accident- I went too slow- DUI’s never leave your record in my state. So tell your son never to actually use in a car; while I was in jail I found it to be how everyone got caught with, or doing, anything.

  • medical marijuana does help countless number of people who chose to use medical marijuana instead of prescription drugs, whose side effects out way the benefits most of the times.

  • Mike says:

    I am a youngin but I have serve pain problems in my knees from tearing both acl’s and mcl’s and also have a unstable shoulder aka it pops put all the time and causes great pain and won’t let me sleep.

    I’ve been on a few Medications to help with the relaxation of nerves and also for the pain but they never seemed to work then I found cannabis. It helped with the pain throughout the body and gave me a good night sleep like everyone else gets but before I would maybe sleep 4 hours a night.

    Is it so wrong for me take treatment of something that works and be called a criminal so I can sleep and live on like a normal person or do I have to live with the pain in the body?

  • bob says:

    since i smoke marijuana everyday i always sleep good, i dont get sick often, if i dont smoke i get a headache/migrane. helps with add, calms me down since nothing else can. id rather smoke then take a pill anyday.

  • kat hague says:

    Has anyone heard of using marijuana for menopause symptoms? Anxiety, insomnia, and just plain being grumpy, when i never used to have any of this, instead of xanax or other drugs, seems to make sense to me.

  • Bev says:

    Yes I hear you! My husband and I are considering moving to a state where it is legal. We are in the same boat. He is dying. We are not the criminals either. Best of luck. Vote to legalize.

  • Bill Bayliss says:


    I’ve been a formal patient in the Pain Clinic setting for going on 5 years. I suffer with RSD or more recently named Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is a debilitating pain (nerve) condition.

    Ive tried virtually every available treatment,procedure, and medicine to find only marginal at best relief.

    Ive had a spinal cord stimulator implanted, I currently take Methadone and Oxycodone for the pain although their benefits are beginning to disappear.

    Recently, Ive had some luck with ketamine Infusions on a monthly basis. The Ketamine actually helps a bit but I still am in need of more relief and do not think that narcotic analgesics are working much any longer.

    Herein lies my question, I live in Maine where Medical Marijuana is legal. Has anyone had any luck at all with this? Obviously Im getting somewhat desperate as Ive got a 16 yr old daughter to whom I make no bones about pointing out the fact that Marijuana and other drugs are destructive.

    So, anyone have any ideas or stories for me? Your consideration is much appreciated.


    PS I also neglected to say that Im currently in Interferon Therapy for Hep C as a result of blood transfusion. Appetite and weight loss are serious issues that i would presume would be helped by Med Marijuana. ( Ive lost 30 lbs in 45 days ) I can be emailed at

    God Bless!

  • Vapit says:

    I suffer from a type of epilepsy known as Complex Partial Seizures (CPS for short). I have been on numerous drugs (Dilantin, Tegretol, Keppra, Lamictal, etc., and even participated in a 2 year drug trial for a drug that has just recently received FDA approval called Lacosomide. While I did receive varying degrees of help from each of them when I started them, they eventually failed to produce any positive effects. I don’t need to go over the negative side effects we all know about.

    The only substance that has given me complete relief from seizures is cannabis. This was recently proven when I spent a week in the hospital while the doctors tried to induce multiple seizures. What they didn’t know was that I had been using MM for a week before I went into the hospital. No matter what they tried (including strobe lights at various frequencies), caused so much as one seizure. I finally discussed it with my doctor and while he couldn’t speak in an official capacity, he acknowledged the benefits of using MM.

    So what’s the problem? I live in a state that DOES NOT recognize the medical benefits of marijuana. So like so many others, if I choose to use the only drug that controls my seizures (one that Big Pharma doesn’t profit from), I’m considered a criminal.

    Like so many others, I’m tired of being called a criminal by those who really are the criminals. Those whose greed allows them to profit from the pain and suffering of those who, for the most part, have neither the physical nor financial means to fight back.

  • sher mcfakename says:

    (too below)
    also should point out that i know one should not drive when on this…

  • sher mcfakename says:

    To start im am only 18. i have had major headaches for well over a year now everyday. they get so bad that my left eye goes almost blind(thats not everyday tho). iv been to many doctors and they all gave me pills that just dont work at all.

    After a cat scan that showed that theres nothing in my head iv have been called a lier by my doctors and now get nothing from them. I hate living with this pain and not being able to know if i can drive somewhere with out having to pull over.

    What im asking is if cannabis really fixes these problems and if so can somebody show me a doctor that can write it up for me? Im thinking about taking the jump into it (I have never used weed before and have never smoked anyhting). Im not using it for the high but for a way to finaly live with out this cronic pain. I kinda always had a moral thing on not using it enless its for medical use, now i feel i might just be in that problem.

  • Rob says:

    Nice post. I personally suffer from Crohn’s disease and there seems to be some research out there suggesting that marijuana is an effective treatment against Crohn’s – again, without all the nasty side effects.

  • jeffrey w Kennedy says:

    I suuffer from Peripheral Neuropathy of the feet and legs, I live in South Florida, Palm Beach County. On June 28th a historic case will begin, I will be seeking the use of the Medical Necessity Defense, Attorney Michael c Minardi will be reperesting me and a case never heard before in Palm Beach County.

    I will be seeking public support, and expert witesnes if anyone can help please contact me at

    Thank you,
    Jeffrey w Kennedy

  • Terr Segelstrom says:

    I have MS.

  • Nancy says:

    Does any one suffer from fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome? Does marijuana help with the pain?

    • Stephen says:

      Yes marijuana help more than you know I smoke since my teens and when I started working for the DOD 2007 I stop by 2010 I started get migraine headaches that would last for 2 to 3 months so I went to my doctor and she gave me pills for it. then it spread to my shoulders,arms,back and legs.I did find out until later that the marijuana was stopping it.Smoke at least 2 to 3 joints a day and you will feel like jumping around.Take your time,but the more you smoke the happier you will be.

  • Rock Nurse says:

    I am a 55 years young man with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I am both a Registered Nurse and a Rock/Blues Guitarist. I am 100% certain that most of my MS symptoms lesson when I smoke pot.

    My wife (who doesn’t smoke)and many of my friends also agree that my MS symptoms seem to dissapate when there is THC in my system.

    I’m smart enough not to even attempt to drive while I’m “high”. When I’m home and have smoked, I barely stumble, I don’t drool and my thinking is a bit clearer.
    I know that at those times I’m under the influence. I have not and I will not ever practice my Nursing skills when I smoke. Hey, Cough Medicine gets me to stoned to practice Nursing as well.

  • DORA M says:


  • Cheri Taylor says:

    For years I have struggled with anxiety, and in all the years of going to see doctors and all the stuff they gave me to try and help, nothing has worked but marijuana and for the last 3 years I was able to live a somewhat normal life and it felt so good to be in control for once. That is something I’ve never had before.

    Now things have changed because I was put on probation for the next 5 years I have to find other treatment options and it sucks because nothing ever works. I just wish they would see marijuana as such a bad thing because it has helped me in my life so much. I totally support the research that is being done with it and hopefully one day the laws will change.

  • Kris says:

    We are tracking a running list of ailments that can be treated by medical marijuana on our website with a lot of free information for anyone seeking knowledge.

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