This video speaks for itself.  Basically it says before you judge medical marijuana users you should walk a mile in their shoes.  I couldn’t have put it better myself. Medical marijuana can help relieve a whole host of medical conditions – fact.

This is a very interesting CBD pain clinical trial.

Medical Marijuana Strains to treat Chronic Pain:

Blue Cheese

White Rhino

Sour Diesel


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  • Jenny says:

    Have been using CBD for several months and it has reduced my pain. Has anyone else had success with using CBD to reduce pain?

    I have been buying these products:

  • Tim Donovan says:

    I was suffering from painful infections on my feet and legs while on a backpacking trip, I was depressed, and in pain.
    I was given the opportunity to smoke marijuana. Once I used it my pain went away and I was able to walk out of the woods and to see a doctor the next day.
    I have a family member that is trying to deal with chronic pain. So far uncessfull. We have been to specialist and diagnostions and still no diagnosis. Its been 12 years of pain. I think medical marijuana would greatly benefit my family members quality of life.

  • S says:

    My boyfriend has degenerative joint and degenerative disk, he isn’t even in his mid-20’s and is in severe pain pretty much all the time.
    Medicinal Marijuana has helped him at least get out of bed in the morning and helps with the severe pain.
    Its a miracle!! It should be legal in every state!

  • Shepherd says:

    I’m disabled from mainly hereditary spine degeneration that started when young. I’m 54& unable to work for 17years. I was told “you have 2 options…take strong pills the rest of your life& of course you’ll be addicted& in time your liver will fail(to name a few consequences)-or-…live curled up in a ball in debilitating screaming pain & tears?”,,

    The long list of terrible side effects from meds…from nausea, organ failure, neurological problems, etc.-&of course depression! To name just a few,I’ve Been on: methadone, duragesic/fentenyl, oxycontin, oxycodone, morphine, valium, xanax, all sleepaid rxs, about every antidepressant.

    Many people end up taking a different med to counter the bad effects another med does to you. You can’t convince me all these prescriptions are not the cause of my life being “No Life”. Its inactive/I’m so tired& depressed, uneventful/i don’t accomplish anything, I’m isolated& lonely.

    I’d like someone to tell me(&know, prove) taking 16different prescriptions (12each day/20pills) is the best choice! In case your wondering-I don’t take as much pain meds as supposed to-trying to not be do tired-but doesn’t help.

    What I would give to feel Alive again-I’d take even Half Alive! I would give my right arm to be able to use medical marijuana for my chronic problems! Its gotta be wrong taking all these man-made unnatural unhealthy chemicals! Evidence & My heart tells me it could change my life for the better! Maybe my family would even come around cuz i wouldn’t be “just blah depressed &or in immobilizing pain”.

    But in Utah-I wouldn’t be surprised if we were the last state to figure out that those that “suffer chronically” have the Right to Quality of Life just like They Do! Should be a crime to deny available help that can benefit those suffering! If it was them, or a loved one, I bet they’d really look at this& see the truth& want medical marijuana.

    *P.S.-I try to survive on s.s.i. & gratefully get medical help from the State-but its an astronomical expense &just makes the pharmaceuticals rich! How much of this issue is pressure from pharmaceuticals?

    God made plants, food, herbs-can’t be patented-&he didn’t make any mistakes, everything from him has a purpose, we’ve much to still find!

    • C Gaston says:

      I understand and agree with everything you said.

      I would love to have life again and as time pass me by there are more thing I’m not able to do without bringing on more pain especially taking a full bath. I’m diisabled with carpal tunnel syndrome. When I ask my doctor about trying marijuana she say no I don’t think we want to go that direction as if she’s in pain.

      I’m tired of pills they don’t fully work. I want a chance at long life instead of living daily knowingmy heart may stop with every pill. Look like some decisions should be mine.

    • Loo Hoo says:

      Nerve pain from carpel tunnel syndrome wakes me up every night. Looking for relief but doc won’t give me pain rx. Surgery not for another 60 days and I and don’t have a way to buy weed! Smoked it years ago but at age 53, connections are long gone! God bless!

    • Terry Daluge says:

      I feel the pain you go through. why do you think all of your friends & family want to come around to see you less & less just because you are ion chronic pain it drives me nutts

  • hyacinthe says:

    I have chronic pain due to bone tumors.

    I have scrips for various opiates that relieve the pain but knock me out. i also cant take them all the time because of the addiction factor. Pot doesnt relieve the pain totally,but it brings it down to a level where i can function and sleep. It makes it possible for me to have a life.Im not saying pot will cure every pain problem,but i think it should be an option for people to try.

    Why should dangerous opiates be the only option people have?

  • george barber says:

    Read the above link and if there is any help in the UK, please send them my way.

  • george barber says:

    i have had 2 spinal ops and take 90ml physeptone 6 DF118, 3oml valium 20ml temazepam methocarbamol 50ml diclofenic on a daily bases.

    When i have a smoke i dont need all them pills but here in UK you cannot get a doctors refferal or pick up weed at a pharmacy so its of to dodgy dealer to a) break the law b) get ripped off i only want to lead a normal type life but or goverment is in denial and does not see the benifits of this a) tax b) less crime c) more cops to chase proper crims but who would listen to me tata from george barber.

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