Moving to Colorado

It’s probably very important emphasize that Landon’s mother is a former heroin addict so Landon is no stranger to drugs like OxyContin and morphine. Naturally, these medications have very serious side effects. We presume Landon was born as a heroin addict as well and had to undergo an extensive therapy including the mentioned drugs. That surely contributed to the development of ALL. Not only did Landon suffer from stomach failure but also the prescription drugs made him so enraged he would try and pull his own hair out. Realizing she had nothing to lose, Ms. Riddle decided to move to Colorado and made sure Landon got a medical marijuana card as soon as possible. After renting a room, she started to administer medical marijuana oil to Landon. Soon, he switched from oil to concentrated pills. Six months later, Landon was feeling much better so his mother decided to get him off chemotherapy.

Doctors Say No to Marijuana

What’s really interesting about this case is the fact that Ms. Riddle doesn’t attribute the success of her child’s recovers exclusively to cannabis. Instead, she believes that the combination of medical marijuana and chemotherapy made her child feel better in the long run. Landon’s doctor, who worked at the Children’s Hospital in Colorado, didn’t see eye to eye with Ms. Riddle. Instead, he threatened to report her to the authorities if she refused to provide her child with the chemotherapy treatment. It actually got to a point where she had to hire a lawyer. The bottom line is that Landon should remain monitored throughout the course of his medical marijuana therapy. If the results show his condition is getting worse, then it would be safe to assume he would be back in chemotherapy. The Children’s Hospital in Colorado is probably the best hospital in the world to treat ALL. This disease affects about 25% of all children in the U.S. and, as we mentioned earlier, their chance of survival is 90%, but it is essential that they go through at least two years of chemotherapy.

Prescription Cannabis?

The hospital takes this issue very seriously and they issued a public statement saying chemotherapy is required for all children who have been diagnosed with leukemia. They also believe that marijuana should be used exclusively for treating side effects of illnesses such as cancer, but that fact should not exclude chemotherapy as a viable option of treatment. And, if Ms. Riddle decided to use FDA approved marijuana derivatives, the doctors would be more than willing to help and prescribe those medications to Landon. It remains a mystery why they haven’t done that so far. But in reality, it’s not really a mystery. Most of the FDA approved medical marijuana derivatives simply don’t have the effect medical marijuana oil does. We are keeping our fingers crossed for Landon and we will keep you updated as the situation develops.


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