“Cannabis has a very intense flavor,” says Aldo De Michelis, Italy’s gelato maker.

Not your conventional gelato

Now who among any of you would not love a unique and tasty gelato? Well, good news for those living on Italy’s Northern Coastal town, Alassio. The residents of Alassio can now buy cannabis gelato from Perleco, a gelato parlor.

The recently launched gelato is named Marley, after the Raggae legend, Bob Marley.
Created by Aldo De Michelis together with his wife Emanuela Baudana and son, Mauro, “It is said to be among the bestselling flavors in Alassio.”
Not only has De Michelis creatively infused cannabis in the gelato but his attractive parlor has also done the same for ganache and chocolate bars.

Random idea?

Still wondering where De Michelis’ ideas came from? He acknowledges that him being an athlete, he needed foods rich in protein other than mean, of which Cannabis qualified. He therefore picked interest in cannabis related products such as its oils. He also adds that this distinctive idea came about due to therapeutic reasons, and he hopes that this will promote the nutritious benefitsof cannabis in Italy.

The weed-flavored gelato is made out of shelled hemp seeds and it contains minimal THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). It however took quite a couple of months for De Michelis to come up with the right recipe and he says that when one first tastes it, nuts are what they taste and it then becomes strong. He further adds that it does not get anyone high.

Bright future

While in Italy medical Marijuana has been legal since 2013, it is however expensive for patients who take marijuana under prescription. However the recreational use of Marijuana in Italy still remains illegal. With De Michelis, other local stores have gained the confidence by offering cannabis liquors as well as pizzas. Who knows, perhaps this could be a first step for Italy legalizing Cannabis not only for medical but also recreational use.


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