Thought this might be of interest to you; one of the top health columnist / bloggers wrote about the new cannabis study suggesting that a particular compound may be effective at taming metastasizing breast cancer cells with low toxicity.

Please read this breast cancer blog post.

Then we would like to hear your thoughts as to whether medical marijuana can be used to fight breast cancer?


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  • Breast Cancer says:

    I just recently discovered your Blog and appreciate you sharing your bout with breast cancer with the world. but this site also search best knowledge
    breast cancer.

  • angelina says:

    Excellent and simple Blog- I like this because it’s informative and simple nature. This is a great piece of work appreciable. Mean time an important issue is updations. I request you to update this blog when ever possible. We require most recent information and I am sure your blog can provide them.
    .. Cancer is difficult and really dangerous illness that kills millions a year. If we can provide any help to save at least some of them- it is always nice Some times people are saying malignancy is incurable. But I have seen a website detailing that holistic treatment can cure Cancer even in 2ndry stage. You can logon to and know further.
    What ever it is. My personal request to all of you to work and gather information regarding this subject and let others also know further. I can say you millions of people are still on earth suffering from cancers – some of them even doesn’t know what cancer is all about.
    Whether this is holistic or allopathic or homeopathic I want to put and end to the sufferings of millions of less fortunate people – My heart sings for them. I request you people also join.
    I Hope for the best

  • old hack says:

    I interviewed Mike Gravel on my radioblog and at the end I challenged him since he’s the biggest advocate of legalizing Marijuana I asked him if I could smoke some while we talked and he said “Go Ahead”

    watch the video.

    would really appreciate you spreading this around.


  • Anonymous says:

    my mother recently passed away from liver cancer and was in a great deal of pain. in her last week she asked me to get her a little marijuana, i of course obliged since i am not so cruel to begrudge a little herb. she was able to sleep and not suffer as much from the side effects of the medication(s) that are associated. it is a real shame that anyone could be begrudged or jailed for something that makes the lives of suffering people easier.

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