It is a well-known fact that cannabis is a very successful ailment to many illnesses currently out there. It is a powerful ally when you are battling disease of almost any kind. However, the problem with marijuana in general is that it hasn’t been researched thoroughly. There are thousands of marijuana strains currently available on the market yet we know so little about maybe 10% of those strains. Luckily, with all the scientific and technological advancements in the last ten years, we are approaching a golden era of medical marijuana research. This is not only due to technology and science but mostly due to the will of the people. For instance, more than 60% of US citizens think that marijuana should be legalized and for that reasons, legislation has taken note, meaning that a new wave of medical marijuana legalization is upon us. With that wave comes research.

Medical Marijuana Research

We have already written about several countries that are pioneering medical marijuana research, Israel being one of them. However, in terms of bipolar disorder a new case study was recently published by Lancaster University. The study is pretty straightforward as it claims that medical marijuana is being increasingly used by people suffering from bipolar disorder. According to this study, it seems that people with bipolar should go nowhere near any strain currently available. It seems that marijuana, no matter what the strain, is having a negative effect on people suffering from bipolar disorder, increasing their depression and manic behavior. With that in mind, it seems that marijuana is not exactly for everyone. For instance, in the United Kingdom, 2% of population is suffering from bipolar disorder. About 60% of those 2% are more or less heavy marijuana users.

Marijuana Isn’t For Everyone

The thing with marijuana is that it is tricky and, as we already mentioned, under researched. Because of that, people don’t know exactly what they’re dealing with and the effects of the drug can sometimes be contradictory to everything you heard about weed up to that point. It really isn’t for everybody, as the study specifically concentrated on people who suffer from bipolar disorder but do not experience the negative effects of smoking marijuana. They were required to write down their feelings every day. One patient said marijuana helps him by lifting his mood but also makes him slightly manic at the same time.

The other patient states that he does not like to use weed for depression as it depressed him even more while the third patients stated that if he used marijuana on a daily basis, it would leave him depressed for days after he stopped smoking. Naturally, more research is needed on the matter but what this study suggests is that you can never be too sure about the positive effects of marijuana and because of that it seems that people who are not psychologically stable could experience some negative episodes. Considering the fact that PTSP medical marijuana research is currently underway, it will be interesting to connect the dots once that study is published.


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