A better speech with cannabis

People who stutter are in most cases misunderstood for being clumsy and as thus, taken less seriously. Stuttering, also known as stammering refers to speech defect which causes involuntary disruption or blocking of speech (as by spasmodic repetition or prolongation of vocal sounds).

On several occasions, those that suffer from this disorder are bound to have a low self-esteem, and undergo distress, anxiety, frustration and stigmatization no matter what age they are. However, these people now have a reason to smile as there certainly is a solution to their problem.

A better speech with cannabis

you can have a better speech with cannabis. so how cannabis works for the speech?

Quick stats

Cannabis with its multiple uses also possesses a healing effect when it comes to stuttering and many people have been able to benefit from it in this respect.

Janice Sanders, a 19 year old female student residing in Brooklyn is one of the beneficiaries of medical cannabis, whose speech greatly improved just two weeks after starting her treatment.

Stuttering is said to inevitably disappear as a child advances in age and starts adjusting to the fast-paced world. This wasn’t the case with Janice as the problem persisted and she would sometimes have to repeat a word over five times to have it articulated.

According to research statistics, more than 70 million people worldwide are stutterers. The US alone accounts for approximately 4.3% of this population; that is about 3 million people.

Janice is just one out of the 43% females worldwide who stutter. She says the condition was so bad to an extent that it even hindered her from dating while in high school as it badly shrank her confidence and made her feel ugly.

Leafy remedy

There are some stories from people who use cannabis for a better speech. At the age of 18, Janice tried cannabis for the first time after some convincing from her friend and to her surprise; she realized she could speak more freely. It shows us a better speech with cannabis is possible. Not certain if it was just by coincidence, she continued vaping it and the results were even better.

Cannabis is said to reduce stuttering by relaxing the muscles thus removing that disruption to speech, such that when one speaks, he or she stutters less. Out of a medical practitioner’s advice, the drug should be taken in moderation though.

Since stuttering is more prevalent in children, treatment using cannabis is less possible since parents may be less receptive to the idea for the fear of addiction that may arise from it which may affect their children.

Several people have come out to testify how cannabis has improved their speech. With the legalization of the drug in majority of the states of the US, many more are coming out to tell of the wonders it has done for them. Some have even taken to social media to their experiences.

“I was always afraid of saying anything in class or around my peers because I wanted as much as possible to avoid those awkward stuttering moments,” Janice recalls, “But with this wonder drug, I now have an opportunity to make a more composed speech and interact freely with others without any fear of being ridiculed.” Janice is now a committed member of the debate club


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